24 Replies to “DIY-How to cover earrings with African fabric”

  1. Thanks for the info. I have a lot of earrings that I was ready to throw away. Thanks to you I don't have to.

  2. Hello like your help making these earrings. It’s kind of difficult watching it done on cellphone. I love it and want to give a try.

  3. WOW, they are really pretty I do a lot of African print tutorials and I def try that…thanks for sharing

  4. Great DIYs…LOVE THEM!  How do you make the necklace?  And where can I buy Ankara fabric, been looking for a reputable site, with pretty prints for over a year! 🙁

  5. Im just arrived from my holidays in ghana and i got inspired on creating some jewellery, looking for inspiration i found u! And i really liked ur tutorial. Any updates on the necklace tutorial? Im looking forward for it!

  6. I just came across your channel and was extremely impressed!…I immediately subscribed and would love to know how you did the necklace please…I can't wait to see that tutorial!!!

  7. Cool DIY, thanks for sharing… can't wait to put my hands on Ankara fabrics, I had so many, my mum use to keep giving me a new items every year… I gave them all to charity shop 6 months ago not knowing what to do with them… I think once in Africa, I will go mad about Ankara fabrics; I can already see, cushions, curtains, napkins, tablecloth, shoe, bag, etc… DIYed… 🙂

  8. Yes please do the necklace. I would also be thrilled if you showed us how to wrap your hair with scarves. I saw a video you did with your hair fully wrapped in a scarf and it was really neat and cute. I do enjoy your videos.

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