DIY HOW TO CROCHET A SHAWL PIN, for crochet or knit garments

DIY HOW TO CROCHET A SHAWL PIN, for crochet or knit garments

hi everyone this is Emi today I’m gonna
show you how to crochet a shawl pin so let’s get started
To crochet this shawl pin I’m going to use some number 10 crochet cotton you could
use yarn but the Crochet cotton will probably be more durable and I just have
a small pill bottle here and I’m gonna wind this around quite a few times
because I want to have a nice stiff circle in the center so I’m probably
going to go around, I don’t know how many times that was but you just want
something good and thick and I’m going to take a small crochet hook and I’m
going to make one single crochet and then I’m going to single crochet all the
way around so into the ring I’m just going to make one single crochet and I’m
going to do that all the way around I’m going to do it quite tightly so then I
have a rigid circle so I’m gonna go off the camera and do that and then I’ll
come back and show you okay I worked all the way around and every once in a while
I would stop and really push them so that the stitches were on there really
tight and then at the end of the row after I’ve gotten all my ones done I’m
just going to slip stitch to join like that and that will give you a fairly
rigid circle and then you can place your circle down on your knitted or crocheted
saw and pass this bamboo skewer through and on this pin I just took my bamboo
skewer and a permanent black marker and I just colored my stick and you could color
it any color that you needed In my other video I also showed how to make this
kind of a pin if you have wire you could also make a
pin like this to pass through your shawl and as the center you could also use
this type of wire usually get it in the gardening section or sometimes you have
them as Twist ties just connect it and then crochet all the way around on a
wire and there you go that would be how you’d make a crochet shawl pin and you
can check out my other video to find out how to make the wire ones thanks for watching bye for now

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  1. So cool ,I am re watching this as I know I watched it before ,now how ever I need a new Shawl pin and this is perfect for my first project I am working on.

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