DIY How to make smooth and shiny coat for polymer clay beads with UV nail gel coating

DIY How to make smooth and shiny coat for polymer clay beads with UV nail gel coating

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15 Replies to “DIY How to make smooth and shiny coat for polymer clay beads with UV nail gel coating”

  1. Hello, This is so lovely! I'm am not into nails so I know next to nothing about UV Gel, however can you give me a name of a brand that I would find in the UK? Thank you.

  2. да шучу!лакировали,подсушивали и полировали!)))просто хотелось бы перевода.))

  3. Thank you, Ludmila, for sharing this information. You make everything look so lovely. I was wondering if you would consider doing a tutorial on your method for making these swirl beads. I am especially impressed with how you make these beads look like they are exactly the same size and shape; how do you manage that? I would like to know how what you use to make such perfect holes in them. In any case, as usual, I love to watch your tutorials because I always learn so much from you.

  4. Super professional video. Clean and precise. I have seen most of your videos and you are amazing. A true professional and sensitive artist. I hope you get the recognition that you deserve. Not only from the artisan community, but your customers too. Congratulations and keep-up the good work.

  5. Super nice shine! I'd be jerry-rigging something up to hold those beads, though, lol – like pushing the sticks into a piece of styrofoam to hold few of them at the same time under the light. :o)

  6. I had been wondering about UV Gel Polish after seeing UV Epoxy mentioned on a channel. UV Gel polish in theory shouldn't be much different. For the person who asked and I know this was posted sometime ago. UV Gel nail polish only lasts for approximately two weeks because of the rate the nail grows at. It leaves bare nail at whichever he cuticle which isn't really a good look. If you do the process right, it doesn't lift if it doesn't touch the skin and you cap the free nail edge. To remove the nail gel, you then need to give it a bit of a buff, in some cases? Then apply gel remover onto a pad, wrap around the nail and cover with foil. Leave in place for 10 minutes, on removing, gently push off the gel. It doesn't come off like ordinary nail polish. If our nails didn't grow, it is hard to guess how long it would stay on. Being females, we still like to change our nail color around. Two weeks is a long time wearing the same color, even if the nail didn't grow. I seriously doubt a piece of jewelry such as earrings or a pendant would get sufficient wear and tear to take the UV Gel nail polish off. I intend to try it on some of my own pieces for personal wear, to see how it goes. Gel LED Nail Lamps are cheap to buy on eBay. Just make sure your foundation and top coat gel are UV/LED compatible. Also the lamp you select, is compatible with the power supply where you live.

  7. Omg this is great I jus brought some base and top coat that cures in uv or LED and I wondered had I gotten the correct items. I just read an article on The blue bottle treen about brush on resin. And I've been a fan of yours for some time and always wondered how this worked. I've seen you use it but always thought it was just clear nail polish. Can't wait to try thank you for video!

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