Hi welcome our come back for another
tutorial my name is Laura and today I’m gonna show you how to you make a dress
using a pattern so if you wanna more please stay tuned alright, for this
tutorial you need African attire and as usual the link
will be in the description box a zigzag scissors if you don’t have one a tailor scissors will do job just as fine as fine, a zip and for the last I’m using 18 inch
length, patterns and the pattern is called Mc Call’s please forgive me for the
pronunciation, a thread scissors a tape measure, a chalk some pin and a facing.
okay so off-camera I already marked the fabric and I fold the
fabric in half the design mostly right in the middle and an oppressive of the
iron for some reason that come I just messed up that particular footage as
soon as I put the pattern on and so yeah I just floated whatever record anyway as
you can see it’s very very bad so I just going to be for a couple of seconds so
yeah let’s go back for a description so I placed the pattern on top of the
fabric then which you need to use weight or you can use pin to secure the pattern on top of the
fabric and just cut around it Once this is done I’m doing the same
thing at the back making sure that the pattern is as bang in the middle at the
back as much as I can and yeah just going back and forth and pimp underneath
to make sure that everything is is equal and oh yeah so and I leave one
one-and-a-half inch so this is the most delicate thing the process from one of
the most dedicated process of the this making this to make sure that the
pattern is right on the line at the back so we have a beautiful nice finished
look and I’m just doing the something cutting around I’m using my tailor scissors as weight yes system D just do
with what I have. I place the darts off camera I realised
that this pattern is not appropriate for 100% fabric and once I realized my
mistake I’ll have a second look to a pattern and I realized that is for
Jersey he said like a leaf or jersey fabric ends is not Jersey is cotton 100%
cotton and it’s not stretch one bit so yeah I have to add that off-camera I
didn’t want to bored you guys out and you want to come the video to be longer than
he has to be so if you want to know how I place the darts leaving a comment below
and I’ll be more than happy to show you how I do it This part is the is the zip
so it’s just a straight line down nothing really fancy sorry to come a bit
shaky here another is bad footage but yeah I will do better next time so he because this
type looks also I sewed in the neck and all the way down to the dress no wait
I’m always on to dress on the side and I just leave a small opening and on
shoulder and at the bottom I’m gonna give you like that I’m not going to do
anything particular I’m gonna do the notching noches and you know how to say it
that don’t know choose anywho um yeah I’m doing it on the neck and on armpits and I’m doing this and thing as well for the back just like so so this the neck at the back no money like to do some triangle shapes
and trimming the side and we go once this is done I’m turnin g the fabric around
and I press it with the iron just like so and so and just pressing flats
everywhere else ohm which is again the sides the armpits and the neck so when you press fabric please be sure that the lining stay inside that we can see
little bit of the of the main fabric to have to say it in alright let
me try again the fabric the, lining must stay in and
then only the the fabric must come out that still come out wrong but let’s keep
moving I sew the back together I’m so straight
line down I made opening of 17 inch and this is to help me insuring the zip.
Alright the zip being pray iron and if again if you want me to show you
in details how I put a zip on let me know and I’ll be more than happy to do
so ; ) So I’m starting by pinning the zip into
the entire dress just like so Changing the foods from a flat foots
to zip foot ideally supposed to use invisible food but I still can’t find
one and I keep on forgetting to go and get one when I get to shop. And I start sewing from the bottom to the top easy lazy way for me. and finish with a
backstitch okay so now I’m gonna close the zip and
I’m going to mark on the other side so that to make sure that when I’m closing
the zip everything match properly this is um this is a step we can escape if
you wanna have a proper finished look especially when you using ankara so just
like just some guests for me they’re not really precise this is how I do we pin
the other side once I’m transferred the the mark on to the other side of the
zip and then I just pin everything together just like so I just sew a straight line down some
same old same old nothing new year hear. You can over take off the pin or sew right on top. I’m
finished the back stitch and I open at the bottom and I cut the bottom part and this
is a have a look and off-camera a hand stitched on the side and this is opening and now I’m gonna
join them together for the shoulder so this is very meticulous so be sure not to
skip it and I turned the fabric inside out and right we’ve wright fabric and this’s the right one underneath I’m poking the east both
sides the shoulder just like so and the other side before you doing that I need
to make sure that the exact some size that one shoulder is not a bigger or
smaller the other, otherwise is not gonna work this technique and I understand
much easier than the one I normally do I make sure to push on the side and you
spin to help you along the way and like start with the back stitch and finish
make sure you push the fabric on the side just the way I’m doing right now I love using my blades and I’m doing the same thing I never
showed up make sure he’s pushed on the side if
he’s not just gonna look Winky so yeah push it properly. I’m now taking off the pin
finish with a back stitch again and trim in the side just like so an excess
of fabric while we’re there this is optional but just like to do it and I do
distant thing on that side now trim the fabric so now I’m putting it out and Voilà see
magic whoo-hoo and this is How the shoulder look like in front and at the back
professional finished look that all this is the end, nice and easy
and I’m gonna pin the side and sew straight line down as you can see here
and I left half inch half inch room no more than that no more than that don’t be gready girls! Otherwise is gonna look Winky
and the fabric gonna squeeze and straights on the other side just just
not gonna look good so no more than 1/2 inch please sister’s please okay and voila
so I just turn the fabric inside out and this is how you look like
and that’s my dad’s and back zip. right that’s it for me beautiful people
thank you for watching the video until the end if you are still here must be a
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keep on subscribing keep on loving and sharing and when I will be back you
guys who’s the winner all right thank you again have a
blessing week have a blessing holiday whatever it may be and Peace. XXX


  1. Please draft a pattern from scratch…it's easier to learn that way….we need to know how to include darts on dresses…thanks

  2. Beautiful all done ♥️ if someone is looking for the Ankara African fabric let me know because I'm selling it.

  3. This may have already been asked, but what kind of fabric did you line this with? I have tons of the same 100% cotton for dresses next year, but I do know what I want to line it with….

  4. Also, please, I have one more questions. How do you match the front print with the back print? I am concerned about that.

  5. I have another question please. You used interfacing on the fabric right? What weight? .. thanks if you get to these questions

  6. Thank you so much for your time 🌹 and I have ankara fabric so I would like to ask if you can make a beautiful blouse that I can wear with skirt pls? I'm new in sewing, so I don't have more experience to make that and if you can it will be good thanks in advance 😀❣️

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