hey there little rerun you're sure I looking good you're ever saying welcome to our tutorial for a mysterious and grownup Little Red Riding Hood costume we're going to start by making her long red hooded cloak we purchased enough fabric to wrap around ourselves plus about 1/2 we used a to perversion to red velvet but there's a little bit thicker so we liked that option with the extra 1/2 you're going to mark it off and when you have your fabric laid out you're just going to see what that measurement was and repeat it all the way down so that you create a long straight line that is equal to the edge of the fabric once you've drawn or pin this line you're going to cut down it there should next we're going to fold our fabric in half and then on a diagonal to make a square the extra fabric we're going to cut off to show that with our fabric folded inside out we are going to sew along either of the edges that corner the folded edge when you're done your seam is going to look like this and we're going to flip our hood inside out next open up your hood and lay the raw edge against the raw edge of our giant piece of fabric that will be the cloak now we're going to measure about 1 and 1/2 inches down placing both pieces of fabric together we're going to pin along making sure that both good sides are together we're going to pin one and a half inches down try to keep now we should have a straight line of pins all the way across connecting both good sides that's about one and a half inches down so now we're going to sew all the way along that pinned edge leaving about that one-and-a-half inch space and also doing second line of sewing as close to your raw edge as possible that will create about a one-inch thick tube for us to string our ribbon through should look something like this so now you can go ahead and tape whatever ribbon you're using to a pencil or something that will help you thread it through and you can go ahead and thread your ribbon all the way through that tube that we've sewn it goes go spooky once you reach the other side you can pull the ribbon all the way through now you can put it on and pull it tight and cut off any extra you can now ties in a bow if you would like our other option is to add this class so you're going to pull your ribbon to the exact tightness you'd like it to be and put a pin in it we are then going to just put a simple stitch through the tubing and the ribbon so that the ribbon does not move or slide back into the tubing when you're done this you're going to fold your ribbon over about the same width of your clasp so in the end they'll be double the width and taking your clasp this one we got for three dollars at a fabric store you're going to fold your ribbon back over itself and attach your clasp with just the clasp part hanging off the part that you hook on to the other portion and using a similar colored thread you're going to go over the clasp and back through the other side kind of like making your rounds like you would a button when it's done it's gonna look like this and work as a clasp key until I'm sure that you've been shown to finish this off we just paired it with a wicker basket you sure and some tall black riding boots and we also wore a simple little black dress this one's from American Apparel to see more costume tutorials that we've completed click the playlist here I don't think little bit girls should go walking in the spooky old woods alone


  1. I want to make one.
    A) It'll be huge (I'm a 6ft2 rugby player)
    B) The hood looks a little big. Could I replicate the dimensions of a hoodie which I know fits?
    C) It's been, like, 6 years since I took any class in sewing or stitching. To make a more rounded edge do you just fold over a small amount of edge material and stitch it to the main piece on the inside?

  2. It's the best video I've ever watched when it comes to making diy capes. Thank you very much for creating this video. It's very easy to follow.

  3. Спасибо за такой замечательный МК! Все просто и быстро, как мне сейчас и нужно. Дальнейших тебе творческих успехов!))

  4. I'm a fairly new subscriber, but I didn't realize that I actually saw this video like 5 years ago, so this was my first TheSorryGirls video ever :')

  5. Great tutorial, thanks! I agree, if you finish the raw edges this cape will be perfect! I also agree that this video does NOT compare to B. Mota's video, it's also good, just different. I prefer this one. Great job!

  6. I guess that Must be One of The First Videos i watched of you guys #1million 😍 loved it ! Best wishes from germany

  7. To the people claiming this video copied Bethany Mota… The ONLY thing similar is the song intro, and that's it! The song! This song is not Bethany's song, nor is the Red Riding Hood Cape copyrighted as hers either. This is a very popular song, and there are millions of people all over who dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. I'm 30, and still to this day, I still love the Red Riding Hood style/look. Just because 2 videos uses the same song as their video intro does not mean that either person copied off the other. The 2 tutorials are completely different.

  8. подскажите, что это за музыка играет? песня очень понравилась)

  9. Making a long one for a Renaissance costume. With how easy this is, I'm amazed that the premade ones run for $80+!

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