DIY Loofah Halloween Costume | LaurDIY

DIY Loofah Halloween Costume | LaurDIY

hey guys so I am so excited to announce that I have officially started Halloween costume DIYs and Halloween is one of those occasions that I honestly think about my costume for so far in advance so if you want to learn how to be a loofa for Halloween just keep watching so you're going to need 16 to 20 yards of tulle a dress that matches the color of the tulle scissors some white rope and a stretchy material for the bands and twist ties or some more string and I got 16 yards of tulle from my local fabric store for about 20-25 dollars we're going to need a stretchy material for the band so I'm using a super super stretchy headband but a nylon is also a great alternative so start by dividing your yardage by eight to figure out how long each piece should be you'll need eight same size pieces in mind ended up being two yards each to make the measuring process easier I measured it out on the ground and tape down the edges of the first piece as a guideline for the rest I just folded the tulle back and forth to make the eight sections of two yards I also put little pieces of tape at the end of each section to make sure they didn't slip around and stayed at two yards and when you buy your fabric and I'll probably be pre folded so if you were to unfold it it would have double the height but just to keep things easy we're going to leave it folded once you got it so once the total yardage is folded into eight equal sections we're just going to go ahead and cut the folded ends on both sides to separate the pieces and you'll be left with eight pieces that are doubled over in height because that pre-folded nasai mentioned when you first buy it so next we're going to fold the tool like so into thirds and then into half and I'm just using the paper here for easier viewing since the tool is pretty long with our first piece of folded tool I'm going to measure out a piece of string to secure the bunched middle you can all see the twist tie for this part if you can find ties for long enough so I'm going to go ahead and scrunch up the middle and give it a double knot leaving the ends long and you're going to do the same Bunch middle on each piece of tulle and they should kind of look like little bowtie pastas when you're done and now with all our bunch tool we can start securing it to the stretchy band so we're going to have two bands with four pieces of tulle on each and I'm just using the ends of the string to double knot it onto the headband and I'm going to leave an equal amount of space between each so if you're using a nylon you can cut it to size of your bust and your waist and just tie it off and then begin attaching the tool equally spaced apart and you can see it kind of looks like a square with a tie at each corner and once you've secured all eight pieces four on each band we get to start fluffing this is the fun part that really starts making it look loop ie and I found to get the fluffiest result it's best to pull at the center near the tie so not only get super fluffy but also covers off the tie in the middle so flop away on both until it kinda like a tutu and you should be left with two super cute and fluffy bands of tulle and now for the loop of string I measured it out around my neck leaving a bunch of extra so we can attach two loofas band and then I cut two more pieces and braided it for a thicker strength it's now time to put your matching color dress on and putting your tulle bands around your waist and chest and it might look a little sparse at first but we're going to do lots of fluffing in a minute and to attach the loop of string I just double knotted it around the chest band to make it look like a halter Luva top and now we're going to flop up each section of the tools that it fills out and makes it look like a super cute brown Luther scrubby and you are done so I hope you guys enjoyed my first Halloween costume DIY tutorial there will be a bunch more coming before Halloween so hopefully there's one that you really like and before you guys go crazy about this being a costume just keep in mind that I am 20 and you know I have a dress underneath and there are lots of ways to make this age appropriate if you're not comfortable of showing so much skin so you can add a pink tank top or a pink t-shirt long sleeve and you can throw some shorts on or some tights there's lots of ways to make this age appropriate if you are younger and still want to be a loofa so I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you in my next video love you pretty little lures

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  2. Laura, I love you and your DIY’s but why would you want to be a loofa for Halloween? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β™₯️β™₯️

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