DIY Mannequin Body Stand – Dress Form diy – How to Make Cheap Dress Forms zentai mannequin tutorial

DIY Mannequin Body Stand – Dress Form diy – How to Make Cheap Dress Forms zentai mannequin tutorial

I have been sewing since I was five or six years old, with my mom. We used to make matching dresses and clothes, in the 80s and 90s, so you can imagine what those look like Big puffy shoulders. Today, I wanted to make full body form, because I want to be able to make pants and shorts, and stuff like that. I looked online originally to purchase, and [they’re] [497] Dollars, and I thought I bet it didn’t take that much to manufacture. So, I’m going to come up with my own way to make one. I saw the duct tape [um] dress form it’s inexpensive It’s quick however you can’t put pins in it because if you do they either get stuck in the tape, or you get residue when you pull the pin back out And I didn’t want to deal with that and the other thing is, when you wrap duct tape, duct tape is thick. So that means However much duct tape you wrap around your body to create the form it’s going to add Perhaps a [centimetre] or maybe even a half an inch of thickness to your measurements And I was going for something that was as close to my true measurements as possible This was a concept that [popped] into my head, and I’m hoping this works, and I hope any other designer Drag queen or king or someone like me who likes to create art as clothes I’m Hoping that this [can] be helpful to you this video is going to be two parts the first part is going to be the thing That’s going [to] hold the body form and then I’m going to make the actual form itself It’s probably going to be a long video just to give you the heads up I’m going to create this dress form to be as close to my measurements [as] possible so that means not [just] my width but also my height I’m going to create the pole to hang at the height of What I would be in high heels in case I want to make a nice beautiful gown or something I don’t know if that all ever happen, but just in case. This cost me total about [$55] I’m [5’4] without heels and I weigh Roughly 127 pounds. [I] don’t want to hear anything about my height and weight, okay?! Cuz you guys say enough stuff I figured I [would] let you know because I don’t know how I’ll look in the camera And I will try to be as detailed as possible. [I] wanted to use up pretty much everything I bought because I don’t like to waste anything I thought this would still give an end result that could help other people, so I thought you know what why not Just share this with all of you, okay. I’m excited, nervous [here] we go… Have my heels on. sixty six and a quarter Ouch! Obviously inches, then… Boo! If you haven’t already figured out This, and yes, it’s intentionally [inside-out] This is the answer to a full-body form these Bodysuits things that they used for dating and all the things they do. This is what I want to tell you first I measured my waist across the largest part of my chest the Length, all of these things to get the closest size I could possibly get of this suit. It cost me like [16] dollars I can’t remember this is an extra small or small [it] still doesn’t fit properly everywhere. Look at my foot Because I’m short oh and Look there’s so many areas where this needs to be adjusted, [so] it’s perfectly fitting to my measurement But what’s great about is, it has some give, it has some stretch. But it’s still not so stretchy that you don’t have control over it I’m going to show [you] how to get it [prepared] to match your body and then get it so it can hang on this, on this spinning Hanger [alright] here. We [go] Okay, I want to show you an up close of what I’m doing I’m trying to keep this neck piece on I don’t need this I need the hanger to be able to come out of here. See these two bottom stitches I just cut these two stitches right here, and then I’m going to cut the stitching right here And then the easiest way to do this is, you take those stitches out, that you just cut. You remove a couple of those stitches. My thumb got slammed in a car door when I was five. That’s why it looks like that. I’m going to take those and then you just pull So that you can literally… (this is a little tough) You can literally pull the thread out. On stretchy fabric you can do this, on other fabric the [thread] Will snap so it doesn’t really work out and look Boom! That saves you a lot of time, so I’m going to continue to do that for the rest of the way I just wanted to show you that up close Okay! Bye! There’s pulling too much in here. So I’m going to lengthen that. You want the seam to end right at the joint I want the seam to be here. This is too long up here Because everything was pulling it felt like this wasn’t high enough. This fits [perfectly] under my arm pit. I also have to tighten This. I don’t have to tighten this area. This is sitting just fine, but this needs to get tighter and shorter. So this is the result of me adding in the piece. It’s even it just looks because of the way it’s hanging. I’m going to cut these extra pieces off But I wanted to leave enough room just in case so this helped widen the crotch area. I took this in you can see there, and then I took back in here in I Put a back seam all [the] way down my rear end. I Have to put a seam down the front. I’m not cutting any of the fabric until I have it perfectly adjusted This is basically just trial and error [for] me I’m trying it on, sewing, trying it on again and continuing to adjust it till it fits me the way I want. I’m just using clips, pins, Whatever I have to to keep it together, because straight pins will not work. I’m going to add the darts Here and here. This is going to be where my bra insert goes, okay! I’m so proud of myself that I followed through with this, even though I was very nervous. I thought I couldn’t do this I actually haven’t [Sewn] or designed anything in literally years, so this is a big thing for me, a big step for me to face my Views of myself, about having no talent and not being able to help anybody, and just going for it and executing my ideas, so Finish this up, okay. Bye I put in the darts. I was going to put darts in the back, but because there’s a zipper back there. I figure why not just Take in all the back because basically it needs to be much tighter back here, and so I’m just going to take it all in through here and Then just the zipper. Ok! It’s okay to do the stitching, with the ribbon, on the shoulders and the neck But what happens is when you do that it stretches the fabric. With the torso area and the leg area I can’t Have it move or stretch at all so I’m going to use duct tape Instead to stiffen the area because the whole reason I’m doing this is to prevent any future Stretching or sagging after it’s stuffed and I can’t have it move Okay!

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  1. Wow! Wow! This is such a talented woman! She takes such ordinary items and turns them into useful items. My daughter tried making a mannequin out of papermache. It was fragile. It didn't have a hanger. I imagine she wishes that she had watched Ashli's tutorial.

  2. I doubt my sewing abilities all the time. I love the fact you used a lycra body suit to do this.I now know I can sew and make something beautiful in the process. Great work.

  3. Wow that is amazin … iv always wanted a proper form too .. so so glad you have thought of this idea cos its amazin and im goin to make one too, i dont know weather you have seen on youtube … its called how its made dress form. And it shows you how the proper ones are made … you are right theres not much to the proper ones … they are only made from cardboard soaked sheets 😊😊

  4. Thank you .
    Your video was very informative and entertaining.very making a darth vader life size satute and this helps alot.thanks love!! A fan of your work.

  5. I watched another video on how to make a pinnable form, and it's just poly-fil and cloth. Obviously you have to stitch it too, but for the most part, there isn't much to it.

  6. Turned out amazing but I did happen to find some pretty decent looking ones on amazon for $50 and you mentioned you paid $70 for your homemade one. Definite props for your amazing creation though!

  7. You're so talented and absolutely adorable! I love the clever way in which you approached this task!
    I sell men's clothing. And I've just started getting into the design aspect of it. I will definitely incorporate some of your techniques into my style 👍🏾 Thanks so much sweetie, you've been a great help!

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