DIY Off The Shoulder Top | Men's Shirt Refashion

DIY Off The Shoulder Top | Men's Shirt Refashion

50 Replies to “DIY Off The Shoulder Top | Men's Shirt Refashion”

  1. i love the video but I would like to know the type of stitch you use is it back stitch or running stitch or you use a machine??

  2. Ok, I’m not sure if you will see this one. But I have about 100 shirts my husband doesn’t use anymore. So I’m trying to learn how to saw. Please do another video that is detailed because I’m an idiot and I really don’t know where to start how to do it.

  3. My local thrift store has 50% off tomorrow. Guess what I am buying!!!???!!!

    Cute summer tops & dresses para mi!!!

  4. Who else remembered her brother's shirt that looks exactly like this one and smiled…
    I'm going for it😂😂😂.. Girl I'm your big fan❤❤

  5. Hahaha i gat you 👉 girlfriend you are boom 😋 when it's comes to fashion I am now thinking of how I can steal my older brother's shirt 😉hope he won't notice lol😂

  6. How come I am.just seeing this channel? Absolutely love everything about it. Weldone girl. U av a new fan

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