DIY Over the Knee Boots Tutorial w/ Suede Fabric

DIY Over the Knee Boots Tutorial w/ Suede Fabric

Hi loves for this tutorial you’ll need about two thirds of one yard or meter of suede fabric
half or 1 yard or meter if plus size over the knee socks 2 large separating zippers measuring tape pins fabric scissors and a sewing machine Put your over the knee socks over your skinny pants and then measure the length from above the knee until your ankle It’s better if you use socks in the same tone as your fabric but for the purpose of the video and to show things clearly I chose a different color Then measure above the knee
and your ankle Also measure the distance between these parts so you’ll know where to mark it on your fabric Fold your fabric with the wrong side up and then pin the fabric for the top part This is what you measured divided by two since the fabric is folded Make sure you add about an inch or 1.5cm to it since we will hem the fabric later Measure the space in between and then mark for just below the knee
Then do the same for the bottom You will see that the shape will go from wide to more narrow Measure the total length for the boot and then cut it with an added inch or 1.5cm Hem the fabric on both sides and the bottom Place your zipper in the middle and if it’s larger than your boot cut it.
Make sure the zipper is below the part you are cutting I will fold it later so the zipper doesn’t fall off but I will show you that in a bit The right sides of the zipper and fabric face each other when I start pinning
Then you can sew it Fold it over, pin it on the other end and then sew it Place the top of your fabric on the top of your sock Fold a piece of the middle part over the sock and pin it
Then sew this bit Fold the parts with the zipper first and sew it Then hem the remaining part of the top piece of your fabric So this is what it looks like. A sock with the suede fabric attached on the top part Put your sock on and tuck your pants in nicely so you can easily zip it up Then zip your boot up starting from the bottom And the cool thing about this is that you can wear it both with flat and heel ankle boots If you enjoyed this tutorial click like and subscribe for more videos And I would be very grateful if you share this video with your friends Thanks for watching Check out my new Etsy shop for handmade accessories and more If you want to learn how to sew this sexy black dress, click the link to purchase the tutorial

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  1. I Love this coz it's so hard to get boots that fit my chunky legs lol. Now you can make them and in different fabrics 😁 💜 xx

  2. So  I really like this idea… pretty trendy and versatile… I plan on making these and doing a matching clutch… I think that would be sew cute… Also did you do a tutorial on the red top you are wearing if not can you please and thank you!

  3. you are great! I'm a beginner and you make things sooooeasy I am 68yrs what video do you have for a skirt and pants thanks for your help

  4. Bonjour, je viens de découvrir ta chaine! Moi qui adore créé, (je réalise des tutos vidéos sur le tricot où je crée également diverses choses au tricot), et bien tes tutos sont simples et rapide à réaliser: j'adore! +1 abo et bien entendu pouce bleu pour le soutien! Je vais allé découvrir tes autres vidéos! 😉 Bye.

  5. Yess! Awesome stuff! … but that top! The color and cut. Loving it. Any tutorial for that?! 🙂 thx for sharing your talent and creativity.

  6. Tu es geniale! +1 Abo! merci pour toutes belles idées!
    dis donc, le haut rouge que tu porte dans cette vidéo, c'est toi qui l'a fait où tu l'as acheté? si c'est toi, un diy serait le bienvenu si tu veux bien ^^
    bonne continuation, bisous!

  7. ur videos are great, very easy tutorials! im looking forward to the red dress/top tutorial! 😁😁😁 (i saw ur replies in other comments)

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