DIY PARTY DRESS ✨Ariana Grande inspired | WITHWENDY

DIY PARTY DRESS ✨Ariana Grande inspired | WITHWENDY

Yikes! What are your secrets, Ariana? Hello. Today is my husband Dan’s annual company Christmas party and for the last two years, I felt kind of bummed that I didn’t have a dress that I made myself to wear to them. Whenever introduced what I did to his coworkers, they’d always be like: “Oh, did you make the thing that you’re wearing today?”
And it’s like no, I don’t make everything. Today, that’s gonna change cuz I am going to try to make my party dress. I bought the fabric yesterday from Leo’s textiles. There’s a couple of stores in Toronto near Queen and Spadina that I really really love, but Leo’s Textiles is the place I go to if I want really pretty fabric. Their fabric ain’t cheap, but it is some pretty stuff. How amazing would it be to have a suit out of this stuff? Wait, there’s more… creams… black and white. Back to this though, woah!
I got this black pointe satin. It’s got all these crazy flowers embroidered onto it and I’m gonna combine that with a little bit of Ariana Grande, I don’t know it kind of makes you look like a real-life ornament to be honest. Okay, this is what I am dealing with, it is two yards of this fabric and the flower pattern. I think I want these vines to go vertically. I need one whole piece that’s gonna be the front of the skirt and it’s gonna be like this, I do this all the time to just visualize. Ohmygosh! it’s gonna be like this and then I need that same thing on the back. So let’s cut the skirt pieces first, and then whatever is left over… yikes, will be what I have left to deal with for… the upper half. I hate cutting the fabric because then it’s like it’s really happening now. You can’t turn back. Look at these threads, they’re kind of pretty. Okay, I just ate lunch *sniffs*. Sorry, lunch was a bit spicy and my spice tolerance is not that great and so now I have a sniffle. There they are, all folded up. Here is the rest of that material. All right folks, we’ve cut out the front and back. I’m kind of alarmed at this size difference! The front naturally had to be bigger to accommodate chest. I may have gone too far. It’s folded along the top and now I’m trying to figure out… this darting situation. What are your secrets, Ariana? These little dots along her dress are a clue that shows me that it’s folded and it’s all straight along the top, which means this little dart here on the side is where it all gets like sucked up so that it can still form a good cup shape around her front. Today, we’re going to try a bit of a new approach. I put this body piece on my body form and then pinched in the part that I thought would need to go away to form a dart. What I wanna do from there is get this onto a piece of paper so that I can continue to use it on the other four sides that I need to do this. I have devised a system where I lay it down, I put this guy in the corner, then I focus on bringing these two together. So, I’ve got the four darts here. The idea is that it’s gonna fold in half once these darts are in as you can see, there’s a little bit of cupping action going on. Just gonna tie a little knot. Howdy, this is the top now that I’ve put in those darts. I hope you can tell that this part is sewn in, oh there we go, a little shine helps! Right now when I put it on, there’s still quite a bit of a gap up here. With darts, the two things that at least I’m trying to figure out always is where they go and how much fabric they should suck up. Those are the ends which I think is pretty good cuz that’s like where you want your chest’s peak to be. So location is not bad, it’s the volume of the dart that is the current issue. The dart volume has been increased and we’re gonna give this a try. I don’t think the lighting can show but I am covered in little rainbow bits of these fibers. It is so shimmery and so multicolored. I am a lint rainbow.
So the top fits me much more fullish. I will go over this stitch with a finer stitch because right now, they’re just basted. So if any tension is put on it, you can see the stitch marks, which is not a great look. These I’m trying to point downwards, so you’ll notice they’re not all going in the same direction. All right, they’re nice and pressed! I’ve pressed the front half and I went ahead and pressed the back half. I’m gonna sew them together. This side, I will leave available to attach the zipper. So I’m just gonna sew this more rough size to this. What was the other thing I was gonna mention? I’m also gonna zig-zag stitch all the way around because this thing is shedding everywhere and if it sheds any more, I might not have anything left to work with. So while they’re both folded, I’m going to pin them front to back, so that way that seam that I ironed will all match up. This is the front and the back of the top pinned together, we’re gonna sew with a straight stitch. Hey here we are with the top. There’s darts, there’s the back! It’s 1:53 pm! I should start focusing on the skirt inside. So the skirt: two huge rectangles! First step: Join the rectangles so that they’re one long strip that’s gonna go around for the skirt. And pay attention to the pattern to make sure that you joined them in a way where the pattern still matches. Never made that mistake before! Alright, so it’s all pinned but it is not – The skirt has not been sewn to the top. I can’t help myself, but want to give it a try… …at this stage.
Oh my gosh! *whispers* What have I done? Please don’t poke me. Please don’t poke me! *drumroll* Oh, man! Yep, the volume is definitely sufficient. Pockets, I should have included pockets! There’s no time for that… So I’m gonna sew the skirt to this dress. I just made a horrible mistake! I was sewing, sewing, sewing, and then realized that I had run out of bobbin thread… …so many stitches ago! So I thought it was all done and then it turns out I have all this left over to do, which sucks. Also, my hands keep snagging on the fabric, and so I’m going to try to make a new habit of having some hand lotion nearby, because handling fabric oddly really does make your hands quite dry. Honestly, I guess it’s like your towel drying your hands over and over and over. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this whole thing has happened where my bobbin runs out and I just keep sewing. Ooh, my body aches just thinking about it! The time is now 3:12 (pm). Now I’m starting to run out of time! *whispers* Now I need to start freaking out. At the bottom I did my typical bottom hem, which is where I fold the strip in once, do a straight stitch, then fold it once more, do a straight stitch. It’s what I find to be a super easy way to finish them off and make them look nice and sharp. This right here is the side of the dress that opens up and so I did put in an invisible zipper. I think because there’s a lot of fabric it is a little bit hard to zip up. And then as always with the zippers, make sure you put in a little hook and eye at the top. That just helps it to close so that you don’t have to focus on pinching this part while you’re trying to zip up the zipper. And lastly, the straps. Now, if I had a bit more time, I definitely would have taken the same fabric and sewn a tube. There’s a previous tutorial where I did do that so I can link it for you, but for the sake of speed I hand sewed. Look at this … aggressive hand sew job! But I hand sewed these black satin straps to the dress. The main downside with these straps is that this dress material is quite heavy and so with a strap this thin, it is going to end up causing me a little bit of shoulder pain, but there it is! I got ’em in! *music*

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  1. Hey Wendy! I have a question: my sewing machine stopped working and I'm not sure why. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?

  2. I decided to reupholster my couch on a whim (It's basically like draping a dress on a dress form… except on a couch) and sewed along the entire bottom seam (entire length of the couch) and removed all of the pins while I was sewing before I realized that I ran out of bobbin thread after like the first foot. I cried. hahaha.

  3. Hi, I'm new to sewing and almost gave up until I discovered your channel – I just love it! Thanks for sharing your tips! A wish for future would be a front slit that can be added to pants, I've been searching everywhere for an easy guide with no luck. Have a lovely week!

  4. Running out of bobbin thread is the absolute worst. Also, everything about this design was gorgeous and you're soooooo talented.

  5. Wendy! <3 I love that black dress your wearing! Can you please teach us how to do that basic dress?
    Love how the party dress turned out!

  6. How do you take measurements and cute the fabric to those measurements to fit a person if it’s not stretch fabric

  7. Also could you explain the the darts more in detail because I’m going to make this dress out of a pink leather and I’m confused about the top part and also what were the measurements for the bottom skirt?

  8. I’m so confused as to why she didn’t start early to do matching fabric straps and why the shirt underneath? It was so cute without the shirt. So much sexier for a party

  9. This is such an amazing dress!! The fabric is BEAUTIFUL! I would not look good in a fit like this but it definitely made me want to make it!

  10. Hi Wendy. How did you get the dimensions for this dress? I’m trying to figure out how to make it but I’m supperrr beginner so everything needs to be explained to me lol

  11. Hey Wendy! I wondered… Did you make the black slip dress you're wearing at the begining of the video? And if so, do you have a tutorial to do it? Thaaanks!

  12. bobbin run out is a pain in the ring gear…why can't someone come up with a sewing machine design that has a direct feed under the feeder plate of the machine, instead of silly bobbins that always run out at the exact moment you have everything going perfect?…ugh!!
    any inventors out there???

  13. Ariana looked like she was wearing a skirt as a dress/ a toddlers dress 😂 her legs are too long for that kinda dress

  14. Lol theirs kinda a sneak peak at the sleeping bag coat. The floral satin was laying on top of the sleeping bag!

  15. THAT BOBBIN THING HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!! Fortunately, I just got a new machine that detects when the bobbin thread gets really low and stops the machine and beeps.

  16. Hi 👋 Wendy! Thanks for the video. Was wondering if you can do a leotard DIY video? I dance 5-6 days a week and attempted to make my own but failed horribly lol. Thanks in advance!

  17. Can you show more how you sew? I love your videos but you should replace talking about some fucking fabric on your top into some useful information.

    I still try to figure out how you pinned the bottom… i am beginner

  18. I know it might not be your thing but could you maybe talk about making suits or more masculine stuff? Thanks!!! I love your channel 💕❤️❣️

  19. Where were the boots? You wore a top with that beautiful dress…….no you didn't. The fabric is amazing. The dress ,beautiful. Good Job.

  20. I hate when you’re in the middle of something and the bobbin thread runs out or the needle gets unthreaded I loved this video such clear steps and so relatable too!!

  21. Love this! Am using a bold flower print that was the curtain fabric of my childhood bedroom in an attempt to make this. One question where did you get your pin cushion bracelet from?

  22. I LOVE this. I especially love that you include the "guys look I just made this huge mistake, now to fix it" part (rather than just fixing it and not mentioning it) because it's so relatable, and making/fixing mistakes is such a huge part of sewing. It makes me feel less frustrated knowing that that's just part of the process. (And to answer your question – me, sew without a bobbin thread for like a mile before realizing it? Nooooo nevvvverrrrr)

  23. It’s especially frustrating when you only have three inches left to sew and you ran out of bobbin thread… And my thumb, index finger, and middle finger on both hands ALWAYS CALLUS AND PEAL.

  24. Wendy my daughter is 7 almost 8 can you make a tutorial on how to make a princess dress for girls that age please

  25. I would've liked to have seen this dress done more professionally. Maybe drape the umpire bodice for accurate, even darts

  26. Ahhh!! I love it sooo much. Little bummed you wore a sweater with it but it was probs insanely cold so I understand

  27. the dress is awesome but i enjoyed the video more so because of the natural way it was filmed and edited, shows the incredible amount of effort BTS instead, keep it up!

  28. 7:43 It’s much easier if you do tacking first to the bottom part before you sew those together! :”O Measure the bottom hem of the upper part. Then do either a loooooose stiching by hand of with sewing machine and pull the fabric along with the thread(s) until it’s folded enough and measures the same lenght as the hem of the upper part! Tie the ends of the thread so it stays folded and then pin it to the upper part ans sew. It takes much less effort to fold the fabric and isn’t such a hassle to sew. :”O I hope this makes sense. 😭 I’m a clothing artisan but my English vocabulary on this field still sucks. Sorry about that. 😂

  29. RE: bobbin thread. Why don't machines come with an alarm when your bobbin runs out!? Do I have to shell out thousands of dollars for a machine that does this!? It almost always reduces me to tears. It's awful!

  30. You can cut the darts off as long as you leave a seam allowance.. Makes it less bulky, especially when its two folded together lol

  31. I'm going to make one out of some space jam handout fabric for some fun and save up for some noice fabric

  32. How exactly did you make the pleats in the bottom half of the dress? Also, how did you measure yourself for the top half of the dress?

  33. Hie Wendy.I love this dress but the pleats you've made on the skirt piece don't seem like any i've known before. i love them, please make it clearer how you made the skirt pleats so that the skirt is fuller and away from the body.

  34. This was so great to watch. Turned out fantastic, but I would have ditched the t-shirt….it was perfect without….but I understand the need for modesty at an office party.

  35. I know I am late to the game but that fabric is amazing! Super beautiful dress! I need to find a fabric store like that near me ❤

  36. i really want to make this dress in a “christmas style”, like a christmas suit (that no one makes/sells for the female body) with wrapping paper print or just full red with white fur, like a mother santa lmao
    gotta check if my mom is ok with me confusing family’s dinner lmao

  37. It's absolutely gorgeous, so fancy and festive. I'm so sad there was no time for pockets. Dresses with pockets are my joy.


  39. so in light of watching the video I realized I barely understood it. I’ve been seeing for only 9 months. This is going to be tough. Wish me luck 🤧

  40. i wonder if cutting the fabric on the bias would have helped the way it drapes on the top. any thoughts?

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