DIY Peacock Costume, No sew Halloween Costumes, Felt crafts ideas, Fiskars, Elmers Spray Adhesive

DIY Peacock Costume, No sew Halloween Costumes, Felt crafts ideas, Fiskars, Elmers Spray Adhesive

hello crafters! I’m Smitha from the blog Smiling
Colors and today I am sharing a DIY Peacock Costume. This costume is so beautiful and
unique- and there is no sewing involved at all! If you can cut and glue this tutorial
is for you. I have a template for you to make the peacock
feathers. You can download and print this from my blog and I will leave a link for you
in the description below. Craft felt sheets is what we will be using to make the different
layers of the peacock feather, You will also need a pair of scissors to cut this felt,
a stapler, some gold sequins, jewel adhesive or a hot glue gun instead. You can find more
at my blog First step- Cut out the four layers of the
peacock feather from the template. I have each layer labelled as Color 1, 2 , 3
and 4. Now you want to take your template labelled
Color 4 and use it as a guide to cut your darkest blue felt. This will make the center
of the peacock feather. I am using Fiskars Ampifly Mixed Media shears
here and this can easily cut through two layers of felt at once. Next, use the other templates to cut out the
corresponding layers- color 3 is an electric blue color. Color 2 is the green And lastly, color 1 is a teal like blue. Now lets assemble these layers to make the
felt peacock feathers. Place color 1 first, then color 2 on top,
color three next and finish it off with color 4. Staple all the layers together in the center. Using a stapler is the quickest way to make
these, not to mention the easiest way too, and don’t worry that staple will not be seen-
we will cover it up by adding a gold sequin with some hot glue. Ok, now that we have learnt how to make these
felt peacock feathers, its time to make a whole bunch more of them. 2 down and lots
more to go. The nice thing of using these Fiskars Mixed
Media scissors, you can cut 4 layers of felt at once. Yup, I tried it and it works like
a charm. If you don’t have this particular scissor, no worries, just use a regular scissor
and cut two layers at a time. It still goes fast. Watch your favorite Thrusday Night TV
shows while doing this and it will get done in no time. Now this template and idea is very versatile.
I am using felt here because I love felt and I and I love these particular colors. But
you needn’t use just felt- you can use fabric instead or even basic cardstock layered with
patterned papers. Get creative and I’m sure the results will be beautiful. Okay, now its time to make an assembly line
to well assemble these feathers and get crafting. Don’t worry too much about each layer being
cut absolutely perfectly. If the edges are a little ragged, that works well here – because
it is supposed to be a feather. Here is my tip for using a hot glue gun- If
those messy hot glue strands annoy you as much as they annoy me, try this. When you
done applying the glue, instead of just lifting the hot glue gun off of the feather, gently
turn your wrist a little bit and wipe the tip of the gun onto the felt. This removes the excess glue off the tip and
there will no more random cotton candy like glue strands everywhere. Gently wipe off the
tip of the hot glue gun on the felt before lifting it off. You will need a total of 26 peacock feathers
for this costume. Once those are done, cut a large piece of
cardboard in a rainbow shape. Using an Exacto knife make 4 small cuts into
the cardboard, Cut two pieces of fleece, one a bit larger
than the cardboard cut out and just the right size as the cardboard. Place the larger fleece beneath the cardboard
and using a spray adhesive fold and adhere the fleece seam all around. This Elmers spray
adhesive is a quick way to do this and it dries strong. For the curved portions, cut the fleece every
few inches, fold and adhere into place. Make sure you cut and tuck in the corners for a
neat finish. You can use a fabric glue here instead but nothing beats the speed and ease
of using a spray adhesive. Before we add the other fleece on top, we
want reinforce those cuts we made for the ribbon. Use the Exacto knife again here and
make sure you flip the cardboard over and make cuts on the fleece that we already have
in place. I felt that the Exacto knife wasnt quite enough
for this task, and I ended up using the tip of scissors to make sure the cuts really went
through all of the cardboard and fleece. Flip the cardboard over and adhere the other
fleece in place so that no cardboard will be seen. Now here is a look at the finished peacock
and I just want to show you what we are about to do here. We want to insert the ribbon through
those cuts we made so that your little girl can slide her arms into these ribbon loops
and then we can the ribbons behind and that will hold the peacock in place. Now you will have to insert the ribbons using
the scissor tip And we area almost done! This is the best
part of this DIY. Arranging and glueing down all those peacock feathers. I’m using hot
glue again here and all I am doing is squeezing a generous amount of hot glue onto each feather
and adhering it in position. To finish of this costume, you can add more
sequins around the curved edge of the peacock if you want. I also made an extra peacock feather and glued
it onto a tiara to make a peacock headdress. My daughter has absolutely LOVED this peacock
costume. I had so much fun making it. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up, share
it with your friends and let me know if you would like to see more videos from me. I also have a DIY Rainbow Costume tutorial
and you can click here to go see that one. I will leave a link below in the description
for it too. For more information, photographs and details
head over to my blog Thanks for spending some crafty time with
me today. See you again soon!

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