15 Replies to “DIY Produce Bags – which fabric is best?”

  1. I love how you didn't have any distracting background music which made it easier to follow along. Thanks.

  2. A lot of really good, informative content here and I learned a lot. But… the music in the video was incredibly distracting. Made it hard to focus on what you were saying which is really important. You have a great presentation style IMO and don’t need any background noise.

  3. This is my first. Is it. I love you your larger than life like me and just bubbly. New uk subscriber here

  4. Love the concept and content, but that snapping noise in the music drove me away from watching to the end.

  5. What a great idea to make these bags out of old items, especially tank tops. I also like the idea of having so many pretty bags, (lace and other printed cottons), so that shopping with bags feels good instead of having this sea of plastic at the check out. LOVE THIS PROJECT!

  6. I love your videos! So at the co-op I go to they deduct the weight of my bags! I usually don't mention it as mine are ridiculously light but it's a great thing to know. Cashiers usually know how to deduct the weight of glass jars when you shop with your own so the process is pretty much the same for cloth bags. Just write them down on your bag with a crayon, add a little tag, or know them by heart 🙂 I also have to admit that I usually do not use cloth bags and just put my veggies as is in my cart and pretty much only use them for spinach and mushrooms. Thank you for an amazing sewing tutorial though. I love how mindful you are of the impact of the fabric on our budget (heavier = more expensive) and on the environment (micropastics released when washing polyester)!

  7. Love it! I am a lazy seamstress. I actually bought my produce bags from ecobags.com in a set of three sizes. They have the weight printed on the fabric. I think they were about $11. I would buy them again.

  8. So smart weighing them! the dresses would be good for items that are cost per unit too, like avocados. I’ve been making some bags with vintage sheets, it makes grocery shopping so pretty!

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