DIY Quick and Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial, DIY, How to make

DIY Quick and Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial, DIY, How to make

Start running stitch.

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  1. I just love your videos! I've made some beautiful bows for the hats I'm making. I have a question about the tutorial above; can I use satin ribbon instead of fabric?

  2. Very beautiful!!  Thanks for this video.  I have a question:  Is the fabric polyester or silk satin?  I would imagine polyester would go up in flames.  Looks a bit scary.  Thanks.

  3. Oh!  Thanks for this info–I might have had a bonfire!  I thought polyester was highly inflammable.

  4. Oh my! These are very beautiful! I need to try these! Guess this is going to be one of my first projects of today! Thanks so much for sharing this video! 

  5. Amei essa flor, gostaria de pedir se possível passar as medidas também em centímetros que são as que usamos aqui no Brasil…beijos

  6. Thank you for sharing. I volunteer at an organization that helps to rehabilitate the mentally ill. I use your tutorials to teach them new skills.

  7. Fabulous :O You do it such in a delicate way, this is so perfect  The love put in this work, Lovely! Great job!  Keep it Up!

  8. I did not understand what you did in the minute 7"52, cause it has a little cut in the video, and I'd like to know how to do it. Thank you!!!

  9. For the lack of finding a store close enough with satin ribbon…I found a Satin dress at a thrift shop and cut it up…works for me!  Thanks for the video.

  10. I was wondering if you sell this flower and if you could add a hair tie to it that I could also remove when it gets too stretched out. I tried to make this at home and it looks okay..but I couldn't find the correct type of ribbon I guess and I bought those tiny sew on snaps and attached it to a little piece of material, and glued it to the back with the hair tie so I could wear a ponytail. It lasted for a day. Well, I couldn't sew the snaps on because it's not real material I guess, so I tried to glue them with a glue gun and they fell off. I wish I could just buy this instead. I'm terrible with crafts. I just love this flower.

  11. I'm sorry,but. I love satin fabric whole and visible.There are plenty of artificial flower alternatives out there.It's like making flowers out of hundred dollar bills,ripping the money.Or some other valuable material.I guess using satin is creative and gives the flowers a shine that's elegant.I feel it's a waste of beautiful satin material.Wear it as clothing.Not as a decoration.

  12. I LOVE this!!…….You make it look so easy…….Love your background music…..AND….wherever you got that ring you're wearing,…it is beautiful….LOL…..see?….I notice everything……."Peace"

  13. Tolle Rosen – danke! Ich habe schon viele Tutorials gesehen aber diese Art ist very simpel 👍🏻
    Kleiner Tipp: benutze doch statt des Feuerzeuges ein Teelicht oder eine Kerze…dann hast du beide Hände frei!! Liebe Grüße Victoria

  14. Nice yes I like the process and it does take time but it’s kinda therapeutic to see the time consuming work so others can appreciate this work ! Thanks

  15. Simply the best video on fabric flowers I've ever seen, it simplified my flowers and helped me making them more beautiful. Thank you and all the best to the channel 😀

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