hey guys what's up it's Lacey and welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel thank you guys so much for tuning into this video today I'm going to be showing you guys how to make these really cool boho hippie gypsy privacy curtains if you're new to my channel and you haven't seen any of my other videos you probably don't know but I just moved in with my boyfriend quite a few months ago actually and we're working on so many projects getting this house around and one of the things that jaylee needed in her room was a privacy curtain that leads into this office actually like right behind me so I wanted to give her something but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it I went on Pinterest and found this inspiration it was weird because there weren't any tutorial showing how to do it I just kind of winged it myself and I think it looks pretty good an Etsy these sell from anywhere around $50 to $200 and her grandma had a ton of fabric laying around she gave me two bags full of fabric so this caused me nothing to make and I think that it looks super cute I also want to say that I'm gonna be sharing Julie's bedroom makeover soon so make sure you subscribe if you're not already pick the bell to be notified of new videos so if you guys want to know how to make this then just keep watching I laid all of my fabric out and I cut them in two inch wide sections you can make them thicker or thinner just depending on how you want it to look and I buried how long I cut them just because this was scrap fabric but also because I wanted them different lengths so I cut them from about six inches long – I even had some that were like twenty inches long and I just laid them out like this so that way I could see everything that I had right in front of me you have to have something to tie your fabric on to and in this case I'm just using a wooden dowel you can use a shower curtain rod or curtain rod just depending on what you're using this for and I'm taking my fabric and I'm folding it in half making sure that ends are even together and then I'm coming up underneath it with a loop in the middle of the fabric and looping it around and then pulling it through so I'm going to show you guys how I did that again with another piece of fabric folding it in half and then taking the loop behind it and looping it around and tying it tight you just want to follow these steps all the way down to the end of your rod depending on how thick and full you want yours and how much privacy you want you can go ahead and move your fabric down and add more onto there or you can spread them out just depending on your own personal preference this is what I meant by folding the fabric in half and making sure that ends are straight and together and then you just want to loop it around so after you have your first row done this is when you can start adding on your second then I just went ahead and hung mine up because I found that it was easier to work this way and I'm just gonna take another piece of scrap fabric I'm gonna fold it in half and I'm gonna make a loop and I'm gonna go around it just like I did on the rod but this time instead of it attaching onto the rod it's gonna actually attached to the fabric itself I'm going to show you guys this again you're gonna fold your fabric in half making sure your ends are together looping it around and then tightening it to the fabric that's it you just repeat this step however long you want it I love the mixture of the fabrics here you guys could get creative and out of beads or feathers or crystals or charms or whatever you want onto these what chickies what when you get down to the bottom you can either tie them all add some beads or leave them just as they are you could trim them but I'm just gonna leave fine like this thank you guys so much for watching I hope that you like this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe if you're not already and I will see you in the next video bye guys


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  2. I really like that but I have to say I find it amazing that you have to show people how to tie two pieces of fabric together ?

  3. I just now found your channel, and of course Subscribed! ✌!! I absolutely love your work and creativity, Dang girl I can't stop watching!! Awesome Job!!!!❤

  4. loveeee been looking to buy curtains like this or the beads and i couldn’t find them so love this 😍

  5. Also you could cut a slit into thd end of the two pieces and then use the same knot through the hole. If that makes any sense

  6. Thanks for the tutorial Lacie! Just to let ya know in case you don't already, you're tying a Larks head know around the dowl. 😉

  7. I'm Romany and I grew up with these sort of privacy and window curtains. I really love seeing some of my culture going mainstream!

  8. When attaching another strip of fabric to make length you should tie a knot in the bottom of the strip you are attaching to so the one added doesn't slip off

  9. This is amazing! What a wonderful idea. I’m thinking this would be great as a headboard and maybe lay some fairy lights over it. Thank You, Sweetheart. Another great video and you’re looking gorgeous, as

  10. This is so cute! I love boho style interior stuff like this, I wish I had this many old shirts and what to actually make it 😂 Thanks for the great idea ❤

  11. A friend of mine did a curtain like this using old scarves. She used a long chiffon shawl as a Swag type valance.
    Cute idea with material!!

  12. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. I have old t-shirts I am going to make it with and old sheets! Awesome inspiration!!!❤ thank you!

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