DIY ruffle sleeve top refashion from dress shirt

DIY ruffle sleeve top refashion from dress shirt

grab an oversized button up top and cut off the arms the color and the yoke in the back button a box pleats and seam rip the pocket lay a top down the center of the shirt and cut around one side of the shirt including the sleeve remove the shirt and fold it in half and finish cutting the other side so the front and back shoulder and sides together sergers is X pitch prevent fraying surge or zig-zag stitch to prevent frame try the top on and make any adjustment marking cut where you want the neckline speed cut one sleeve into two rectangles at least five or so inches wide and 10 to 20 inches long once it's all sewn together the longer it is the more gathered and follow of looks mine here was about 15 inches long and five inches wide so the rectangles into a tube then sew a basting stitch along one side gather the basting stitch gently to fit the sleeve opening repeat with the other sleeve turn the shirt right side out and pull the sleeve end into the ruffle openness pinning right sides together fill them up hem the belfry's was a rolled hem by sewing a quarter inch twice so the neckline under with that same rolled hem try to be careful here not to stretch or pull too much because it can make your neckline I'll work full roll forwards hem the bottom if you need thanks for watching subscribe and visit common girls calm for more DIY

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  1. I love your videos. Ive made so much from watching. I love the quick tutorials. Also your voice is so calming. Xo

  2. So many things wrong with this. Use and iron, and instead of showing yourself all hunched over, with your arms crossed in the finished product, just stand there, and let us see how it really turned out.

  3. I have a few shirts if you need one or just want to try again if you already messed one up

  4. Fantastycznie to wykonałaś! Tak mi się podoba jak to zrobiłaś że niedługo będę na pamięć znała cały ten filmik! Oglądam go już kolejny raz…piękna ta bluzeczka!!

  5. The shirt look nicer after you refashion it. Hopefully all women will never experience the tightness at the shoulder with this style.

  6. just thrown a shirt out of the window coz of this tutorial… instructions not comprehensive at all

  7. Very nice, but I think you should teach people to always iron the fabric before cutting. my teacher insisted a lot on that.

  8. You're videos are so well explained and professional. Hope to get there with time. Thanks for the video!

  9. C'est n'importe quoi ce Tuto. Je fait de la couture depuis des années, Ca fait 3 fois que coupe des vielle chemise XXL pour reproduire sont tuto, c'est tres mal expliqué, l'emmanchure ne passe jamais. Ca coupe est fausse

  10. this makes me feel nostalgic..when i was a kid, i also used to sit at the back of my mom's chair when she's sewing 🙂

  11. I absolutely love this video! Your tutorials are so easy to follow and figure out, and your channel has inspired me to hit up my local charity shop and create my own pieces more often!

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