DIY Ruffled Wrap Skirt From A T-Shirt!! | T-Shirt Transformation

DIY Ruffled Wrap Skirt From A T-Shirt!! | T-Shirt Transformation

hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video I am super stoked about I challenged myself and went way out of my comfort zone and I decided I'd make a wrap skirt from this beautiful tangerine t-shirt it's a beautiful color I love it and I made this wrap skirt from the t-shirts love how it turned out and it's super easy to do it just looks a bit complicated but I promise you in minutes okay maybe a few hours not minutes in a few hours are gonna have a beautiful new skirt so if you want to make this wrap skirt let's get started so first things first I got rid of the hem of the t-shirt because I did not want to work with it and then I flipped the t-shirt inside out and marked 43 centimeters from the bottom this is going to be the length of my wrap skirt if you want to short your skirt you can do a shorter length if you want it a bit longer than I suggest you use fabric instead of a t-shirt after I cut off my 43 centimeters I got rid of the top part you don't need it for now and I also got rid of one side hem that way we could open up the skirt and have that wrapping bit don't throw this away we're gonna come back to it later but now we need to make our ruffle and our ties what I'm doing now is I'm marking seven centimeters of ties and just trying to get as much fabric as I can because I wanted a really long ruffle so I made this work I looked for scraps everywhere and eventually I ended up with a piece of about 200 centimeters for my ruffle and maybe 75 centimeters or so for my ties so just Salvage fabric from each Nuuk and cranny make sure you get the fabric that you need and you can make this as long as you want if you have enough fabric but my ideal width is 7 centimeters or around 2.5 inches for all your ties that way you have a bit of length to your ruffle and your tie is looking cute these are the pieces I use for the ruffle and to join them together I just used a zig zag stitch across all the points adjoining each other and I had one long ruffle after all this was done so this is the way I attached all the points together and after everything was nice and sewn together look at the length of ruffle I got I'm actually quite surprised I got all this ruffle from all the fabric scraps but it happened and now we're just going to make sure we hand this so I rolled hem to one side because I wanted it to look a bit neater by heaven leaving the cut edge raw I decided I'd hem it just to give this a more professional look on this channel we are all about looking profesh and that's how we do so I just double hemmed one edge and did that with a straight stitch straight down that way I'd have a beautiful finishing to my ruffle piece after I was done as you can see this is what it looks like on the inside and that's what she looks like on the outside it's going to be ruffled up so you're not going to see it but it's just going to look neater as opposed to having it raw and now I'm just switching to a straight stitch and then putting my sewing machine to the longest stitch length I want to do a basting stitch on the other side make sure you have enough string hanging out because you are going to pull on the strings to make a ruffle bit so I suggest doing one straight basting stitch and I decided to do this in sections mostly because when I did one long stitch it kept breaking as I was making my ruffles so my solution was to keep going in bits so once I ended that bit of stitching as you can see I'm just going in again with the same basting stitch downwards and at the end I had a lot of string hanging out but this just made everything easier to pull that way the string wouldn't snap as I was making my ruffle and you'll see exactly what I mean very soon so I just did this throughout the entire length of the fabric and once everything was nice and done I just took the top stitch and pulled on it this is what will create that ruffle effect as you're seeing so just keep tugging on the top stitch in each section and as you can see just having sections ensures that you can work in bits and not have one big long string to work with this honestly kept snapping because my ruffle was quite long hence doing it in sections just makes your life a whole lot easier trust me so all I'm doing now is I'm taking my seat time and tugging at each top stitch just to make sure I ruffle up the fabric a bit and she looks nice and cute so as you can see once you pull on the top stitch you're getting that beautiful ruffled effect and just do that throughout the entire length of the ruffle you're going to have a lot of string at the end of this but we're just going to cut them all off and as long as you start your next stitch next to the previous stitch you're going to have a beautiful ruffle piece at the end and as you can see once everything is nice and ruffled up all I'm doing then getting rid of the excess string because we did have quite a bit of string in this project and after that's done they're going to have this beautiful ruffle that you're going to attach to your wrap skirt so now taking that rectangular piece from before I hope you didn't go make another t-shirt out of it or something you're going to need this now and all I'm doing is I'm turning it the wrong way up and I'm just going to make a curve on one end just so that we have that beautiful curve effect you see on wrap skirts and I just drew a curve freehand and then cut out the excess bit of fabric using my pair of scissors and now with our curved bed and with the skirt the right way up I'm going to attach the ruffle so you're going to attach the right sides together the right side of the ruffle to the right sides of the skirt and just pin the edge of the ruffle to the edge of the skirt and do this throughout the entire length of your wrap skirt that way you properly attach the ruffle piece to your skirt so this is the wrong side of the ruffle is facing up and the wrong side of the skirt is facing down but eventually you're going to join the right sides together sew along the pins and once you flip the ruffle over you're going to have the right side exposed and your ruffle will be beautifully attached to your skirt so I'm doing now is I'm going into the zig-zag stitch and just sewing along the line where the pins work and the ruffle bit was a bit tricky too so you're going to need to push the ruffle in a bit and make sure you're holding it in place that way doesn't move about and your ruffle ends up looking disoriented so you're going to need to hold down the fabric in some bits pull it if you need to and just guide the fabric through until you've attached the entire ruffle to your skirt I promise you this is super easy to do and as you can see this is what the zig-zag stitch looks like on the inside and once you flip over the ruffle bit you're going to have this ruffle beautifully attached to your skirt look at how gorgeous that looks my ruffle ended up being a bit shorter than my skirt so I decided to trim down my skirt since my sketch is already pretty wide anyway pretty long anyway and now we're going to move on to make a fabric binding just to make the top of the skirt look profession as I said we're all about being professional fabric scraps join them together using zigzag stitches and now all I'm doing is I'm finding the midpoint of both the skirt and the fabric binding and now you're going to match the midpoints together just so that you can properly attach the binding to you so let's search right now is the wrong way up and the fabric binding is also the wrong way up and I'm just spinning the edge of the fabric binding to the edge of the wrap skirt just so you can attach this to your skirt and then flip it over to make your binding as you see me do but just spin along the edge take your time and make sure everything is nice and aligned this is going to be covered up so you do want it to be pretty straight so I recommend taking your time and making sure everything is properly pinned in place as you can see the strap is left free and now you're just going to sew along the area where the pins are and I use the zig zag stitch for this after that was done as you can see we have the binding attached to our skirt and I'm going to flip the skirts the right way up and now we're going to pull the binding from underneath to cover up the other side so as you can see I'm taking the bits of fabric we attach on the inside pulling it out and then I'm going to flatten the seam you want this to be really flat because you want your binding to lay nice and flat and after I've buttoned it out I'm just folding a bit of fabric twice and pinning it in place so as you can see this is a closer look I'm just flattening out my seam from the outside and then rolling in my binding twice and then pinning it in place to get that beautiful binding that gives you sketch a very finished look you're just going to do this throughout the entire length of your wrap skirt and as you can see flatten the seam fold the fabric at the top twice pin it in place that way you can easily sew it so I hope you guys are with me you just flatten your seam and it's good to be a bit of a struggle to keep it flat so you might need to hold her down make sure she's not moving about fold your bit of fabric in twice and pin that in place and as you can see it's making this beautiful covered binding for your fabric and it just makes your skirt look way more professional in my opinion when it comes to the tie pot you're going to fold in the bottom bit once and then fold in the top bit twice just to continue that uniformity of the binding throughout the entire strap length so you're just going to pin that down and continue the same manner fold the bottom in once the top button twice and pin it in place I really hope you guys can see what I'm doing I know it sounds a bit complicated but I promise you it super easy to do it's just a bit time-consuming after everything was nice and pinned this is what we're working with and I'm just going to sew down the entire length of my binding and I'm just doing this at the bottom edge that way my skirt can look nice and professional and I just used a straight stitch for this I wanted to use a decorative stitch but oh girl she was taking time and I needed to finish this project so I decided to go with a straight stitch but if you want to use something more decorative it's totally up to you as you can see once the top stitch is done you have a beautiful binding attached to your skirt and everything just looks very nice and polished and I love how this turned out and basically you are done with your wrap skirt I really love how this turned out I think it's perfect for summer you can wear this over your bikini if you feel like you don't want to have everything hanging loose you can wear this with the top and make it an outfit and it's super summery that colors are beautiful I really love how this turned out and I hope you guys love it too I hope you'll be trying this project for yourself super easy to do but looks super complicated which is what we love about DIY sometimes sometimes it's not as hard as it looks and I think that's the beauty of it anyway if you made it this far I have a very emotional and special moment to share with you guys I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and yeah it is wait am I so nervous oh my god so I was filming the outro of this video and my mom called me and she was like something grand is about to happen I am about to hit a hundred K I am still in shock that this is actually happening so I have the countdown in my phone cuz I wanted to share this very special moment with you guys I just feel it feels surreal like I started this year with 5,000 subscribers and it's now July and I'm about to hit a hundred K it just my heart is like so this is a countdown hopefully you guys can see I need to bring you guys closer okay Oh hopefully no nip-slips in this video that would be tragic but we are currently at ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety one so little battery okay I hope this doesn't die on me okay some of more people so I am so excited I have tears welling up in my eyes and I'm not done filming this video so I need to come back to it but oh my goodness okay come on come on come on I am I genuinely do not cry I can't cry right I can't it's my channel and it's your channel and it's all your support and I'm so happy and I just want a hug each and every one of you I know and please please subscribe we need to get through a hundred gay five more guys okay I think I'm just gonna hold it there and hope I catch it oh oh my phone's like no ma'am so Oh three more people I'm so sorry I'm so excited do you want me oh my god I'm shaking I'm kind of shaking oh oh come on two people two people so I'm just gonna stare at it until it switches to nine you guys you guys are nice created you can't do this you can't do this right now camera oh my god one more person one more oh my god I'm shaking can you guys see that it's gonna be patient it's gonna come when it's gonna come sorry I'm sorry no no no we did it guys we did it oh we can raise all over please I'm over the place and what oh my god I just I cannot believe it I am so I'm eating hair at the moment I will oh my god please I'm not gonna cry I'm gonna be strong because I do need to finish filming this video and I'm wearing it to you Bob and it's all over the place oh my brother caught it on his screen recording oh my god oh my goodness guys I'm a mess this is a mess and I just I just want to say thank you thank you so much I don't want to cry but I just want to say thank you so much to each and every one of you that subscribe to my channel you genuinely have made my dreams come true and I'm so humbled that you guys enjoy my videos and my DIYs and I don't want to cry and I am so humbled by your support and all you love and I just I don't know what to do I just yeah I'm a mess I just want to say thank you and I'm sorry I keep doing this tube tops are just a mess I made this tube top by the way not necessary not relevant that's not what you're here I just want to say thank you so much to each and every one of you that subscribed you guys mean the world to me and you've changed my life in more ways and you can imagine and I just I'm I am so I am so so so grateful for each and every one of you 100 I just like I've been shocked to be honest let me just let me finish this I'm sorry I'm sorry this is all over the place but thank you so much for 100k and I I hope to keep on making videos that you guys enjoy I get so happy when I get your messages that you are doing my DIYs and you love them and I am I am so incredibly humbled that a hundred thousand people think my content is what subscribing to and I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet it hasn't been short and sweet but I just want to say that I am so happy and I'm this family is now bigger than I ever thought it would be I started this year with 7,000 and actually I think 5,000 and we have more than quadrupled and times 100 so tens of thousand times yeah I don't know math I I don't know math um but yeah thank you so much and I just wanted to capture it and share it with you guys because this is such a big milestone for us I fill you and me if you subscribe this is also a milestone I wouldn't be here without your support and I just want to say thank you so yeah I love you guys so much all a hundred thousand of you and she has to a hundred thousand more I know guys I'm just gonna go cry italic I think I love you so so much yeah see you guys next time bye gosh

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