DIY Starbucks Frappuccino Costume Quick & Easy

DIY Starbucks Frappuccino Costume Quick & Easy

hello everyone it's marina today I will be teaching you how to make a starbucks Frappuccino costume this costume was very easy and quick to me it took me less than 15 minutes and this is the perfect last-minute costume so let's get onto it the first thing that you are going to need is a new dress I got this beautiful skater dress from a small store called swamp swamp collection and felt fabric spiderweb of the core this xbox1 velcro double-sided tape green manila to make this strong our books logo and first you are going to need to look for a Starbucks logo on google images and of course you're going to have to print this say the one that you like the best I like your original the best and I will put this on the copy this on word so then I can go ahead and change the size with its own word and after you can see I can make this model or make it bigger depending off I want it on my posture now get your Starbucks logo cut out the felt fabric and double-sided tape and we are going to tape the slow those together with in the Stealth's fabric and double-sided tape is pretty intense and I believe that it's a better alternative than using glue and yeah just be careful with the double-sided tape because it's sticky in both sides now that I taped the logo in the fabric I am going to cut it so it can match the edges of the logo now it's time to use the velcro tape and put it around the neckline of each dress make sure to use this spiky side instead of rocking side of the velcro and yes and voila because the spiderweb is so fluffy it's able to stick with the doctor now it's time to stick your logo onto the dress so take this spiky side of the velcro onto the dress and align these pieces together don't forget about your cat peeps I you see cream vanilla to make Kristoff and I put more spiderweb and that is it I am done with my customer that was super easy I made sure that my logo was extra secure by hand sewing a blind hem on to it and to finish the look I went with some boots and some white stockings from Macy's and yeah that's it thank you so much for watching this tutorial and make sure to subscribe to me bye

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  1. Love it. Could you do a lookbook on thigh high stockings? Some outfits ideas for a girls night out with thigh highs stockings. thanks hun!

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