DIY Stranger Things Outfits

DIY Stranger Things Outfits

Hey friends, welcome back to my channel! Today I’m going to show you how to recreate some of Elevens iconic 80s outfits from season 3 of Stranger Things. The first outfit I’m
going to show you is her playsuit. Now I didn’t have an actual playsuit, so
instead I used a pair of shorts that I already had, and a t-shirt from the
thrift store. I also got a variety of felts from my local
craft store. Using a reference photo I cut out different shapes in the felt and
just tried my best to copy the ones that are in the original design. Also, if you
follow me on instagram you’ll see behind the scenes sneak peeks of all my
projects, sometimes weeks before I post them! So you can follow me there if you
want to. These are all the shapes that I had – some of them are actually layered,
like these leaf shapes, where they have a different color on top. For the layered shapes,
I used fabric glue to attach them to each other just to minimize the amount
of sewing I’d have to do later. You could also sew them if you want to. Then I laid out all the shapes onto the
shirt and the shorts on both sides, to make sure that I was happy with the
arrangement. Once it all looked good I pinned
everything down so that it would stay in place and I wouldn’t lose track of where
I was. And this is how it’s looking, which is very exciting! So I used
embroidery floss/embroidery thread to sew them down. You could use fabric glue
but I like the aesthetic of the hand sewing. Honestly if my life was a film it
would just be montages of me sewing on trains because that’s all I do! So the second outfit I’m going to be
recreating this paint splattered shirt that she has. I got this shirt from the
thrift store and I already had some bleach at home and rubber gloves, and I’m
using an old spray bottle and a dropping tool to apply the bleach to the shirt. As
you can see I’m just spraying it on. And it’s important to wear gloves for safety,
and work in a ventilated space. And I’m using the dropper to apply more
concentrated drops of the bleach. As you can see it works really fast! You can
already see it lightening the fabric. Ao then I washed it to remove the bleach,
hung it out to dry, and then I decided that I wasn’t really happy with the
colour – it was looking a little bit too orange. So I put it through a dye bath of
blue dye. Honestly this whole bleaching process isn’t even necessary but I just
wanted to add a little bit more interest to the shirt! Then I’m taking these
fabric paints in these colours that I got from the dollar store – and I’m using a
variety of brushes to apply it. Basically you just want to flick the paint on as
well as adding large drops with the paintbrush. And I’m using pink purple and
blue and white. There’s no wrong way to do this so it’s a lot of fun to just
splatter the paint on in whatever way you feel like. And this is how it turned
out! I paired it with the blue suspenders and this pair of black pants. I hope you guys enjoyed this video – thank
you so much for watching! I had so much fun making it! If you enjoyed this video
give it a thumbs up, if you didn’t like it give it a thumbs down to let me know.
I love you guys so much and I’ll see you in my next video!

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  1. Damm Natasha you've always been cute but you are looking good in this video your makeup and hair getting long good job! I thought all of this in the first 2 seconds after seeing you. Oh yeah Hi the shirt looks cool. it's 5 in the morning here bye

  2. You did look cute in both of outfits, Tash🔥. Also, how was Canada? (I know that Laura Gilbert has been clips of that on her channel)

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