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  1. thank you so much for sharing though at some points your hands are too far forward and out of the frame and can barely see what your doing. you explanations help as I know what you mean when you explain but for those who don't not being able to see might make this harder to understand/watch. I do thank you for sharing and will be making some very soon. Happy crafting

  2. I love your videos Allison.  I'm going to make a "Minnie Mouse" pumpkin for my granddaughter  (age 3) and put a Minnie Mouse ribbon bow on top.  The material has pink MM designs on it.  I'm going to make a 3 ft by 3 ft pumpkin too, for my foyer.  Thanks!

  3. can u plz tell me how to make in big size like 2 to 3 feet ?? u made outer shape with needle …but how it can be done by needle in large size…..plzz tell me

  4. Love it, Allison! Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to try this using leg warmers for the fabric – just cut them down like the blouse you and your sister shared, lol. I could also fit the leg warmers around a pumpkin. That's my plan, thanks for your help!

  5. i just had in idea halfway through watching this. i could make a slouchy beanie hat for my toddler by using techniques from this video and then adding a small "band" around the bottom where it would rest around the head, instead of stuffing it, closing it off and turning it into a pumpkin! ahaha anyways, youre adorable and your videos are great!

  6. Hi Alison! I'm an old gal but you have sure taught me a thing or two. Great work and you're a beautiful lady😆

  7. Hey Allison, I just think these pumpkins are so cute and I am in a pumpkin mood this Fall! I want to make pumpkins of all kinds! these look so nice too! Do I have to have to plastic needle? I don't have one and I won't have any money till next month. I only get disability every month and it does not go far! I had been trying to sell crafts online but gave a break from it since it was getting so stressful for me with not selling and I was making the things. But I plan to get back into trying again soon. Right now I just want to get better organized in my art room and have more fun doing art and crafts for me and my family and friends again like I use to do! Trying to sale took the enjoyment away from me for awhile so I want to get back into doing things! Thank you for sharing this video! I enjoyed it! Have a blessed day and a crafty day!

  8. Excellent! I'm a noob to this, but when you said 'sleeve' something went PING like a lightbulb over here, haha! 

  9. Just love these pumpkins. My granddaughter age 4 would be able to make these and be a fun craft we can do together. Thanks so much for sharing

  10. SO COOL, THANK YOU!im not gonna lie, the change of the pumpkins and nail thing surprised me but i laughed.

  11. When you are threading the yarn needle don't you make the length even and tie a knot at the end like a sewing needle?

  12. thanks so much! you could use any material really for a pin cushion. i know you can buy special sand or pebbles for stuffing the pin cushions (like the kind you find in the tomatoes) to sharpen your needles but I've been gifted pin cushions with regular fiber-fil and they are great too! good luck!

  13. if the pumpkins are tiny you can probably use one! the yarn needles are longer so it makes breaking through the center a lot easier. and threading the yarn!

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