Did you think you might actually be trying to look cute today, I’m wearing sweatpants everything’s a lie Hi guys my name is Grace Helbig if you did not know, now you know your life is different now. This is a video that I just kind of wanted to do I feel like a popular Halloween costume this year is gonna be one of Taylor Swift’s looks from Look what you made me do I thought, I liked that music video I want to try to DIY a couple of the looks from that music video to prove that anyone Can do it literally if I can do it anything can do it like a, stump can do it. I want to try and do two looks from the music video the first one I’m thinking might be kind of easy knock on wood That’s not how you knock there. You go. The first look. I’m gonna attempt to make on my own is this one Whoa? sexy WWE male wrestler hairstyle meets a dominatrix furry bathing suit from the 20s I went to like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx and found some Pieces of clothing that I think I can transform into these looks So let’s just do it! Look what you made me do Taylor you made me make a video that I actually enjoy doing how dare you. I super lucked out at Nordstrom Rack And I found this bodysuit that already has flouncy sleeves like what Taylor looks like except It’s not furry but f*** it. This was 30 bucks, and it has a v-neck at the front And hers is a high neck so I figured I’m just gonna wear it backwards She has the words rep R E P ’cause reputation Woah, then I found that I have this iron on transfer paper Yes, what ta f*** da I have silver exactly like what she has. Gonna try and just freehand These letters as best as I can and then we’re gonna cut them out and iron them on. Oh this feels very fragile I’m gonna have glitter all over me for possibly the rest of my life cuz this is herpes. Oh boy This is hard to do. I can’t do it. It feels weird to just be staring at Taylor’s tits She is no idea, not the first one. Sure that’s good enough Can’t see what I’m doing. Way to f*** this up Okay, okay sort of and now we cut it out. Oh boy. Oh boy Also, I want this to actually turn out okay So this might be my Halloween costume this or sexy boy from stranger things. No, saying that out loud I veto that. I can’t that see my lines, sweet Jesus. We have an R C’mon cut the middle, goddamn it RE now let’s do this P. Oh, how do people make anything where did the P go? Oh no, they all look like they could be P’s I got layers in the P up Okay there we go we have our REP now, I’m gonna get my iron great conversationalist, so we have our iron set to hot. I just kind of take a cardboard that the paper came in and put it in between So we’re gonna place our letters. I’m gonna fix up this P looks bad. Okay, stop touching it stop touching the P penis. So this says to put a cloth over it and then apply the heat we can do it, we hot I have a P now? We can do it, we can do it, we can do it. I’m so bored I don’t know how long you’re supposed to do this for any time I iron letters on a t-shirt, which I hardly ever do I try and go way longer than what the directions say because directions always underestimate how bad I am at creating things. Oh no they’re not sticking. No! unless they need to just be iron more I just need to be more patient Smells like burning. Um so let’s have some small talk shall we Ants Small talk- okay, let’s let this sit for a second plus some more seconds. I just want to be done How about some more small talk? um biggie Okay, oh my god. Oh my god it worked Look at that! That’s pretty f*** good. I don’t toot my own horn very much, but toot toot, excuse me you can be kind of done just like this but it’s a high-neck situation and I love a good high neck. High neck, low expectations I have gone and got some of these like lace pieces. Just hot glue a little bit here and a little bit here Just in the front, so let’s do that Ouch, ouch why do I keep touching you! Okay, I’m gonna let that dry well that dries- Oh f*** come on. In the meantime her makeup’s pretty basic other than a signature red lip which Bam slam dunk and now we’re gonna try and do our hair like her which is just sort of messy and Back, and wet I’ve been doing a bunch of spring-cleaning fall-cleaning winter-cleaning I don’t know, times an illusion And I just threw away a bunch of old hair gel that would have been perfect for this. I have hair spray and some boys Pomade let’s see what we can do with this it, just going for it what the f*** is this s**** Ouch, this is not what I ouch, what I should be using oh ouch, ouch Okay, it’s like curly flap behind her ear pin it. This pomade is the worst idea ever sorry Brooks The beauty is suffering okay, I think that’s pretty decent enough the other thing is this guy’s a little bit higher on the hips than what she’s got a little bit of a low rider so I got these black I got these little black Spanx that I’m gonna put over it and see what they look like if it makes sense Let’s change into our first Taylor Swift look what you made me do, what? just cut to the next f*** thing Oh look what you made me do, look what you made me do Look what you just made me, look what you just, ouch Ah you guys this turned out f*** great I’m shocked at how well this turned out and I am the first one to acknowledge when I’ve done s*** ’cause I make a lot of s***, just part of who I am What do you guys think? If you make anything like this you get to wear Spanx! It just feels like a gentle hug around your ovary. Okay. Let’s move on to the next one wow that was a journey I’m feeling good which only means one thing. S***’s probably about to hit the fan. The other look I’m gonna try recreate is the very opening Taylor Swift look The Zombie Taylor Swift look. I’ve never done my own zombie makeup before but I thought Why not now? No, that’s not what I thought. I thought I really want to make tacos for dinner, and I did I did that at t.j.maxx I got this blue long sleeve thing for like $10 on clearance half of its done So now it’s time to do a zombie makeup. I’m not gonna look up any tutorials I’m just gonna look at a photo of zombie Taylor, and wing it. Yeah this is intense I’m not gonna be able to make it look like that. Let’s beat the face until it’s dead it’s also already 11:15 at night so for this look her whole body zombied out I’m just gonna do the head how many references to giving blowjobs and touching wieners can I have in this video? I have this look children’s face paint, and I have a sponge brush Oh, I’m just gonna slop it on Wow who came up with the first idea of like face painting for kids parties Oh, it’s like the creepy pervert adult that was like children come here. Let me touch your faces with Paint brushes. Bend it into the neck and give it some texture zombie skin does not moisturize. Mix some white and black to get like a grey just some general outlines of cheekbones again we’re not pros. We’re just desperate for attention Just blending all that in. Okay now I have smaller paintbrushes that I guess I’ll just see if I can get any detail going Green going in there too. Bob Ross your face out The thing is about building layers, like a relationship Sort of morphing into a ninja turtle anymore white and black on the lips I could look like they should have been chapped F*** s**** for years, which is story of my living life. Oh, I like turtles I mean, that’s as good as I think we’re gonna get on this mine looks a little bit more colorful than hers We all age differently We all die differently her hair is gross which is great cuz that’s how mine feels right now So I’m just gonna take it out. Yeah pomade you’re back in the game. You’re made for this kind of hairstyle Oh, I feel beautiful. Let’s put our outfit on and see how close we look to zombie Taylor Swift Look what you made me do what you made me do what you just made me do look what you just made me do oh look what you made me do Have I found the one thing that I might be good at? Just recreating looks from Taylor Swift music videos?
This is pretty good I think, I mean obviously if I was doing this for Halloween I’d do my arms and the rest of my body But I don’t love you guys that much I shredded the bottom a little bit and use that to cinch this part up here She has on her dress to me This is another successful Taylor Swift look what you made me do Halloween DIY Or just do you know if you wanna f*** with your friends, your loved ones, your enemies, your pets. We did it! Well there you go that was my attempt to make DIY Taylor Swift from the look what you made me do Halloween costume amazing how it turned out, right? I don’t know because I’m shooting this outro before I even attempt to make the costumes cuz I’m lazy if you like lace and just Give this video a thumbs up and please subscribe to this YouTube channel I make videos Monday Wednesday and Friday click that Bell notification So you know when this of this quality quality content? Comes out other than that. I don’t know You guys want to see my zombie walk her we go. Oh look what you mean me – What you mean me – what?

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  1. Did u ever realize when u press "read more" u can't go back. Like u can never get it to go back to "read more" just try it

    Told ya

  2. That's what scares me about cleaning stuff out and getting rid of stuff

    You'll never know when u might need old hair gel for a Taylor swift costume

  3. Very big surprise to have seen Taylor impose on her male dancers to wear tights and high heels, and surprisingly they were comfortable in the choreography. Many trainings to do this and a great idea from Taylor

  4. taylor is cancelled. it's not going to be a popular costume. the whole shits are cancelled. this is dumb, grace. you're above it.

  5. The only thing that wasn't precise was the angle of the " r " also the make up was a tiny darker than the original . Apart from that , this is amazing !

  6. You know why Grace? You should be really proud of yourself because you’re good at a lot of things and you always take risks and I think that’s really cool and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos and that you’re an awkward yet functional person like myself.

  7. I would do this but I’m going in summer so if my arms get sweaty then eh


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