DIY TMNT Costume, ThreadBanger Cosplay

DIY TMNT Costume, ThreadBanger Cosplay

*Thumping* *Sniffing* Hey! HMHM “I want all of your pizza” *Murmur* *Hitting sounds* *Swishing sounds* *Record Scratch* *Groan* “I would of just given you a piece” “Ah , man fell on the ground” *sad Banjo music playing* “Hmm… still good? Five-second rule.” “Mmm” *Intro song* What up Internet. Corinne here and today I’m making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume for the ladies. Let’s get started, shall we? First off, I dyed white tights, white gloves, and a white turtleneck dress. Heh heh, turtleneck… with Kelly Green Rit Dye. The synthetics came out darker then the cotton dress. More of an emerald then a kelly green I would say. But I learned on Rit’s website that kelly green and aquamarine make emerald. So I dyed the dress again in AquaMarina dye and.. BAM! Great success! I put the dress over a trashbag, on my body form and drew a straight line down the middle with tailor’s chalk. Next I drew some curves around the boobs… then I drew 2 more sets of curves under that first set… and filled in that space with a sponge brush and white fabric paint. It was at this point Rob observed that the shape looked umm… very… phallic looking Gladly, there is a belt component to this costume. I proceeded to paint the *ahem* shape with orange-yellow multi-surface paint… and then outlined it with a Sharpie. I absolutely love the cartoony vibe that it has. Penis! Next, I created a kick-ass turtle shell. That has the same number of pieces as a real effing turtle. Craft achievement! Unlocked! *ding* I created a template and used this template to trace and cut pieces out of an old cardboard box. Then I glued all the cardboard pieces together with my glue gun. Burning yourself is inevitable. Don’t be a little bitch about it. The I traced the outline on another piece of cardboard and set that aside. And glued the shell down to yet another piece of cardboard. I drew and cut an outer circle around the shell… and expanded ‘le’ circle on the the other piece, like so. Then I glued all 27 little tiny pieces to the shell. It took no time at all. Next I cut out a circular piece from the middle of the flat side. This is going to help it rest naturally on your back. I used a long piece of elastic… folded it in half… ends connected like so with a safety pin… then glued it to this area and reinforced it with another piece of cardboard. Lastly, I spray painted it with hunter-green paint. For my nunchucks, I used pipe installation… plastic chain-link… and electrical tape. Then I wrapped the handles with brown fabric I used from an old jacket sleeve. This came from a jacket that no one should ever wear. To finish off the look, I used Ben Nye cream paint across my eyes. A green wig. A brown belt. And a pair of brown boots. A big thanks to Elizabeth for suggesting this costume. And if you learned something today Why don’t you go ahead and hit that like button… or just hit because you like us. And, as always, leave a comment below telling us what you would like to see us make on the show. Till next time *Snip, Snip, Snip* *Outro card* Thank you so much for watching! So many people have commented saying they like the t-shirts I’ve been wearing. I’m gonna give away some t-shirts. Details for how to get ’em? In the description of this episode.

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  1. Do this diy! (SLYTHERINS HIGH FIVE) it's just fucking expensive but I want it so fuckin forgive it out corinne

  2. cute idea for an adult version, especially since I'm a mom. Some other adult female versions of tmnt on YouTube were more on the Adolescent crowd or either exposing too much skin (cleavage, hips, thighs, rear). You did a great job keeping it feminine but tasteful.

  3. Donut joke: Q What did the dad say to his son when he tried to eat the toothpaste A Donut (do not) eat the toothpaste

  4. My brother is gonna be just a turtle not a teenage mutant ninja turtle so can you make a video on how to make the shell plz

  5. do this on threadbanger but make sure it has corinne and rob in it. i enjoy watching him fail.

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