DIY: Undyne Costume & Makeup | Undertale w/ iHasCupquake

DIY: Undyne Costume & Makeup | Undertale w/ iHasCupquake

(intense electric music) – [Mako] Hey guys,
Tiffany from iHasCupquake and I are bringing you
two different characters from the game Undertale that are perfect for Halloween. I will be showing you how you can transform into Undyne and Tiffy will be showing you how to transform into
Mettaton from head to toe. So be sure to head over to her tutorial after watching this video. She’s super awesome and super nice, so subscribe to her, if you haven’t already. I have all the links in
description box down below. Let’s start with accessories first. To create the fins measure
out the size of your ears and transfer it onto some paper. It doesn’t have to be precise, we just need a general idea how large the fins need to be to cover up our own ears. From here start drawing Undyne’s fin. The shape I was going for is
similar to Batman’s wings. The bottom outline is
just going upwards again. Once you’re happy with the design cut out the template. Next, trace it onto some crafting foam and cut out two of these. From here we can start adding details. With a hot glue gun begin
creating lines like that. These are going to be the
red lines on the fins. I made them a little bit
thicker at the center just to make them a little
bit more three dimensional. Once the glue has cooled down we can go ahead and paint the fins with a blue color on both sides using acrylic paint. Be sure to mix a blue shade that is similar to the body paint you will be using. Let everything dry and then paint the rest
using red acrylic paint. Now to attach the ears I
will be using hair ties because I find it’s such
an easy and convenient way. All you need to do is going
down to the edge of the fins. Be sure to attach them along the edge starting from the top parts or otherwise the fins won’t
hold the position that well. And you’re done. For the eye patch I created a template that I tested out first and then used black crafting foam to create the actual eye patch. Now all you need to do is
attaching an elastic band. Make sure it fits all around your head while you slightly pull on it. And then attach it using hot glue. You can also sew it, but I thought this would look better. But I must admit that it can get really hot
underneath this eye patch. And you’re done. So the last item we need is the spear. For the spear I used thick
cardboard from an old box. Again, I first created a template by folding some paper in half and by outlining one side of the spear. Cut it out and you get a
perfect template for the spear. Now trace it onto the cardboard and cut out two of these. Next, paint it with acrylic paint. I mixed the same color again and then just painted everything. I would suggest you paint both sides or otherwise you will see the inside later as you can do it with my spear. For the stick I actually
used my broomstick that I painted in the same color. Let everything completely dry and then attach the top part of the stick using hot glue. Be sure to glue the stick to
the bottom part of the triangle or otherwise both pieces of the cardboard won’t attach
to eachother that well. Now apply some hot glue to the left and right
side of the cardboard and to the top of the stick and then add the second
piece of cardboard on top after bending it slightly. Add more glue to the sides if necessary and the spear is finished. And now since we’re all set, let’s move on to the makeup. For the makeup you will need
water activated body paint. Using light blue paint begin
covering your whole face. From here just keep adding more paint until you’re happy with the coverage. And be with me guys, even though I’ve watched
every Michelle Phan’s video at least 100 times, I still don’t know how
to do makeup videos, but I try my best. Leave out the lips and the eyes as we will paint them
with another color later. You can also paint your
neck and your chest area now or leave it for later. To create more dimension load up a sponge with purple face paint and then dab it onto the
hollow of your cheek bones, the sides of your
forehead and the jawline. And then do this again
using black body paint to intensify the look. Next, I went ahead and filled in or rather painted my eyebrows
using black body paint. And now it’s time to paint the eyes. Load up your brush with red body paint and begin filling in your eye socket all the way to your eyebrows. Now bring the color below the eye and close to your nose bridge by dabbing the paint randomly
to make it look more messy. Next, take a liquid eyeliner and create a thick cat eye. You don’t have to but I thought it looks more badass. To cover up the water line I used a black eyeliner pen. And to intensify the
black line below the eyes I used my liquid eyeliner again. Next, with some white body
paint start creating highlights below the edge of your eyebrows. Blend them in to avoid harsh lines. Since the face still lacks
some shadows and highlights, I used a sponge and black paint to create shadows next to my nose bridge. I know, Undyne doesn’t have a nose, but for this look, why not? And from here I switched
to the white color and dabbed the white paint
on top of my nose bridge, my cheek bones, cupid’s bow and my chin. I didn’t do it neatly, nor tried it to blend it too neatly as I wanted to create
a rather textured skin. This way the surface of our Undyne makeup will look more fishlike and not too slick. It doesn’t have to look perfect. And if you still don’t like something, you can always fix it later. Next, use a hairnet for the wig and place it over your
head like a hairband. And now pull it slightly
over your forehead to reveal the pattern. From here dab black or dark purple paint onto the sides of your
forehead using a sponge to create a fishshkin-like pattern. And this is how it looks
when you remove the net. I would recommend to wait
until the paint has dried or you might smudge the paint. Now you can repeat the
step on the other side of your forehead,
cheekbones and your jawline. If you feel like you added
too much of this pattern, you can always cover it up later again. Now since my eyelashes are
almost invisible with this makeup I went ahead and added
some fake eyelashes, but this is optional. Now it’s time to paint our lips. For this step I used black
body paint to outline my lips and red paint to color them in, but you can also use lipstick as well. And to make them look a little bit bigger I add a lil’ bit of white
paint on top like that. And to make them stand out
even more and look even bigger I added a little bit more highlight to the cupid’s bow using
white paint as well. Now go ahead and paint the rest of your neck and your chest area. And now we can finally
put on our wig and ears. I put the hair up the wig into a ponytail and left out some hair
strands in the front, this way we can hide the ears in between. Now go over areas you want to fix, add more paint or highlights and you’re done. Put on your black jacket,
some blue jeans and boots and it’s time to look badass. Oh and of course, if you want to take your
look to the next level, don’t forget to add the fitting contacts. And the Undyne-look is finished. I hope you enjoyed my first
ever costume and makeup look. Give this video a big
thumps up, if you liked it and let me know if you want to see more of
such videos in the future. And don’t forget to check
out Tiffany’s video, I have all the links in the
description box down below. By the way, I also have a second channel where I post vlogs about my adventures, sit down talks and more, so be sure to subscribe
to my other channel if you’re interested in that. Thank you so much for watching, guys, have a wonderful day and I will see you next week, bye.

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  1. Many Undyne cosplayers tend to forget that she has bags under her eyes and thick black eyebrows. Still a nice look

  2. most people who do cosplay of characters are awesome , and I must admit , Undyne is the best character to cosplay (not counting TF2 characters , duh) , and looks insane!

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