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  1. This is brilliant! Thank you! One question: Won't wool return to its original shape once you wash it? Won't you have to re-stretch the cardigan?

  2. Well I see I'm very late to the party ha ha.
    I've watched several of your videos now & must say I very much enjoy watching you. I've loved everything I've seen you make thus far! But I just wanted to add one ☝more thing to this sweater….

    (which I thought of the VERY second you spun around the 1st time after stretching the bottom back👍)

    I think you should just add just 2 or 3 thin pleats on each side of that column going up the middle… of the back of the sweater. Just about 2 or 3 inches above your waist. It would be THE perfect finishing touch. I wanted so badly to tell it into my 📺 screen to you when you spun around LOL. What do ya think??

  3. So amazing! I told my best friend, a very tall man who has trouble finding long enough knits/ jumpers etc. and now he can lengthen them for free! You are so inspiring!!!!

  4. I'm a new subscriber, I found you on the bum bag video you made. Your tutorials are really great and your energy is delightful… thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you Tree for all your tips.
    I would know how you spraied the flowers in your dress without spoiling the colour of the dress itself if you please

  6. Tree, I've looked up ways to make homemade spray paint with a cheap spray bottle and some acrylic paint, and it's possible that you could do the same thing with clothing dye, so you don't have the fumes to concern yourself with. It may give more of a splattered look, though, not sure. I just discovered you yesterday, and I love your videos in North Carolina! 

  7. well I have scoured all the charity shops in Peterborough and have purchased a cardi… now to feel the fear and go for it!!!! smg.x

  8. This was an amazing tutorial! And I love your dress Tree, did you make it yourself? And if so could you do a tutorial on how to make it?

  9. Loved the cardigan tutorial. You are very creative. I also want to know if you have a tutorial on the dark colored cow neck long shirt on the right of this video as well. It's HOT!

  10. I try this out tomorow 🙂 i hope it works out for me
    Your "new" jacket lookes realy cute i love it ^^

  11. Well I was for warned! I like it but I would have loved for u to cut the sleeves and make a shawl collar ..but once again I am using tree's words Tree ur brilliant  nice diy 

  12. I love ya!!!! You are my friend in my head!!! I teach young girls in my neighborhood to sew< and your tutorials really helped me make it so simple for my gals to understand!!! Plus the little gals love your accent!!! Loving you from Queens, NY!!! keep the videos cming we love you here in the USA!!!!!

  13. I love, love, LOVE your enthusiasm and your confidence in the art you create. Thank you! And I do have a sweater that feels too restrictive and I'm curious to try this method of stretching it.

  14. I don't have a pation to try and actually I really love your crazy art ideas.They have a really relly good results…and you look very happy and slim in your last videos.
    Thank you for that you share ideas.Anelia

  15. Looooove it..I think it was boring before you started …so easy.I can see a a life fore my old cardygan that I love.Thanks.:-)

  16. I'm trying to restrain myself from running upstairs to look for a cardi as my hubby's in bed.  Hmm just thinking I could get that stretched effect with my great laundry skills lol.  Brilliant idea Tree, if I do this I'll definitely put a pic on FB:)

  17. That's cool! but i have a question… dus the cardigan not just "shrink" back to the original shape when you wash it?

  18. Wow! It looks a million times better! I especially love the back swing and the color combo. I'll be on the lookout for an over size cardigan next time I go thrifting for treasures. TFS! Vina from California

  19. Wow I love it! I don't have many sweaters so tomorrow I'm off to the thrift store then the craft shop for paint!

  20. I love this idea! Your creation came out beautifully. I will definitely be trying this, fingers crossed I can make something half as good as yours, just need to find a suitable cardi! Would masking off the buttons be quicker with clingfilm?

  21. love iit!!! I saw a cardigan in a charity shop on Mon and kinda like it but thought it was a bit boring and out of fashion I am so going back to see if its there!!! thank you.

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