DIY Waxed Fabric Wraps // Eco Craft

DIY Waxed Fabric Wraps // Eco Craft

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  1. The fabric won't compost if it's having chemical dyes or if it's not completely organic. Only a 100% organic fabric will breakdown in the compost bin

  2. Candles are made with bees wax. I think I'll use white candles of patterned fabric and colored candles on white fabric!

  3. Stained and worn clothing CAN be donated – they are baled up and sent for recycling – many will be used to make totally new fabrics and other will be used in other ways so please don't hesitate to donate clothing that you think isn't good enough for the thrift stores –

  4. I'm so happy you posted this!! Thank you so much!! I love these but yes they are super expensive online so i figured it wasn't realistic for me. I'm so happy I can use it now 🙂

  5. I checked out the Amazon link for the bees wax. Here are 3 of the reviews: (1) "You can't. I had to return mine because it was useless to me. I now exclusively use wax from Hansi Organics. No chemical smell – it's actually pure. This is misrepresented as a product. You can find Hansi Orfanics wax on Amazon or through their own website.

    (2) By Samantha on December 17, 2014
    This product smells like petroleum not beeswax. I am unsure how it could be cosmetic grade and smell so awful and nothing like beeswax. I would not use this for anything cosmetic as they say you can- I am bummed that I waited to long to use and now say I can't return- I wish I would have read this 1st!

    (3) By R Erickson on April 11, 2018
    I too had to send my order back for a refund. The odor is terrible! Mine smelled like burnt rubber, very nasty. I don't want that on my skin. I planned to use this in homemade deodorant sticks. So much for quality control. 🙁

    WHAT was your experience as regards the "smell"?

  6. Hi Lindsay. I am very excited about this project. I had no idea this even existed. I am going to make them to give presents to all my family. Easy, affordable and you can even use super cute fabrics . ❤️.Thank you so much !!! I subscribed to your channel , I cant wait to see more tutorials from you. Bay the way…do you mind giving me the information for your husband's cutting boards ? He has a website? or YouTube channel? I want to check them out !!! Thank you !!!!!

  7. If people wish to reduce the amount of trash they produce, go to your local library and ask about memoirs of people during WW2. It was a pre-plastic time of austerity, aka making do with less and wasting very little for the war effort!

  8. It would have been nice if the beeswax came inside a box instead of a plastic bag. Remember when graham crackers and Ritz, and Saltines came wrapped inside waxed paper?

  9. Why not add bees wax again once they are used up? 150 uses just doesn't like much then to compost it.

  10. The irony in all of this is the fact that as a society we wanted convenience, now we are reverting back to practices that were being used from the early 1900s and up to the 1950s. Waste not, want not. Back then everyone was about using what they had, reusing food scraps in making stock or composting it. Now I've gotten on the kick of not buying anything that comes in plastic packaging. We used to put our trash and recycling out every week, now it's every two weeks! We've cut our trash consumption in half! Sometimes our recycling only goes out once a month. We lucked out this year on not having to buy a lot of meat, the hubby was able to get a deer this year. On occasion I still buy fund raising items from my kids because they are in Scouts, so it's a trade off. Lucky for my family I am a stay at home mother and am able to spend the time making foods more from scratch which is unheard of in this day and age, but I think it is the highest form of love for my family. Maybe that's the old school in me, maybe I'm just becoming more in tune with my true inner self.

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