30 Replies to “DIY Zero Waste Cloth Wipes – Recycled”

  1. I love your videos! I hope you don't mind I've sent and shared your videos to friends and on fitbit, where we have an 'Eco-warriors' group. Thank you so much your truly an inspiration!πŸ’œβœŒ

  2. Some ppl really don't care… but they will be the first to complain about the beach.. keep doing .. my mom would of ❀️ You

  3. I would love to do this! … my husband bought me a nice sewing machine about 1 year ago or maybe 2… I still don't know how to use it 😩

  4. What a fantastic idea!
    My mom passed away from breast cancer a couple of years ago. After her double mastectomy, she had a new lease on life, bought a sewing machine and was going to start lessons, and piano lessons, run a marathon, she had all these grand plans. Unfortunately, cancer won…😒
    I've had the sewing machine sitting in the basement since her passing and was going to sell it, as I'm cleaning everything out and minimizing my life and home. You've inspired me to keep the machine, take lessons myself, and start out by making these.
    Sorry, long story, but I felt like sharing, Thank you…πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

  5. OMG I've only watched 2 of your videos and I LOVE them! Fantastic ideas for me as I am on the road to reducing the amount of plastic we use and waste we produce. Thank you! xx

  6. Wow this is a great idea ,I'm trying to transition to "zero waste" but it's hard because my bf is stuck in his ways and doesn't care about the environment ,so hopefully this will help with tissue waste! 😁

  7. I will probably make this for guests but unfortunately I have two little animals and one big animal that sometimes poop or vomit and that is the only reason why I buy paper towels. I can put them right into the city compost. These are so cute though I can't resist wanting to make them for my house!

  8. Mom always had a rag bag (box) and I do the same. Use those instead of paper towels. Keep a box to throw use one in and when it is full do a load of laundry. I love your idea, makes it very handy and neat to keep on the kitchen counter.

  9. Niamh these are great! I did ones using poppers in a roll but I like the tissue box idea better – and that folding technique is very handy! Xx

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