DLA Troop Support: Clothing and Textiles

DLA Troop Support: Clothing and Textiles

DLA troop supports clothing and textile supply chain touches every single one of America’s war fighters by working closely with industry the troop support clothing and textile team provides the clothing worn by all members of the US Armed Forces and all of the textiles they need to accomplish their mission from one hundred percent of the items issued to recruits to mission essential body armor and Kevlar DLA troop support supplies at all if you wear it troop support supplies but this team’s support goes beyond clothing as they supplied the military with more than 8,000 different pieces of year everything from tents and flyer kitbag genetic Footwear and flags no matter what terrain you re what training you are doing or which deployment you are in DLA troop support is there with you

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  1. Sorry it took so long to respond. Our open positions are listed on USAJOBS, but we repair equipment. Sorry.

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