Do I Need A Uniform For My Cleaning Company? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Do I Need A Uniform For My Cleaning Company? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House
Cleaner. This is a show where you get ask your house
cleaning questions, and I get to help you find any answer. I’ve been a professional house cleaner for
25 years. If I don’t have the answer, I probably know
somebody who does. I’m connected to the best and the brightest
minds in the house cleaning industry. These are my peers and my colleagues, and
we are determined to help you find the answers to your house cleaning questions. So, having said that, today’s question comes
from a guy who wants to know “How important it is when running a house cleaning company
for him to have a uniform?” I love this question. Here is why I love this question. Yes. Yes, you do need a uniform, but I love this question
because you’re thinking about your brand. Now a uniform is part of your brand. Now for me, part of my brand is this color
I wear this color in all of my videos. I wear this color when I clean houses. I’ve worn this color for many years. So when people see me coming, “Oh yes, it’s
the girl in the blue.” It’s part of my brand. The logo for my business is the same color,
okay? So whatever your uniform is it’s part of your
brand. Here’s why it’s important; if I show up to
your house one day and I’m wearing sweats, and I have my hair in a ponytail, okay that’s
fine. I’m a small mom-and-pop company it’s no big
deal. The next time I come, let’s say that my hair
is down and I have a big clip at the top of my hair. And I’m wearing a green shirt that has some
letters or something on the front of it. No big deal but, okay. Whatever. And then the next time I come, my hair is
up in a bun, and I have glasses on this time, and I might be wearing just a big oversized
t-shirt and some leggings. Okay, whatever, “if she still cleaning it has
nothing to do with her job.” Okay! That has nothing to do with the job. But it has everything to do with perception. Because here’s what happens. When you show
up looking different every single time, you create an inconsistency that your customers
then have to work through. And they say “Wait a second, is that the
same girl? Oh yes, that’s the same girl.” “Is she doing the same job?” Okay so this is going to scare you, and this
is kind of an awful story, but I’ve worn my hair the same way for 25 years. I’ve worn the same earrings, the same shirt,
the same everything, What I’m doing is I’m creating consistency.
When I show up I look the exact same way every single time. What that does is send a message to you as
my customer, “I’m going to get the same consistent job every single time.” How about that? Does your uniform have to be fancy? No, it does not. I recommend wearing a collared shirt. This is a collared shirt. Is an inexpensive collared shirt you buy these
shirts for like 15 bucks. They’re not expensive. There are stores all over the Internet that
sell these kinds of shirts. This particular one is microfiber, and it
wicks away sweat. So if you’re going to have a shirt where you’re
going to be doing a lot of physical and manual labor you want something that stain resistant. You want something that is microfiber so that
can breathe, and you want something that has wick properties so that it will wick away
sweat. Because you are going to sweat during the
course of the day. You don’t want to get rashes or boils or whatever
from clothes that rub the wrong way they’re not soft, the material is scratchy, or whatever. Not important, but I’ve made this mistake
in the past. You want to get collars that lay flat. That way they’re not all crunched and bunched,
and they don’t look crappy because I did that for years. I had crappy collars, but now they sell shirts
with lay flat collars. The collared shirt is a step above a T-shirt
and the reason I recommend a collared shirt is because it sends a message. All of our friends in the golf community wear
collared shirts. It’s part of the golfing brand. And what you’re doing is you’re stepping up
to that level. You’re saying “I’m a premier cleaning agency.” Maybe you’re not, but you’re sending that
message, which means “I can charge a little bit more.” If I show up in leggings and a t-shirt guess
what that says? “I’m rock bottom price. Go ahead challenge me on my price; I don’t
care about my clothing. Therefore, I’m going to wear the lowest common
denominator of clothing available.” They’re going to expect the lowest common
denominator price. So the message that you send comes from your
uniform. Here’s how uniforms work. Let’s say that you injure yourself and you
have to go to the hospital. And you walk in, and you’re sitting in the
waiting room. If some dude,
comes skating in on a skateboard, they’re full of tats; they’re wearing leggings, and
maybe some sleeveless t-shirt that’s too tight. And they come in and the check in at the front
counter and grab a paper what do you call it? A clipboard. And they turn around and they’re
like; “Oh hey, you’re next.” You’re going to look at that person and
go “ugh ugh, no way; you’re not my doctor. You don’t look like a doctor.” Ahhh, we expect the doctor to look a certain
way. Right? So, when the doctor opens the door any comes
in, and he’s wearing scrubs and lab coat, and he has the little stethoscope around his
neck, guess what? “Oh hey, that must be our doctor!” And we feel totally comfortable with that
person because they are wearing a uniform. The truth of the matter is that this skateboard
dude and the doctor in the lab coat can be the exact same person. But with the scrubs and the lab coat on, we
expect they now have the credibility to deliver the job we need. Right? A uniform is everything. It speaks a thousand words. So when you show up every single time… and
I know you’re going to say “my customers aren’t even home. They’re not going to know what I look like.” Guess what? Yes, they do! Everybody now has home security cameras. They’re watching you on a camera. And so if you look different every single
time, they’re going to say “Holy Cow, is this consistent work that I’m paying for?” Erase those questions that nobody’s asking,
okay? Show up every single time looking the exact
same way. Now, do you need a logo? Do you need something fancy printed on your
shirt? It’s up to you. It doesn’t matter. If you do, yes that’s fine. If you don’t, yes that’s fine too. It doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. It matters if you have multiple people on
your team and you want to connect the dots. Because you want everybody to look the same. Okay? So, if you have multiple people, yeah it matters. If you’re one person cleaning a house, it
doesn’t matter. But your uniform sends a very specific message. So do you need to uniform? Absolutely. And so, if you don’t have uniform run to the
nearest store, or go online, and get yourself a uniform. Get a uniform that speaks your clientele. So if you are looking for a little bit more
money if you are looking to partner with a professional landscape of people who hire
house cleaners, wear the collared shirt. Pick a bright, happy color that speaks to
your skin tone. And show up looking the same every single
time. I promise you this, will save you a lot of
time on your marketing later on. So, that’s it for today if you like this to
please pass it along. Share it, retweet it, repin it, repost it
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you again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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  1. Hi I just found your chanel and subscribe I have a small cleaning business and I am interested in growing it l love your videos they are so helpful thank you so much for the advice can't stop watching them

  2. I can't stop watching your videos. I feel I'm going to miss something if I do. You really inspire me. You are like one of those motivational speakers to me.

  3. How do you feel about uniforms for your cleaning company:
    A: We don't need uniforms, our cleaning speaks for itself
    B: Uniforms makes us more recognizable and professional
    C: We don't have actual uniforms, but wear clothes that match in color
    D: Other

  4. Hi Angela!
    Thank you for all the content you provide us.
    what’s the pants you wear or would recommend for us to wear on everyday cleaning service? If you can send a link or a brand name or the material would be great.

  5. Good afternoon Angela, I am on the verge o starting up my own cleaning company. Just me. Sole proprietorship. What would be the best app or best software to use to keep track of my revenue expenses etc… please help. My official start up day is October 19th. I'm in the process of opening up a business account. And have decided I will use square up to accept credit card and debit card as payments. They do offer invoice I can use for customers.

  6. It’s called the authority principal. Yes you need a logo . When I’m out shopping I get people coming up to me for my services.

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