Do You Need Money to Dress Sharp? – Mens Fashion Advice – Male Clothing Style Help

Do You Need Money to Dress Sharp? – Mens Fashion Advice – Male Clothing Style Help

Do You Need Money to Dress Sharp_ – Mens Fashion
Advice – Male Clothing Style Help Hi. I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of
Real Men Real Style. And today, I’m going to be talking about the myth that you need
money to dress sharp. All right. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube
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friends because – look around, there’s a lot of men that need help learning how to
dress better. And so, you know, without further ado, let
me jump right into this. There’s this myth going around that the more money you have
or if you have money that also in dressing sharp, dressing, you know, with style becomes
easy. And nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, look at the richest men in the world.
Look at Steve Jobs. Look at – and look at the Walton Family. Look at the late Sam Walton,
Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, all of these men incredibly smart, genius.
I mean, you know, the founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg. So, all of these guys very, very intelligent
but they have – or more importantly, they just don’t care about – and in fact, I
would may be argue that they do this on purpose so they can appear more like you and me and
make it even seem more crazy that why haven’t we don’t things like this. No, seriously, they do manage their image
but I would say that they purposely decide to dress a little bit down but it just goes
to show just because you have more money doesn’t mean you’re going to dress sharp. To me,
the most important thing when it comes to dressing sharp is you have to care. You have
to be willing to put any effort, create the systems, invest in a wardrobe and, you know,
eventually go out there and teach others and perfect. It’s not – a good – one of my viewers
actually – really cool guy down in Tennessee. He sent me an email and he hit it on the heading.
He’s like, “Style is a journey. It’s not a destination.” Probably he took that
from an Aerosmith song. But in any case, I – I completely agree with that point because
style is something that you perfect over a period of time. And probably, that you’ll
never actually reach perfection. You’re always kind of – but you’re using your
appearance to say very complicated things that you want to maybe tell the world but
you don’t even have to open your mouth to do it. I mean think about it, whenever you see an
attractive woman, I mean, it’s usually – there are certain queues you pick up on that you
want to get to know her. And sometimes you’re disappointed. But oftentimes you’re so enthralled
with – with the physical that you’re just drawn to it and believe me, women, you know,
they do a better job of hiding it but they are drawn to attracting people. And we’re
all drawn to attracting people especially masculine men because it comes off as being
healthy and you want to have healthy people around you whether you’re going to be defending
yourself, whether we’re going to be going out there and trying to make some sales or
whether or not you’re going to be looking to – for this person as a partner, you want
a healthy partner to help you get through life. And no man is an island. So, let me get back to – I’m kind of getting
off point. Money does not equal dressing sharp. And, you know, they probably even – you
know, like I probably have some of my friends over at MIT and UT down there in Austin, do
some research and figure out some correlations but I can tell you that there is no correlation
between this. And it really – all money does is make it easier and I have men – I
own a custom clothing, so men who have a little bit more money and resources, they come to
me and I do make their job a bit easier in the sense of I can handle it for them. We’ll
design your wardrobes. But for a man it really comes down, you just
have to have a one because you can easily go to a thrift store and yes, it’s going
to take more time. It’s going to take more effort. You’re going to have to do the studying
but you can put together an amazing wardrobe just knowing what to look for and putting
in the time and effort to locate it whether it’d be on eBay, again, it’d be you going
to different Salvation Army and Goodwills across town. But you can put a good wardrobe
together if you care. And the way it works at least in my education
or in my experience is in a man’s truth focuses on the basics of education. So you’re
watching this view as a good start. I’ve got a style guide over at A Tailored Suit
and my blog Real Men Real Style. We’ve got tons of other articles over there. But you
start with the education but that’s not enough. Next you need to start building your
wardrobe and you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to buy some things which you’re
going to regret or they’re just not going to end up working for you. You’re not going to wear them as often as
you thought. You’re not going to like them and they’re not going to feel That’s okay.
You need to get started though. Because then you’re going to further educate yourself,
you then going to start making smarter purchasing decisions. And over time, you’re going to
be perfecting your wardrobe and you’ re going to be creating a system because you
only get dressed – for most of us only get dressed at one point in the day. And that’s
the point when you got to make the decision of how you’re going to look for the rest
of the day. And you want to make sure you’ve got a wardrobe,
you got a system in place so that it’s easier for you to dress sharp no matter what your
budget may be. And you dress sharp in the morning and for the rest of the day, you look
good. And so, you know, probably the last thing it ends up happening and, again, this
doesn’t matter how much money you’re making but you’re going to start teaching, you’re
going to start having other men notice that, wow, you dress really well. You know, they’re
going to pull you aside and say, “Hey, you know, where can I go shopping? My wife really
wants me to look a little bit better. Can you help me here?” And you’re going to
be – once you find you at that point, you know you’ve arrived. And you know that’s
– it feels good to be able to give back. All right. So hopefully, I’ve laid out a
pretty descent argument that there is no correlation between money and dressing sharp. And the
last thing I’ll leave you with is look to build an interchangeable wardrobe. I linked
the article right below here, one of my best articles, “Focus on the fit. Focus on the
fabric. Focus on the style. Get those right. You’re going to look great. It doesn’t
matter what’s your budget. It doesn’t matter what your budget is.” All right. This has been Antonio Centeno with
Real Men Real Style. Take care. Bye-bye.

36 Replies to “Do You Need Money to Dress Sharp? – Mens Fashion Advice – Male Clothing Style Help”

  1. The comment about thrift stores is incredibly accurate – it is incredible what people are willing to throw away – I've got a decent collection of ties, suits, and in some cases shirts that have served me very well.

  2. The comment about thrift stores is incredibly accurate – it is incredible what people are willing to throw away – I've gotten a decent collection of 15 or so ties, 3 suits, and countless shirts that have served me very well. The grand sum or my meager wardrobe? About $160 to date.

  3. Thrift stores are very hit and miss, especially if you have a strange or popular size requirements. I still think money matters. Decent shoes and suits are not something thrift stores–at least the one I frequent– can offer. Overall, I think the quality of fabric of men's clothes thrift stores is better than the trendy stuff at department stores.

  4. @DaFuckyouat It can depend on neighborhood – a thrift store in a poorer urban neighborhood isn't likely to have much, but one up in a wealthy suburb sometimes has designer labels for under $100! But it's a very luck-dependent way to shop, for sure.

  5. I love your videos, Antonio! I'm going shopping for clothes at the end of this month. I'm excited to finally break the barrier of graphic tees and bulky jackets, which I can now do thanks to your videos and articles. I was nervous about having to spend a ton of money for a decent set of clothes, but thanks to this video it's no longer an issue.

  6. Hi, I will kind of disagree with you a bit… I understand that you can dress with less money but it will be hard to look "crisp and cool"…

    Most of people that looks pretty sharp have mostly "more expensive clothes"… You will not look top notch wearing Banana Republic shit clothes from China as if you wear ZZegna better quality clothes… only an example here…

  7. you are completely wrong.. you can buy very expensive custom tailored clothing and still look like crap if you don't know basic rules of how to assemble a look..

  8. If you want to dress smart casual, it's simple. buy a pair of black pants, black shoes, different colored long sleeve business shirts. tuck the shirt in, make sure you wear a belt. no jacket required, i think a jacket is a bit over the top unless you are a high ranking business man. I went from a tshirt and shorts wearer to wearing black pants, black shoes and choose my own colored long sleeve tops, and i get heaps of compliments from women about how i look now without spending over $100

  9. I buy my clothers most online


    you have to be carefull what you buy but they have coole stuf vor low cost

  10. I agree, thrift shops can be a great asset! Ebay and craigslist have some amazing clothes for very cheap too. Just make sure it fits right and find yourself a good but cheap tailor( I found this wonderful lady who rocks!) that will make anything fit well. My $200 suits fit like $1000 suits, I get compliments all the time! (my secret: thrift shops and my tailor) Work out, dress sharply and simply make an effort and you will change your life for the better.

  11. Hey, Antonio. I've recently built my interchangeable wardrobe and feel that I dress really nice since discovering your videos – so thank you for that. Although, I'm conflicted with my hair style and what looks professional versus somebody still in college. I wear my hair pretty short like you do but keep it a little longer on top and spike the front. I understand that you're not a cosmetologist, but if you had any pointers I'd appreciate it. S/F Devil

  12. This is a very inspirational video, as I've been on the same journey myself. I've almost completely overhauled my wardrobe with sharp brand name stuff from the thrift store, and I can definitely agree with that!!!

  13. I work at a club were we have to wear suits and ties, I don't have much money and went with what I know and hit the thirft stores in San Francisco I wear suits and ties even bow ties, I have a DKNY, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker and many MANY other suits that are brand new, up to date modern style and there's even the fact that as a 5'4" tall man, THESE SUITS ARE TAILORED to my body perfectly! I get compliments daily and I got them ALL at thrift stores. Do you have a video on men's hats with suits?

  14. Money and dressing sharp – do you think there is a co-relation between the two?

    Here’s a video that will answer the question, do you need to be rich in order to dress sharp?
    #dresssharp   #menstyle  

  15. i got to know you from amazon i got the same mic though, thank you for sharing all the information and knowledge, you know its very helpful to me , i have to dress well for my business now from the information learned from you 

  16. Does money equal dressing sharp? Do you think there is a co-relation between the two?

    Here’s a video that will answer the question, do you need to be rich in order to dress sharp?

    #men   #style  

  17. you would be surprised what i find in goodwill stores most of the clothes i buy still have the price tags still on them when people say oh nice jacket i just say thanks…. i dont tell them where i bought it ………….thanks for your videos they help

  18. No disrespect BUT money does help in giving one the ability to get quality in the "trinity" that are material, craftsmanship and design. And another thing, all those guys you mentioned, Jobs, Zuckerberg etc should not have gotten any airtime in a "style" channel like this because those guys are NOT interested nor have they ever been interested in 'style'. Its not their thing (which is fine) I just didnt feel they were great 'examples' of guys with money who dress badly. Once again no disrespect, just wanted to sound off. BTW Congrats on a great "Style-Advice" channel. Awesome dedication and videos. Peace!…On with the show ;o))

  19. I'm sure others have success at the thrift stores, but whenever I hear someone talk about being able to find quality items at thrift stores I think, 'you guys should come out here to the cornfields of Indiana and look around Goodwills and see what you find".  Just walking into a goodwill around here it smells like a thrift store and everything is fading and outdated.  Now when I went to florida on vacation I bought 2 pairs of Banana republic dress pants for $10 each, but around here thrift stores are for people who really have a need, not for people looking for discounted items.

  20. Hey Antonio I have been watching your videos for a while now and have learned a great deal of information on various topics but the issue that I have is that I work at a warehouse full time and I have another job that I work part time on the weekends and what I would like to be able to do is be able to work but still be able to l
    dress well also how do I find my balance.

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