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  1. I'm not keen, i think the worst thing is the top tucked into the trousers with braces over the top, it looks Time and the Rani McCoy ish… which isn't good

  2. Let’s see…
    1) no skirts because of upskirting, a lot of climbing ladders.
    2) no cleavage because of downblousing, a lot of bending forward to fix things.
    3) practical shoes, lots and lots of running.
    4) practical everything, but not too lesbian looking or too feminine looking.
    5) compromise by having trousers that look like a skirt.
    6) hoodie is mysterious, Doctors hides in background until dramatic reveal.

    Not easy dressing a Female Doctor, but it can look much better though.

    PS. New female Doctor looked good in Capaldi’s suit at the end of “Twice Upon A Time”. Suits command respect. Should’ve stuck with that. 3 out of 4 modern Doctors agree. Or back to leather jacket.

  3. I personally like the outfit, but hey, people have their own opinions and that's fine! I can't wait to see what she brings to Doctor Who 🙂

  4. Meh. I wish the outfit was more professional and plain like the tenth and eleventh doctor, but hey. maybe she gets to change outfits throughout the show like 12 did. Either way I'm still trying to keep a positive attitude and see what she brings to the show.

  5. Good points were dropped here. Personally, I have to admit, I had some mixed feelings when I first glanced at it because some aspects caught me by surprise and I needed a bit of time to readjust (even to the new TARDIS) and having mixed feelings about change is quite normal, but I'm really enjoying it now and embracing that change. It reminds me of a lot of different things, but it's bold, unique, different and alien. It might not have a hat, but it has a big hoodie. And Jodie is feeling more like the Troughton to Capaldi's Hartnell, although the costume is certainly more colorful like the 4th Doctor, so I think we can expect a very colorful character.

    And to those who don't like the costume – don't overthink it, aesthetics look different to everyone. I think the 13th Doctor will be very eccentric and that change will reflect itself in everything, even in the TARDIS interior.

  6. comment about 6th doctor coat…. erh its valid…. still to this day. But her costume seems well worked out. glad it it is trousers 🙂

  7. I don't like the outfit like the TARDIS but hey atleast other people like it and maybe after seeing it in action maybe i'll like it but for now not a fan.

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