Does Giving The Number 10 Shirt To Willian Make Sense?

Does Giving The Number 10 Shirt To Willian Make Sense?

all right guys how we all do welcome back to football therapy with me your HD and I hope you guys are all doing well and today we are going to be talking about Willie Ann in a Chelsea news video but as usual I would like to request that you subscribe to my channel if you are a returning visitor or someone who enjoys the content and hit the bell notification icon okay today we are going to be talking about Willian just Willian I'll tell you why a new story broke recently about Willie and getting Chelsea's number 10 shirt indeed being successor to Eden Hazard and wearing the fable the number 10 naturally twitter has exploded with negativity so there's a few opinions and thoughts of my own that I'd like to express on this matter this was quoted from an interview with the antidote I guess it was a Brazilian interviewer regardless it was in Portuguese and he was asking him about the number tension and basically Willian came out and said yes I will be getting the number 10 now has arts gone or it is mine or something like that something along those lines apparently he wasn't joking I don't speak Portuguese I've watched the video I'm literally reacting of news reports and what people are saying on social media now the Brazilian where has been wearing the number 10 for Brazil he's a widely recognized player in world football Willian and a lot of teams are jealous of them a lot of teams wonder why Chelsea fans get frustrated with William I mean William is a very talented footballer I've done videos and why I feel that Willian might have a better season this season at Chelsea moving over back to his native left-wing position and also having the burden lifted of no longer having to play in the same team with Eden Hazard I've done a video on how Joe so you can play better as a team without edna's on and it sort of involves the concept of fellow teammates having an inferiority complex anyway a lot of theories came together on how I feel Willi and will be better this season anyway I'm digressing here if you had asked me would you choose billion for the number 10 next season or this season I probably would have said no but I absolutely would not react so negatively like a bunch of Chelsea fans reactive sure Willian is an underperforming player in many respects certainly offensive numbers like goals people get frustrated to watch and play sometimes and feel like he should be scoring more goals maybe he will this season we'll have to see but I agree with them but by no means is Willie an a bad player he's actually an incredibly creative winger he makes 2.5 key passes per game which is like more than double and political Pedro you know more than Callum hunts in the dome he just frustrates with end product the turf is Willian won't be at Chelsea much longer he's in his thirties now and it's probably his swan song at Chelsea and remember he's a longtime servant of the club now so Edna's odds just left the club it was his shirt it was Eden Hazard ten how would he felt leaving his shirt to all who would he prefer to leave a shirt to no he was really good mates with Willie and they're really close they loved playing together there were long-term servants together they've been around they've been at the club approximately at the same time I think we'll the end might have come a year later maybe all around the same time as hazard so if you said to hazard what would be your best successor plan to you and the potentia he could well say oh I'd love it to go to my friend with the end for that you know the final year or two and then you know maybe the future Chelsea legend Academy had seen the doing or whatever moving on so there's that sort of sentimental perspective theory on it and the truth is it would be a temporary allocation going to William for a little bit I mean what are the alternatives well there's two obvious alternatives and that's the young wingers and Christiane puts ik and Callum Hudson are doing now the argument for giving it to Christian politic would be he's a big money signing he's a young talented player who's just arrived and it would very much be a positive marketing ploy for the six ten year to sell shirts in America but again politics not a kind of player that would have come and demand number ten he just wants to have that jump up to Chelsea play in London and maybe earn the number ten I own certainly think it's something that he demands to be honest he probably might be wary of touching it straight away coming to a new club he tries to be humble and professional and then getting Eden Hazard share is that something he'd would have demanded or wanted I'm not so sure and of course there's the perspective and argument for Callum Hudson a toy the Academy superstar that broke through to the first team at last season now if you look at on paper as like a sort of pragmatic football fan analyzing the situation you might say well it's a romantic notion to give him the number ten but that's mental he's just come into the team and he's a teenager so maybe wait a year or two and give him the number ten and see how things pan out with him you know and see how his injury heals and all this sort of stuff but the there is a sort of idea that this number 10 shirt is a negotiating bargaining chip to to get Hudson a toy to sign a new deal now think about that that's kind of wrong really I mean if you want to play for the club you should want to play for the club and maybe earn the shirt if this teenager who's come through has been offered loads of money first team loads of first ten minutes it's also demanding hidden hazards number 10 shirt to stay at Chelsea I mean come on do you would you want a player behaving like that certainly a young kid who's only just broken through the team personally I'm a huge Calum Hudson at door fern I think he is an incredibly talented young player but I'm a fan of Chelsea Football Club as well and I want Chelsea to be run like a strong Football Club and not necessarily bending – I was gonna say player demands let alone a young player demands who's not really had a tenure at Chelsea yeah so you look at William Williams been at Chelsea for a long long time he's paid loads of those minutes he's been a good servant even if he's underperforming offensively would it be the worst thing in the world for him to keep the shirt warm for a season for his final part of his Chelsea career to see him off and then we'll analyse Christy and politic Callum the door who's been performing better who's been giving most for the shirt has hosted or continued making kissy faces it by Munich if so maybe you know take that into consideration the fact of the matter is it's a shirt and you could bring positives and negatives out of any one player that takes this number tension I mean obviously within reason giving it to Danny drink water it would just be peculiar hilarious and dreadful but to be honest I would probably feel a little bit uncomfortable with Christian policy getting it straight away and for him almost as well I think that adds loads of pressure with Calum hunter Dewey it's a romantic notion but you feel like he might have held a gun to Chelsea's head to get it if Chelsea hadn't just offered it as a you know as a sort of they have a carrot on the stick for him and then with Willy and really all that with it would just upset the Chelsea fans who think he's underperforming for the club but in terms of perhaps who has sort of been the servant who deserves that who's been that longer I don't think anyone within the club like the teammates the players that play for Chelsea I don't think any of them would have an issue with willya and taking it imagine if he played in that Chelsea squad you play love with him for years you've won trophies with him he's been at training every single date with you sweating going in getting better going through like an emotional journey with his mom and you have this bond and they said to you look your friend Willie and so you asking as Pollock whether your friend William can get it for a season while these youngsters get better and integrate into the team or what do you think we should immediately give it to this teenager who's been threatening to go to Bayern Munich or do you think we should immediately give it to the dislike a new signing who hasn't even played a competitive game yet you see what I mean there's different perspectives and ways to look at it it's essentially noise so many people because it's symbolic obviously it doesn't actually matter but it's like a symbolic thing the point being for my opinion Jose if you give the number 10 sure to any one of those free players and I'd be okay with it do you know what I mean if it goes to color Monson the door you could tell that maybe it was a part of a bargaining chip for him to sign on your contract if it goes to Christine pelisek it's because of sort of marketing promotional thing and if it goes to Willie and it goes as a reward for service and maybe a swan song for a season or two before he leaves Chelsea if we end school with like five more girls last season this conversation wouldn't even be happening you've always been a good servant he's picked up his game a little bit it was the number ten for Brazil all of a sudden it really doesn't matter but you know we'll have to see what happens and if there's any truth in this new story bubble accounts it's what Willie and said and it's been translated but I'd like to put the question do you dear Rumi do you disagree with me I mean I'm kind of on the fence so I don't know if you can disagree with me but do you think people are being reactionary on line to this potentiality do you think which Ward do you think has all we want Willie on to wear for a year or two before one of the young kids takes it what do you think you think it's really a smart move as a marketing ploy to immediately give it to pull a stick and sell a bunch of shirts or do you not want Chelsea to sort of run like that anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments below it's an interesting talking point like the video if you've enjoyed the content and subscribe if you are new if you look down in the description there are some plugs for my Instagram and Twitter handle as well as a link to my patreon to become a patreon for one dollar a month and gain access to exclusive content anyway guys that's it for me today enjoy the football and I'll see you later my buddy bag the first outlined in chalk in my life seen trouble hustle on the double stylus on the trigger like my pic got a muzzle yo check liked to guzzle bad boy staying in trouble I only know this paper sorry ow

21 Replies to “Does Giving The Number 10 Shirt To Willian Make Sense?”

  1. I think it all makes sense though to be honest. Pulisic wore number 22 at Dortmund and Willian has been at the club for several years now so I think he deserves it. Hudson Odoi needs to prove that he is worthy of the number 10. He's only 18.

  2. If I were Willian I would keep the 22 shirt. He has been wearing it for years, I feel like he has cemented the number after Gudjohnsen.

  3. I'm happy with willan wearing the 10…because , Hudson Odoi , has not prove his self…..stop calling him a star ,

  4. We look next season without hazard, can willian prove himself righteous to use number 10? We'll see…
    Loyal is one point but remember no. 10 is ussualy give to talisman like hazard. Big burden for him next season.

  5. To me he deserves it number is just number it doesn’t add to the player zidane wear no5 and he play very well

  6. Willian deserves it. It's probably the push he needs to give us a massive season. CHO needs to show he even deserves to have such responsibility and it'll take the pressure of Pulisic. Very smart move, Chelsea.

  7. Willian deserves it, our long time servant and maybe in his preferred LW position we'll finally see the best of him yet

  8. There's nothing to a shirt. I want to see passion and commitment. If I must pick one person, I know who I won't pick and that's CHO.
    Willian picks it = REWARD
    Pulisic = BUSINESS

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