5 Replies to “Don't blame your daughter The Cardigans”

  1. This song is so damn good and really really beautiful and i can't believe that 6 idiots have disliked this song because it's one of the best songs ever made and The Cardigans is the best rock band EVER existed and they're songs is always REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL and Nina's lyrics is GENIOUS in all their songs and her voice is REALLY REALLY UNIQUE and so damn BEAUTIFUL. And she's the most beautiful woman in a rock band EVER and she's REALLY REALLY REALLY TALENTED and PROFESSIONAL when it comes to making REALLY GREAT MUSIC she's AMAZING and i REALLY REALLY love her because of that.

  2. Wow … This vid was uploaded 5 years ago and has had less than 13K views … But get THIS … I am posting the very first comment, on June 05, 2014.

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