Don’t Wear that SOA Cut!

Don’t Wear that SOA Cut!

Hi I’m Black Dragon and welcome to my
YouTube channel Black Dragon National President and I definitely appreciate
you all for watching. Today’s letter come from a young 17 year old who says, “Hey
sir I seen your video on the Sons of Anarchy vest where the kids where the
kid gets cussed out or cussed at rather I have a Sons of Anarchy vest myself
with all the patches except the MC patches. Is it okay to wear it? I mean I don’t
really wear it in public except on Halloween. I just don’t want to forget
I’m wearing it and have someone like something like that happen and it’d be a
real biker! Oh and I’m 17. I don’t want to seem like I’m 26 wearing that kind of
thing oh one more thing before I forget I have the state I’m in on the bottom
patch. y buddy who gave it to me is from the same state and gave it to me before
he went for his first tour in Afghanistan he just wanted me to wear it.
I just don’t want anything to happen to me for wearing it. So listen kid do not
wear that jacket with a state rocker on the bottom of it ! That is asking for
trouble from some jackass who might hurt you!
It’s not a smart thing or safe thing to do, unfortunately In fact take that state
rocker off of it! Just cut it off, just to be
safe. Putting that state rocker on the bottom
of that jacket sends a message that is, I just can’t even get into all of all of
it, except to say you could be putting yourself in grave danger even wearing
that jacket at all! So then he responds back to me, “I’ll take it off thank you
sir.” I said, “You’re most welcome young man.” And he says, “Have a great rest of your
day!” And then the young man comes back to me a little bit later and says, “Hey sir
would it be okay to wear it with just the top rocker?” So youngsters they just,
they just want to do the things they want to do and and that’s just the
beauty of being young so my response was simply, “Yeah that’ll be safer by far but
just remember some jerk may hassle you about it so be prepared to just take it
off if you have to if you got to wear it just be prepared to take it off. Don’t
get in some kind of pissing contest with an idiot and lose your young life over
that bullshit. It’s not worth it you are too young and you have too much to live
for to get hurt over nothing. Some of these guys will get so offended by that
vest that they will feel that they have the right to take it off of you and may
hurt you in the process. Don’t wear that thing to any biker events and don’t wear
it while riding a motorcycle. I know you’re in young and intent
wearing it. That’s you know you just seem intent on wearing it and you’re nearly a
full grown man and you’re going to do what it is that you’re gonna do. But if I
were your dad if I were your father I take that damn vest away from you and
put it in a shadow box or I would follow closely behind you when you wore it, with
my Desert Eagle in my waistband so I could protect you and protect your life
from some self-righteous idiot you might encounter.
Bottom line most places you wear that vest – no one will even care but there
is a strong chance that you might run into someone who does and is willing to
smash your teeth out just to prove a needless point! Putting a state rocker on
the bottom of that vest increases that likelihood of problems for you 1,000%. Oh
use good common sense when it comes to wearing that Sons of Anarchy vest, son. There’s just too much controversy around
it and you may have to defend yourself or hurt somebody or get hurt so
discretion is the better part of valor. Be discreet young man and live a long
and healthy life.” We’re going to see the same thing with this new show “The Mayans”
that’s coming out. There’ll be people running around with a Mayans vest with
California on the bottom of the rocker and so we’ll be right back here again
talking about the same old things! Be safe young man, thanks for writing and
live to be 55 by making good, wise, strong, sound decisions. I’m Black Dragon thanks
for watching. and get skinny! Thanks for tuning in and get skinny!

100 Replies to “Don’t Wear that SOA Cut!”

  1. Not a biker, but as a Combat Vet Marine I think wearing that shit is kinda similar to walking around in a military uniform when you didn't serve. The vast majority of military guys you meet might just call you a loser, maybe spit on you. But… Theres always going to be some grizzled asshole with a chip on his shoulder that just decides to break your jaw. If you wanna cosplay go to an anime or comic convention. Don't wander around posing as ANYTHING you aren't fully prepared to back up.

  2. The 1%er ain't the jackass, YOU'RE the jackass for thinking you can wear fiction gang colors in an actual gang territory. It's like you've seen the movie South Central and you draw a black dot next to your eye, hang a black or blue bandanna off your back pocket and claim your membership to the "Deuce Gang" in a Crip territory in actual South Central. Being assaulted is the least of your worries.

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  4. Hello Black Dragon, I appreciate your insight and knowledge on things club related. I appreciate how you try to enlighten those young riders that are inexperienced or naive about MC culture. I have ridden solo for many years and I have never had any problems with any other riders or groups. I stay low key and polite but always vigilant. Enjoy your videos and BTW, I have had Black Sabbath riders pass me on I-45 between Dallas and Houston several times. And I have had Bandidos pass me on I-10 a few times. Both groups were polite, and courteous riders. The Woodlands, Texas.

  5. i don't see where is the problem in wearing a Tv-show cut as fan and ride with it :/ as long as you're doing it for the pleasure of it it means no harm

  6. hi there, I love your channel. I'm keep seeing people wearing soa cuts and its so annoying and when I try to explain why they shouldn't wear it the don't listen, but I'm going to share your video on my fb so hopefully idiots like this can see it and hearing from someone who isn't a little girl will make them take is off 🙂 xx

  7. I served in the Navy and have a custom made navy vest made and was told to take it off. I'm sorry, I did not sacrifice my life and my freedom, AND get injured doing so, to EARN that right to wear it, just to get told to take it off by someone I protected. Fuck right off with that self righteous bullshit

  8. Its a tv show and has fans… anyone who has an issue should take alook at themselves, because its a tv show thats not real and nothing like real life… anyone who thinks SOA is just like real life need to wake up, its just Ego and bullying to start having an offence to someone whos a fan of TV and any man who picks on a kid is a bully… regardless of clubs etc. just shows how childish people can be. and i expect some childish remark back too. if anyone tried that here in the UK would get strongly ridiculed, laughed at and more. no wonder the biking commuity is in a mess. what ever happend to freedom and the open road? the very thing that started it all. i think people should stop pretenting to be some body and stop being childish and just get out and just ride the blimmin bike!

  9. I don't get it, and I grew up with 7 uncles that were in MC's. It's a TV show, not a rival club. Maybe folks can't read so good? I wear bls rockers, have yet to get hassled over it. Good luck to whoever does.

  10. Can someone explain to me why you can’t wear it? I get someone may try to hurt you, but why? Is it an actual gang? Is the gang based on the tv show? Or vise versa

  11. Lots of people in MCs wear a German helmet and Maltese Cross. Were they ever in the German army? What if a Germen sees them? Does the German have the right to tell them to take that stuff off or take a beating? I'm a railroad engineer. If I see a rail fan wearing engineer's clothes, can I tell him to take them off or take a beating? If MC members think they can do that when no one else can or should ('cause it's illegal to go around beating up people because you don't like their clothing) then they are not motorcycle lovers as they claim. They are nothing more than thugs. Schoolyard bullies who never grew up.

  12. Wear what you want and fuck everyone else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sons Of Anarchy VESTS they are #POSERS
    And a lot of different REAL MOTORCYCLE CLUBS they HATE that BULLSHIT

  14. I have always kept it simple. My leathers are 30 years old and have never seen the first patch,pin, or anything. I live near Houston so you know where my loyalty is.

  15. I'm confused. Every biker – real biker, 1%er, 99%er, etc, know that it's a damn TV show. It's NOT an MC. So, wearing it isn't disrespecting any real club. It's TV merchandise. So, why are people (as opposed to whole clubs) having an issue with someone wearing TV merchandise? If enough people wear them, does that then make them a real club?

  16. Wearing a fictional motorbike gang vest and fighting strangers who want to take it away from me is my will and you question it? Lol good video sir.

  17. Love this guy ……his advice and wisdom is very valuable . Im 46 and been riding Harleys since before i even had a license. This man is very smart and always looks at all angles before giving his advice or opinions. Thank you for your wisdom and very smart advice. I being a straight foward biker …with no club affiliations thank you. # BLACK DRAGON !!!

  18. I haven't got an mc or a club but today I have seen some 26 year old wereing a soa cut so I giped him up then grip his cut and made him chew it when I was smacking him up the fucking punck so was I wrong or what

  19. Sons of Anarchy is a TV show and they sell merchandise to their fans what the hell is it of anybody's business if you're wearing it. It's no different than wearing your favorite teams football jersey or a Disneyland shirt that you bought at their Gift shop. There was a video of a young man getting gas and this ass walks up and starts filming him talking shit about him wearing a Sons of Anarchy vest how pathetic and rude

  20. You said it right there are alot of jackass's out there with patches thinking there full on Badass's! I know alot of good people in clubs but I also know alot of idiots to!

  21. Interesting Videos. I recently came across some incredible motorcycle vests by a company called First MFG CO. Some have these incredible utility pockets that can be very useful for carrying things during warmer weather. A few look great with a pair of jeans. No patches and I don't use a motorcycle. I do have tattoos though. Am I risking something by wearing these vests for fashion ? Thanks. There is a chance a real motorcycle club can see me. I live in SoCal.

  22. I don’t even like Sons of Anarchy but it’s a fuckin TV show. Makes me want to get one just to piss off the losers who take themselves that seriously. Also who the fuck carries a desert eagle in their waistband? lmao better have a good belt.

  23. Good Sound Advise! Simple rule to keep you safe: "If you purchase it on line, Amazon, Etc" then keep it on the wall or better yet if you didn't earn it DO NOT wear it! What civilians do not understand is the Breed that wears those patches or Cuts EARNED them and some lost their lives or came to great bodily injury to have the very right to wear those colors and will lay down their lives to protect them. That being said, Screw Hollywood and their merchandising gouge of the MC World if it was not for hiring the Hells Angles as consultants and extras SOA would never of been as crisp as it was!!! Again this video gives GOOD SOUND ADVISE, well worth heeding and sticking to at least on this subject and YES, there are those who have been confronted in public and had their SOA costume striped from them world wide by 1%ers.

  24. Side note on 3 patch colors, WWE had a time when they pushed "The Attitude Era" with Black on White on Brown gang warfare themes. The White Faction were supposed Bikers from Hawaii wearing a 3 piece patch and riding some bad ass custom bikes until they were noticed by the Hells Angles wearing their costumes in public once and were stripped of their offending costumes and one thing led to another, and they were re-educated to correct their ignorance. End result was 2 of the 4 straight left the WWE and the 3rd was laid up for a while unable to compete die to injuries received in a freak slipping on soap accident; Vinnie Mac had contact made as well and that bull headed megalomaniac even understood his Boo Boo using a 3 piece cut without getting it sanctioned and without permission of All the top 4 1%er Clubs in the USA not to mention the world.and did not transgress ever again in the same way. GO FIGURE, Yes wearing a 3 piece cut is a serious thing and is not taken lightly.

  25. Carry a gun and if some tough biker mess with you, kill him. I hate bikers who act tough, they wanna be tough and do illegal shit, nah not in my town

  26. Black Dragon.

    I make vests for a hobby as a metal head. All my previous ones had band patches only but I'm making a new one for when I start riding again. this one will be 100% leather with a Motörhead back patch and a Lemmy Kilmister memorial patch with a small punisher logo patch and 2nd amendment support patch all on the back and the main large Motörhead patch is one rectangular piece and the lettering does not resemble rockers but are curved like they would also on the front I'm putting a patch that resembles a rank patch but says lone wolf with some Harley and Honda pins. Is this ok? If not I'd be glad to improvise.

  27. Highlighting how sad bike GANGS are!! Good advice from this video though. That said it's a TV show, I have never watched it. Seriously its just people wearing patches from a TV show. Get a fucking real life, stop ruining other peoples.

  28. The fact anyone is getting bent over SOA cut is hilarious. Are you such a bad ass in any way shape or form over a tv show memorabilia? I'd think that any real biker worth his salt would laugh at it rather than fight or take it. Now if you are stupid enough to try to wear a cut and act like something your not by acting like a gang member then you deserve to get punked. It amazes me the level of stupid these days. Now with that being said personally it would be cool to have a SOA themed cut to make a bad ass display for rather than to wear because I'm smart enough to not piss off any gang member of any type since they really aren't the kind of people to piss off.

  29. I am a biker and years 28 old I have plenty jackets my step father is part of a chapter I plan to join I've never heard my father's ppl had a issue with the jacket only punks who want to bully do bs like that I won't feel bad when I empty my legally owned 1911 handgun into your skull I'm sure my pop wouldn't disagree

  30. I have NEVER run into a 1%er that gives a rats ass about SOA cuts! Every one I have ever spoken with is smart enough to know it is nothing but TV merch!

  31. hey you fat piece of shit, how about this? Anyone can wear anything they want, and if some piece of trash biker wants to bitch about it they need to be in jail. Fucking overgrown children. Idiots.

  32. It must be a sad existence to get worked up over a tv prop… I hope you step to the wrong man with that stupid attitude one day.

  33. I'm no fan of sons of anarchy. I'm not a fan of motor cycle clubs. People shouldn't be getting worked up in the comment sections though. He's informing people. He clearly said "some jackass could step to you…" He is not threatening anybody, he is informing people who might want to wear that silly f*cking thing.

  34. I'll wear mine any time any place I bam will please I I have Confederation clubs of Tennessee I have Tri-Cities motorcycle clubs I have a peacemaker say it is not a real Club dest so back off don't tell people that they can wear when they can the whole state of Tennessee approved and even the Outlaws motorcycle club Punk so shut your damn mouth you don't know what you're talkin about and go blow Sunshine somewhere else I don't give a damn what club you're from it is not a real Club it's a TV show so don't tell people that can't wear Son of Anarchy best when they can all wear my any goddamn place I wish any place any f**** time I want to go blow Sunshine somewhere else boy now back off and quit telling people that can't wear what they want to wear no blow that one and you're not a real Club anyway I like to see you wear your cut down here in Tennessee you get killed son so go blow sunshine

  35. Is it just me that thinks it’s nerdy to wear a “sons of anarchy vest”? I mean it’s a show. I’m not altogether convinced a naked cut is cool either so, who knows

  36. So when did our freedom become subject to a bikers opinion? 2nd amendment brother let him know next time! I keep a .40 on my hip for asshole like that born and raised on a bike never joining a club never wanted too 4th generation riders Harris family Michigan a real biker only cares about one thing the ride brother that’s all! Let freedom rain be your self 🇺🇸🇭🇺ride safe black dragon! Side note I would never wear a soa cut bro personally but you can!!! Land of the free home of the brave get some balls son!

  37. He isnt saying he will be pissed about it he is telling the kid that someone will be pissed about it. Hes rite theres alot of retards out there.

  38. One more thing. You Jack asses acting like you will do what you want and ware what you want. Do it . Dont be all talk do it . Then let us all know how it goes.

  39. Instead of pursuing all this crazy asses that bully people for using their freedom, jack ashes defend them….is that the symbol of a true hardcord rider, a bully of kids? Now you show your true colors

  40. who are YOU to tell others what to wear? Stick your head up your ass… that is the best place for it. You want to take my freedom… I will take yours!!!! Choose wisely !!!

  41. setting aside the fact that motorcycle clubs choose that word "club" ill put it like this, its the exact same thing as wearing some fake gang shit and then a crip or blood steps to you and then what???you gonna say hey man its just a tv show???? i dont even think thats justifiable and anyone that wears something like that is doing it and they like the feeling of lookin like a bad ass so when you get treated like a badass by a real bad ass, you better be prepared to play the role. i wouldnt even wear the hoodie or nothing honestly. if i wanted to look like im in a mc club then i would be in an mc club. there are alot of soft ass 2nd amendment talking shit going on in the comments and i would bet they would throw all that 2nd amendment shit out the door if they had bloods and crips suddenly invading their nieghborhood….. or no im wrong i bet, i bet they would protest any discrimination that the poor bloods and crips would have to face by the community…..lmfao!!!!!!!

  42. Can u read ? I mean normally . I hope u are not taking advices from this guy who obviosly don't know how to read. And trust me , I'm not american , not even far , I'm Romanian. Oh.. and kid , wear everything u want to wear, nobody tells u what NOT or what SHOULD u wear . Probably u'll meet some HA who will laugh ,this stupid "MC" bikers who tells u not to wear it , are just some idiots who are more kids than u are.

  43. First and foremost you POS. My grandfather fought in a war to defend my freedom to do as I please in America. If I want to wear SOA TV show with a bottom rocker that's none of your business that's my right as an American and with our constitution. I'm so sick and tired of bikers motorcycle clubs or gangs thinking they control people. This is a warning to you and all MCs or control freaks who should be in prison. You don't tell people what they can wear when they can wear it and why they can wear it you're going to run into the wrong person and you'll get America's freedom. I am an NRA member constitutionalist. I'm all about America and American freedom. In my whole life I've always hated with a passion bullies and you will go to prison for life if you mess with someone or try to harm them because they wore something that they want to wear. You better tread lightly on those eggshells. And this goes out to every single MC club in the world you better tread lightly when you try to bully people especially citizens into your will. And I actually don't mind motorcycle clubs at all. But my grandfather's and relatives and friends served in the military to give us freedom and no guy riding a motorcycle going to take that freedom away from any American. I have friends who has sons who are police officers. Basically what you're doing is your threatening people that's against the law and it's against our constitution. You come up to me and try to take something off of me or make me take something off you better bring yours because I'll have mine. If there's anyone reading this who rides a motorcycle, live free or die with your boots on, you're an American you are free don't give in to bullies. I am all for motorcycle clubs don't get me wrong. But how dare you think you have the right to tell someone what they can wear their not a part of you there a free citizen of America there are American dont you ever think you can take the freedom of an American away. Don't tread on me! DONT TREAD ON ME!

  44. It's not an ORDER people! It's ADVICE and good advice at that! Go ahead and do that shit if you feel like it. It's called "Natural selection".

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  46. Jesus Christ,this man,that has experience in the "game". Answers a question and helps a kid out , probably even saved his life and you call him names and accuse him of being a jerk? This man right here is protecting your lives and that's how you thank him….. I'm disappointed in you guys

  47. Wear your clothes, you own them. Don't mind what silly people say! If somebody fucks with you, call 911 and put the assholes in jail!

  48. Hell No come get it off me! I rock my rocker form my country! I wear it every day and all I get is complments! Someone wants it I will fight for it! I custom made my cut! Some idiot wants it! 😉 Come get it! I don't care I have nothing to loose! Not anymore!

  49. Just don't put a bottom rocker on your cut and don't put no "president" patch or "men of mayhem" patchs on that simple

  50. Great advice and information provided to the youngster BD. My Lord, the ignorance and immaturity that some have written against you is really disturbing and disappointing. There’s no sense of comprehension that they’ve taken the time to learn from this. At no point in time, were you ever playing dictatorship to the youngster. Smh… You simply provided the most honest advice that you are experienced to. Keep doing what your doing BD. I send many blessings your way as always.

  51. Black Dragon I am sending this to any new members. Thank you for the sound advice.
    Much respect from the National and International Brotherhood of Street Racers.

  52. Finally a video about this!!!. Ive seen the show over and over and always was curious of what the code around it was. Starting to learn to ride and I wear my blank cut and feel just as cool. Lots say just put the American flag on it. But my advice based on what ive learned for my family is if you dont ride at all dont have any patches! God forbid they see you get out of your moms van with any t
    Patch Go for simple and respectable is how i view it. Thanks for the video. And hope you all stay safe. And just remember! Blank. Doesnt mean your any less cool. “Blank. Dont get you spanked”

  53. MCs take their cuts very seriously. Each and every member of a club had to be a prospect at one point or another to even earn that patch. So yes while i am a huge fan of the show I don’t believe you should wear a SOA cut anywhere unless it’s in your own home. Another reason bikers hate seeing people wear this cuts is because the show gave bikers everywhere a bad name.

  54. Why is your comment section filled with morons who just claim they carry a weapon it's not going to help when a charter of 1%ers roll on you… people are so tough on the internet

  55. Anyone who gets upset over someone wearing merch from a popular TV show and isn't about that life is a dumbass and likely gonna go to jail for dumbshit. Mc's and members who earned their vest have low standards if their members get into violent encounters with some guy who bought something online they liked over trying to prove a point they didnt even care about

  56. Yo, B D—I wouldn't wear that ugly S O A vest without a gun of any kind and someone saying wear it or DIE NOW. I'd do my best to rise from the dead and rip that vest off if some Jerk put it on my unwilling dead body. Harriet Seibert

  57. Hey Black Dragon. I love your videos. They are very informative and helpful. I have a question if you have the time to answer it. I do not ride a motorcycle nor do I have much of an interest in them. I do however like to dress similarly to how "bikers" dress, including wearing a leather cut. I have some ideas that I think would look cool for a center piece that I might like to have embroidered on. So here is my question: If I don't have a top rocker or bottom rocker, but just a design in the center and I don't even ride a motorcycle nor do I go to any kind of biker events, would you say that most likely I will be left alone? Here's another question: What if I started a (bear with me here) Non-motorcycle Club. Essentially a solid group of guys with a name that did things together (community stuff, gatherings, etc.) and in the event that I did start something like that, if we wore cuts with a top rocker (name of our group) and a center piece, but no bottom rocker, no motorcycles, etc.? What are your thoughts?

    Thank you for taking the time.

  58. I sort of get what the guy's point is. I'm from Massachusetts and often ride up to Hampton Beach where at one point, there were a lot of guys wearing these "SOA" sweaters and vests. That was all fine and well. But the ones that were trying to come off all tough and dangerous were complete idiots that didn't even own a motorcycle, and that had most likely shown up in a sedan or minivan. No less, they're basically misrepresenting what real bikers are actually like. Put simple, it gives us a bad image, because TV shows certainly don't portray the real thing. I'm glad Sons Of Anarchy is no longer airing for this very reason. There's no falser way to represent real bikers.

  59. Great advice Black Dragon. Although i wouldn't be seen dead in one. Personally i don't see a problem wearing it so long as it doesn't have the mc patch and the bottom rocker but not everyone feels the same way as i do.

  60. So, can i wear a cut with a custom logo on it, with no state on the bottom rocker? Just independent or smth like that? And with not MC patch

  61. Me and 5 of my friends have hoodies with the cut on it but it says “ohio” at the bottom & we all ride together if someone starts shit we have no problem responding. ain’t shit sweet wear that reaper with pride

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