Don’t Wear Underwear On A Bike Ride And Other Beginner Cycling Tips

Don’t Wear Underwear On A Bike Ride And Other Beginner Cycling Tips

– If you’re new to cycling and you didn’t know
you need to go commando or you’re just looking
for some useful tips then this is the video for you. – Coming up are our
lists of cycling truths about the cycling world. An undervest is a crucial item of kit for almost all occasions
when out on the bike. If it’s wet and cold outside,
then one like this is ideal for keeping you warm and
your temperature regulated. But on the other hand,
if it’s hot outside, then a lightweight one like
this string one here is ideal for keeping you cool and
more comfortable for longer. But they also serve a further purpose, too and that is creating a further
layer for crash protection, even one as thin as this
might just save your skin. Trust me, we know, we’ve
crashed a fair bit. At least, I have. – We don’t see all pros use them, but gloves are a really
great piece of kit. They’ll keep your hands safe
in the event of a crash, they’ll keep your hands more comfortable on those longer rides and if it gets too hot on those hot rides, they even help you wick
sweat away from your brow. But, when they really come into their own is in the winter. You see so many riders head out with just a pair of thin knitted gloves, but if you invest in a pair of weatherproof, windproof,
waterproof gloves, it will really transform your
winter cycling experience. Toasty. I’m lost without it, something that not every cyclist considers is a lightweight windproof garment. These are invaluable if you
ride in spring or autumn when the temperature fluctuates. You can unzip them and
simply ride with them open but they’re small enough and light enough that they pack neatly and
easily into a back pocket. Most of the best ones are breathable but in a real emergency,
there’s nothing stopping you from using a plastic bag wedged
up underneath your jersey. – Drink and be merry is the old saying. And that’s true on the bike, too. Become dehydrated and your
performance will suffer, your motivation will take a dip and your immune system
will be on the back foot. So, drinking at regular intervals is key, especially five minutes
into the start of your ride as this is when your body is acclimatizing to the change of temperature. Water isn’t actually the
best liquid for rehydrating. An electrolyte tab is
specifically designed to put in electrolytes
that your body needs and it’s really easily absorbed. Now, onto fuelling, and it’s a bit like hydration but the body can last a
lot longer without food that it can without fluids. Well, if you’re doing a ride
that is longer than 90 minutes, then taking a bar is really well worth it, especially around the 45 minute mark, it’s work taking a good
bite or even the whole bar and that will help you push through for the end of the session. So, after the 45 minute mark, you’ll want to take a bite
of food every 20 minutes. This will sustain
performance and your ability to sustain that effort, and will also help you
build your metabolism, and it’s also a great reward on the ride. – Make sure when planning your route, you stick a distance that
you’re comfortable with, something like a circular
route around where you live or even a figure or eight
which gives you a get-out in case you get tired
and can’t make it back. There’s nothing worse than
being miles away from home with no way of getting back. As you get more confident
with your ability, though, you could start to become
much more adventurous with your route planning. – One of the great things about
riding a bike is descending, and the way to get good at it is to relax. So many riders tense up
when the gradient changes but you wanna do the complete opposite. Relax and enjoy it. After all, you spent so long going up to the top of the climb then you might as well enjoy the way down. And we’re not saying
you pushing the limits and screaming into the corners, but going down and enjoying it, relaxing, is the best way to do a descent. Your gears are there to help you but if you don’t like the
gears you’ve got on your bike, then you can change them quite easily and they’re also quite cheap. You gearing is there to
make your chain easier or even harder but it’s best
for helping you get over all those different types of terrain you’re gonna be riding on. From the mountains to the flat plains. – There’s only one thing worse than not washing your kit at all. Yes, I know, not washing
your kit will breed bacteria and your kit will stink, meaning no one will want to
ride near you, but equally, if you don’t rinse out
all of the detergent after hand washing your kit, you will look like a foam monster. When I think back to my amateur days and I think of some of
the stage races we did where the facilities were pretty awful and we all had to hand
wash our kit in the sink, there’d always be one or
two riders on those wet days out on the road with roaming
knees and shoes and shammies because they haven’t
rinsed all of the detergent out of their wash after hand washing it in the sink that night. And finally, the big one. Never, ever wear underwear. At least not underneath
your cycling kit, that is. Modern cycling kit is designed to fit seamlessly against your skin without the need to anything in between, putting something in between
is just gonna create chafing and that is gonna be
incredibly uncomfortable and then when you start sweating, well, your underwear isn’t
designed anti-bacterially like cycling kit is, so that’s gonna create a whole
host of it’s own problems. And finally, it just looks wrong. Cycling kit is designed to
have a neat, smooth finish with no bunching. Certainly not on moving parts. So, leave the underwear in the cupboard. – There you have it, our
list of cycling truths. – If you enjoyed this video,
give it a big thumbs up, especially if you found
it useful, as well. – Yeah, and for more how-to
videos, click down there.

100 Replies to “Don’t Wear Underwear On A Bike Ride And Other Beginner Cycling Tips”

  1. Beg to differ. I've been on a lot of rides with Cycle America and sore bums is a frequent problem for other riders. Not me, because I use Coolmax underwear.

  2. Weird but necessary question. When wearing bibshort do you GUYS move your penis to a certain direction or just leave it free? The thing is that I've had two very uncomfortable situations where I've had to stop riding cuz I feel my dick being push back.

  3. Great content, can’t wait for the next “How to wash your bike” video 😉

    I would love to see more videos, like when Lloyd improved his form, ore when Si’ goes long distance riding, and does it. Not just a tips and tricks video.

    Still the Best cycling Channel !

  4. If you got a small dick no problem
    If you got a medium size dick you can manage
    If you got a big, fat, long, black dick then we got a problem

  5. I'd say always have some money on you (or a card or a mobile but not every place accepts them) – you might need to buy more food or a train or a bus ticket in case you will not be able to finish the ride for any reason

  6. I always wear underwear, tried going commando but it felt very uncomfortable, otherwise yet another excellent video.

  7. Eh? Why ditch underwear? It gives a bit more padding and support. No downsides that I’ve ever observed. No chafing, no issues at all – even on a 450+ mile ride over 5 consecutive days in the saddle. Plus keeps kit cleaner.

  8. As a touring, not racing cyclist, I always wear underpants. When camping they are easier to wash and dry than nicks. I never get chaffing, if I’m a little sore I wear a natural bike cream.
    With drinks, I like coconut water, all natural, no chemicals.

  9. thanks i cycle without a kit, just a yellow kit jacket and jeans because I live near the beach and mountains, but sometimes my underwear does chaff, what can you recommend, because showing up at a beach party in gear is not a good idea 🙂 when you come to Spain we can go on some rides

  10. That video started like a complete advertisment. I like seeing you supported by companies but thought that this time you've gone a bit too far

  11. A good electrolyte to add to your water is also Nuun tablets; use them for every ride, near and far.

  12. Русских каментов не нашёл, так что знайте труселя под памперс не надевать )))

  13. I have been club cycling since 1 was 11 years old and Im now 50, and these guys are honestly talking a load of old cobblers. An under vest is just a bloody glorified T Shirt. These Idiots say wear an under vest for crash protection benefits, but don't think that under pants or knickers will do the same? Those fancy new gloves don't have anywhere near the level of padding on the palms as older track mitts, and will disappear following a crash and are far less comfortable. I used to do 100 mile rides daily with only one bottle because I made sure I was fully hydrated to begin with. That rubbish about distance is unnecessary , all you need to do is travel out few miles further out each time you ride, that way you'll always get an adrenaline boost when you reach back to a spot from which you have ridden home previously. If the muppets of today can afford £4000 bikes I don't see why having 2 or 3 sets of kit too avoid this washing Malarci is too much to ask either. They sure don't make cyclists like they used to.

  14. Video recommends gloves, then shows descending without them. Another value in gloves is brushing debris from your tires. Lightweight jackets are useful in so many more situations … early morning summer starts, coffee stops, descents, …

  15. you need more videos for beginners. for real, I just got into cycling and I have no idea on what I need to look for in terms of kit. I know not to wear under garments but thats about it.

  16. This gave me a laugh as it totally reminded me of my first pair of cycling shorts. With underwear on, I awkwardly put the shorts on over the underwear. Fortunately for me the underwear under bike shorts just didn't feel right so the decision was made to try going commando. Never looked back.

  17. I'll stick with good old fashioned water, like human beings have done for thousands and thousands of years, before all the fancy money making gimmicks where invented to add to it…..

  18. "It just looks wrong"wearing underwear when cycling? Not as wrong as being confronted by a long line of lycra-clad bums by the rest of us as we drive slowly …oh SO slowly at the back of the queue as we try to avoid catastdophe by getting tangked up in the spokes haha

  19. When going commando, how do you stop your ‘doo-da’ from showing through you tight Lycra shorts. There never seems to be enough chammy. I’m for wearing thin comfortable underwear for that reason alone.

  20. Washing kit! On multi-day cycling holidays/events I wash my kit when I get back to the hotel by not taking it off and for the first few minutes in the shower I shower in my kit (btw: shampoo is a good degreaser and deep cleanser). I undress in the shower, work the chamois and let the power of the water from the shower rinse my kit easily and quickly. (Then, of course, I shower myself). Room mates laugh on the first day yet by the 3rd day some are doing the same!

  21. After over 30 years of cycling I've rediscovered the warmth of wool. I found a light-weight merino wool sweater at a thrift store that I wear under my wool jersey (also found at a thrift store). This is perfect for cool days. When it is a bit colder, I also have a sleeveless alpaca undershirt and a heavy hand-knit wool jersey I knit myself. Wool doesn't hold odors, keeps the wind out and is still warm when wet. Plus wool breathes and your sweat evaporates. As for shoe covers, I used my existing covers as a pattern and made a pair of wool shoe covers from a felted (shrunk on purpose) sweater. Now these really cut the wind and allow the sweat from my feet to evaporate. I've worn all the high tech, wicking, wind proof, rain proof stuff over the years and have to say going back to wool for the winter is the best.

  22. Load of crap. I wear underwear all the time under the shorts, no ill affects. You don't have to wash the shorts every single time either.
    Our oceans and fish are full of synthetic based microfibres from clothing being washed and here's GCN pushing this populist, indulgent crap.
    Way to go GCN. Great leadership.

  23. Under Armour shorts used to be a great under layer, silky smooth with no chaffing, but they changed the knit to a better wicking but much rougher weave, need to go commando now.

  24. Not really an issue with men, but I always wore underwear pre-menopause. Now I don't because it isn't necessary.

  25. Flash! You don't have to wear 'kit' when you cycle! In other words, you don't have to look like a blithering idiot.

  26. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WEAR UNDERPANTS UNDER STRETCHED LYCRA CYCLING SHORTS. As a female bus driver I have witnessed many a hairy arse and guys …NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!!!!!

  27. Road bikes are like the roller blades and scooters of extreme sports. Friends don't let friends do it.

  28. Old bloke told me years ago , get a lambs wool jumper its best thing 2 put next 2 your skin and boy he was right … it keeps u cool when u hot and warm when its cold .
    U can b soaked in sweat take jumper off and let it dry and its ready 2 go next time without washing it 🙂
    It swill smell fresh and thats a fact 🙂
    Wife will say here i will wash it ?
    Dont bother ive only had it on s few times … google lamb's wool ..

  29. Skip any sort of "bar" just take food. "Bars" cost $7-11 a lb and are just stiffened breakfast cereal. That price per lb is the cost a great steak you can eat later. So take a little fruit/nuts, or piece of bread. Packaged "electrolytes" are a scam too, you can add some sugar and minerals to your water for almost nothing. Fight commercialism, fight fake come-ons that suggest some marketing prick at a sports food company knows something a cook does not.

  30. Can't stand all that tosser cycling gear. Go to Amsterdam or Copenhagen and everyone rides in regular clothes

  31. No jokes here guys – what do women do on their periods without underwear? Liners only, no liners, something I don't even know exists…

  32. I always wear a pair of really tight briefs under my shorts. Never had a problem with chafing or the way it looks.

  33. I’ve been wearing underwear under my cycling shorts.. today I went for a 2 hour ride and now I feel like I have diaper rash.. I guess I better go commando 🤫🚴🏻‍♂️

  34. dont wanna buy fancy sports drinks? just put some lemon sugar and salt into your water. vitamins, electrolytes (wich is salt dissolved in water) and sugar for a little boost and taste.
    contains not as much nurishment as those fancy drinks but if you arent planing on doing anything crazy or competetive you dont really need the fancy stuff.
    instead of the bar take an apple or a banana. nuts and chocolate are also great.

  35. Hey use mtb gloves when it’s really cold because they are thicker plus they can be way better when you crash

  36. I am honestly supposed to go cycling without underwear? I have never even thought about it and the one time I had to ride without was pretty uncomfortable.

  37. Ramon: fantastic video. keep going guys, we are all waiting for more formidable videos like this one. kudos to you !!!

  38. I don't have any real cycling shorts, only Padded cycling underwear. they are short so I wear shorts above them, I was wondering what people thoughts are on wearing compression shorts above them.

  39. I'm a beginner and I don't want to look like a douchebag, are there any clothes that don't look so douchey and instead look more humble and normal?

    You all look like sports racers, I just want to be comfortable I don't need to pretend I'm some tour de france racer.

  40. I wear underwear when I ride…its more comfortable to me… we all have preferences and being uncomfortable slows you down more than 2 ounces of fabric.

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