Dragon Quest Builders 2 – How to change your residents' clothes (Dressing Room) (Guide)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – How to change your residents' clothes (Dressing Room) (Guide)

hey guys welcome back this is M D and I'm gonna show you how to change the clothes of your residence simple we need to build our residence or like a dressing room and we can do that by having a wardrobe or like an armoire or anything that you want because in the wardrobe we can just like put no more closes and the armoire we can put the like the closet that we can build from the anvil like the high defense closes and also we need a dresser and we need a chair as well as a lighting source so yeah we need use like four items to create the room it can be anything as for me I have already like build one I'm gonna show it to you here as you can see this is the small room with an art or with a world walk a small chair a light source and a dresser the dresser is used for you like to change your own appearance and add accessories as for the Wardrobe is for the citizens to change their clothes so as long as you make it or like to build the room with everything and then we need to like have the clothes so we need to like build the clothes that's like just just come down to into like the bottom into the equipment you will be able to create glue the clothes that you want to see on your citizen so just like make a bunch and just like store them there and the wardrobe and then just wait for it for me I waited like an almost a day in game day and it work so what I did is like I increased the size of the room but by just like one more like block so now it's like a big a bit bigger than before but maybe that's the case maybe that's not the case I don't know but then as soon as it slept and I woke up the next day I saw that my citizens are actually like changing their clothes and of all of them actually one by one because I had like are like six dresses like on closes inside in the room and yeah they just kept changing it now I just wait for like almost if you have more then it'd be like easier for them to like change it all but if you don't have much then it will like take some time for all of them to change it and just now it's just like a way in game until all of them changed their clothes and by the way they will wear anything that is there so yeah it's no code so far as anything it doesn't matter but yeah that's it guys that's how you do it and just wait for the chance to complete and yeah that's it thanks for watching and stay awesome guys

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  1. What if you put one oytfit in the wardrobe and assign the room to a character you want to wear the outfit would it work?

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