8 Replies to “Drawing from a Closed Front Cover Garment by Gomez-Training.com”

  1. hey great videos, i see your holster is a galco royal guard inside the pants right? what do you think about this holster for beretta 92 fs?

    from venezuela saludos

  2. Great videos. Thanks for posting these. I have found that when I use the methods shown during IDPA, I sometimes grab part of the shirt and bring it up with the gun. It pulls loose at count 3 but disrupts the grip. A cover garment with heavy or stiff material is better suited for what you are demonstrating. A thin shirt tends to cling to the body and get hung up, which really requires a two hand method to hold it out of the way. At least that is what I have found in my experience.

  3. Great video, Paul. Looking foward to seeing more of your videos when you post them.
    Steve/Yale on LOCAL/BayouShooter

  4. Paul, good call out on thumb capping. I see that quite often also, though not too many people are doing the thumb cap anymore it seems, but of those that do, I agree that it should be once the muzzle is depressed. Great video.

  5. Another great video!
    I practiced using the thumb technique you showed in this video but worried about lifting bulky material (such as a sweatshirt) and went back to dry practice using two hands. Maybe I'll rethink my technique!

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