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  1. It is so sad that these women going there thinking this is the dress I have to have when they don't realize it may not look good on them. There's a lot of times where, as a photographer, you look at the dress and you go, what were they thinking? You're a beautiful woman and the dress, yeah, it must have cost them 8000 dollars, but they didn't need one like that. It overwhelms them, and they're lost in it, but they had to have one like that.

    Sad part is this young woman has an extremely strong jaw and a gown without a neck line is letting her jaw look like she's what is that cartoon character, dudly do right? Today's dresses are almost so only one style really just different materials, at least hers had straps to help.

  2. That's just cheap, I'm sorry, $150 is just ridiculous to be so anxious about for a wedding gown, for a professionally employed woman it's just tight fisted.

  3. i can't imagine spending more than 1500$ on my dress, and even then that seems like so much just for a dress.

  4. omg imagine if they had that one gok’s client who wanted a pink dress and put her in it without warning her its double her budget? oh she would be devastated

  5. they should tell the bride beforehand if its overbudget and we all cant stress this enough. this is just so close to manipulation its crazy.

  6. The other show checks w/the store owner to see if they could work w/the price….the UK version doesnt!

  7. All three bridesmaids could of at least split the cost around 50 pounds each for her as a gift. But whatever. She was stressing so unnecessary and it’s so understandable to try and stay in the budget.

  8. The dress was stunning on her!!! Its worth every penny and 148 pounds is not a fortune for the dress that makes you look PERFECT!

  9. It really was quite horrible of them to pressure her over her budget like that. And they do it All The Time! I’m not fond of this version of the show. They are clearly more about sales than customer respect. An extra 148 and then there’s the alterations and the veil and the shoes and the jewelry…… I’d totally walk out on them for this “service”.

  10. If I marry someday, I'm taking nobody with me to try dresses, except future husband IF he asks to go.

  11. Don’t pull a dress for her that is out of her budget! That’s so manipulative. Or at least tell her before she tries it on wtf.

  12. If I was her friend I would give her the 150 dollars, if they want her to have it they should give her the extra money

  13. That's why you keep your feet on the ground and stop trying to make your dress something its not. It wont solve your problems pay your Bill's and raise your credit score… it's a dress

  14. The tears overb148 is annoying…for any wedding there is some give and take. Freak eliminating one thing can make that up. If it was such a big deal she would be buying preowned or discounted dresses.

  15. She had three friends with louis vitton and mk bags but failed to add 148 dollars to her budget..🤔

  16. I hate how they build up the brides confidence all the time, and then just ruin it all by saying it’s over the price range. Just tell her the price BEFORE she puts it on, I honestly just think that this is pathetic and selfish of them to do this just for money.🙄🤦‍♀️

  17. As bridal consultants, they should have known better than to give a bride a dress to try on that's over her budget.

  18. I have the urge to slap this chick across the face… Her hair bothers the SHIT outta me- IDK DONT JUDGE SHE HAS A VERY SLAPPABLE FACE 😂👏🏼👏🏼

  19. David Emmanuel trying to get this woman to go over her budget by saying, "but for the dress of your dreams…" Is so sleazy and gross. Don't emotionally manipulate women into spending more than they want on what will likely be the most expensive event of their life.

  20. £148 is about $193…. US money.
    That's A LOT of money. It's not "slightly" over budget, it's a lot of money.
    £148 could also buy:
    several fancy dinners for the two of them
    at least one theme park ticket
    a nights stay in an upscale hotel
    Tickets to see a play
    Lots of great souvineers from the honeymoon

    And that's just a few random fun things, let's not forget about food and rent and stuff.

    I hate all of this pressure because "it's your one special day" and "look at your face! You need it!" like no…. you don't. There's a reason to have a budget.

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