Dress Apna Apna feat Ahsaas Channa & Khushbu Baid | Girliyapa

Dress Apna Apna feat Ahsaas Channa & Khushbu Baid | Girliyapa

Somewhere, someday, you’ll get
something that fits you perfectly! And tonight, I get to wear it! And finally, everyone
at the college reunion will say, “Isn’t Raveen Moheshwari, looking
like Raveen Tandon after passing out?” And finally, Amar will fall in love with me
and our love will be eternal! Finally! Finally!
Fin… Why did you lock the door? ‘Cause it’s time to remove hair
from down there. Okay. – Raveena?
– Karishma? We both can’t enter this party together. – So I think we should leave.
– Me? Really? This, this has always been
your problem Karishma. You find everything funny! Let me tell you, copying from me and
scoring more in our exams, was not funny! Copying my idea and launching a start up
was not funny! Copying my dress for this party and
stealing my thunder, is just not funny! You know what is funnier?
You, in this dress. Excuse me! This dress on me looks like, I don’t remember the lyrics,
but I’m sure all of those things! So you, leave! You leave, I deserve this dress because it complements my brown
eyes, black hair and yellow teeth. You don’t even have a body
that’s worth wearing this art. How dare you! There was a hunger strike at Jantar
Mantar and I joined their cause, just to fit into this dress. Unlike you, I actually put in an effort. Exactly! You made an effort! Whereas me,
I was made for this dress! I didn’t choose this dress,
this dress chose me. In history, I will be remembered
as the girl who looked 10 on 10. 10, my foot! If I had to rate you based on this dress,
I’d rate you a … on a scale of 2. I’d also give you feedback
in capital letters. Wearing an original’s copy doesn’t
make you original. Yes, I wore a fake dress. How would you know to be in the heat in
Sarojini Nagar arguing with one store guy, “No, mister… Get it down…
I buy all my stuff from here, mister…” and then to get that cheap dress
and be proud of it. You must’ve bought a carry bag worth
10 bucks even to carry this dress, right? Isn’t that why you didn’t have money
to buy accessories? How would I buy them? How would I?
You seem to have worn all of them! By the way, I’m sporting a minimal look.
#lessismore Is this what you tell your boyfriend also,
to satisfy his ego? – You’re talking a lot.
– I’ve not even started. Nice dress, Raveena. Hey, you! Do I look better than her
in this dress? Girls, did y’all buy these at
a wholesale store? #twinning #sonottwinning Listen, I don’t have time for this, someone is waiting inside for me,
so I think I should go in… Who? Prem? FYI, he doesn’t like maroon at all. So you can go change
and I will go in. FYI, the couple dance is going on inside. Neither do they call a single person a couple
nor the thing you do can be called dance. Dance is secondary. If I go in, guys will get a chance to talk
about a girl after 4 drinks. If I go in, all the waiters will bang
in to each other because their eyes will be on me. Then how will people get their drinks? ‘Cause why will anyone compliment you
when they’re sober? Don’t you worry! They will be drunk,
drunk in my beauty. I’ll be couple of their muse
in a jiffy! Go ahead and be their muse! ‘Cause I’ll be the news. The Page 3 guys will publish articles
about me, move away, the paps are waiting. Let me go then, atleast I get
good pictures. If I go, the winds start to blow… If I go, the leaves will also fly
like ‘Mohabatein’, with a violin. If I go, people will say
that thier lover has come. Everything will move in slow motion
suddenly, if I go, Everyone will perform a coordinated dance
if I go in. If I go in, even the moon will become
big in the sky. If I go in, someone will fall
in love with me, again. Raveena?
Karishma? – Amar?
– Prem? Did y’all also plan to wear the same dress? So did we, but we just got
different jackets. Jackets. Karishma!

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