Dress Code At California Conservation Corps

Dress Code At California Conservation Corps

– [OG Blue Hat] What’s going on people? OG Blue Hat here, and today’s video, I’m going to be talking about dress code. (hip hop music) I was gonna make this
video gender-specific, but then again I realize that
we live in the year 2018, going on 19. There’s guys that dress like girls. There’s girls that dress like guys. There’s people that dress
like they’re in the future. There’s people that dress
like they’re in the past. I don’t judge, more
importantly, I don’t care. Therefore, this advice applies to, whatever you identify yourself with. Hey guys, I’m currently
editing the dress code video, right now, and I hate how insensitive I sound
in this last scene. I’m not gonna go into a rant,
at least I’ma try not to, but I just have to clarify a few things. Every CCC Center, is LGBTQ-friendly, and it’s a place where you can
dress how you want to dress, and be who you are, as
long as it’s appropriate. And when I say appropriate, I mean, one of the basic guidelines
that I’m about to cover in this video. I just wanna clarify that I support what anybody wants to
be, or see themselves as. You’re entitled to your own life, and should be able to be
yourself wherever you go in life. And I just wanna apologize
for how insensitive I sounded in the last scene. Okay, now back to the video. You’re unable to wear
super-short shorts, crop tops, or anything else that’s revealing. And trust me, I’m your age,
so I understand why you would wanna wear that clothing. It’s trendy, comfortable,
and it keeps you cool on a hot day. And, if you really do
wanna wear that clothing, then I suggest wearing it off the center, so you don’t have to hear
Administration’s mouth, or have an EEO complaint filed against you from a fellow core member. You also can’t wear
clothing with beer, drugs, sexual activity, or alcohol on it. You also can’t wear clothing
that promotes gangs. But, nobody can stop you
from wearing a certain color. You can wear all red, all
blue, all black, hell, all rainbow if you wanted to. But, you will be asked to
change if your shirt spells out Yosemite Crips (laughs), or
like South Lake Tahoe Drug Lord with guns all over it. (laughs) Okay, so to reiterate, no
clothing with gang, sexual, alcohol, or drug symbols on it. Yosemite Crips, is that
a real thing? (laughs) I be making myself die. If that is a real thing, I
don’t mean to offend, okay. I really don’t. I just use that as an example. (tv static) It may sound ridiculous, but
there’s also dress code for inside the dining hall. You’re forbidden to
wear tank tops because, you’re afraid that your
armpit hair is going to fall into the food. You also can’t wear open-toed
sandals, or slippers and as President, I was
really trying to change this. They forbid open-toed
sandals or slippers because, they’re scared that you’re
gonna file for Worker’s Comp, if hot food falls on your foot. And they’re also scared
of you dropping a knife on your foot, but all the
knives are super dull. And the last reason why they
banned open-toed sandals or slippers, is because of people’s feet. And this one, I actually agree with it. It would be nasty if you’re eating, and someone’s feet smelled
like a skunk on diarrhea. And that’s not even a joke. There’s some people that
just have poor hygiene. Just wait and see, you’ll find out.` I’m not sure if this rule
applies to other CCC Centers, but at Tahoe, we’re unable to
wear our uniforms to dinner. After work, we’re sent to our rooms to change out of our uniform. Which kinda sucks, because it takes away
from our eating time, but they do that because, they don’t want us hovering around food with a dirty uniform. You’re not allowed to wear
CCC gear off the Center, if you’re not working, and
that’s because they’re afraid you’re gonna misrepresent the program. Which makes sense, because
what if you’re caught drinking or smoking on private
property wearing CCC gear? It just makes the program look bad. That’s pretty much all you
need to know about dress code, but, if you have any other questions, just leave a comment below,
email me or message me, and I’ll reply back with the quickness. In the description below,
our products from Amazon, that you’ll need for when
you begin working at the CCC. Other than that, please like this video if it was helpful, subscribe, and remember
to strive to become the queen or king in your passions. Peace out guys.

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  1. kool nice for this info as well I taking backpack but u think I should take a hiking back?? are gonna need a hiking back as well? thankz

  2. Is there dress code policy on hair color? My sister is joining and I’m a hair stylist and often practice on her hair

  3. Wait hold up, I'm moving to fortuna in a month (hopefully Tahoe down the line 🤞🏻) but I couldn't wear a crop top even when just hanging out in the center?? 🤔 That would be kind of a bummer. Also I'm so sad that I won't be able to wear my slides to eat, even though I understand their reasons

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