43 Replies to “DRESS LIKE A DISNEY PRINCESS CHALLENGE! | Disney Bound Challenge”

  1. I love how the person who won is the only person who looked nothing like the person they were Disney Bounding. (Before the outfit)

  2. I swear a 3 months old baby boy could pick the winners and I’d agree more with the baby

  3. looks in hat
    >reaches in
    >then closes eyes and looks away
    >picks card
    >opens eyes and looks at it
    ”Oh my goshh!! I got (so and so)! I can make this work! I look

  4. Did’nt she say this in every Disney bound video with the same tone? “And time!!”
    Why are their thinking faces the same in every video?!
    Why is the character picking so obviously picked? red hair got Ariel and the black haired got jasmine
    Did they film all the videos in one day? Bcuz why do they wear the same outfit in every video?

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