Dress Like A MAN | 7 Tips To Stop Dressing Like A BOY

Dress Like A MAN | 7 Tips To Stop Dressing Like A BOY

Dress Like A MAN 7 Tips To Stop Dressing Like
A BOY [0:00:00]
When did it become a trend for men to dress like boys? If you go out there and go look at a 5-year
old, a 25-year old, a 45-year old, they’re all wearing the same thing. They’ve got the running shoes on, they’ve
got shorts maybe jeans, they’ve got a t-shirt and they’ve got a baseball cap. It’s like they all coordinated all these
together. I’ll give the 5-year old credit because,
hey, he was probably dressed by his parents, but the 25-year old, the 45-year old, what’s
going on here? We’ve got a whole generation of men that
don’t know how to dress themselves. They don’t know how to dress like a man. In today’s video, I’ve got seven steps
so that you can start dressing like a man. [Music]
Step number one to start dressing like a man gentlemen, dress with intention. This is key, you’ve actually got to change
your mindset, you’ve got to think about when I’m putting clothing on my body, what
message am I sending. A lot of these guys are going to say, hey,
I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, this is my style. No, it’s not. You are in a fashion trend and you don’t
even know it because if you look around, all these other guys are doing the same thing,
you just simply haven’t thought about it. And, it’s okay because most men haven’t
thought about who they are, where they’re going, and where they want to end up. And, very few have actually thought about
how style, how image, how presentation can help them get there. You want to use style to your advantage. I’m not talking about jackets or suits,
I’m talking about whatever it is you’re doing that you’re sending the message you
want to send. If you work in a blue-collar industry, then
wear a uniform that signals trust that’s going to get people to open the door so you
can get more business. Guys, it’s about dressing with intention. Step number two to dressing like a man, have
the courage to lead. Have the courage to be the best dressed man
in the room. And this is tough sometimes because many of
us don’t want to stand out. We’re not used to standing out. But, if you want to be successful if you want
to be at the top of your game, you’re going to stand out and you got to get used to it. If you want to be the leader, look to what
the leaders are doing in and around your industry maybe in other industries that you admire
and say, you know what? I’m going to emulate them. I’m not at that level yet, but I’m going
to start to take the steps, I’m going to have the courage to lead. And speaking of having the courage to lead,
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been wearing their watches I can tell you they’re the real deal, a great company. Go check them out. Step number three to dressing like a man is
to practice and practice is exactly what it sounds. You dress well even when you don’t have
to. You want to practice wearing that clothing
because then it becomes second nature. You get used to it, you feel good in them. When you don’t practice, you’re wearing
a costume. Now, sports jackets they feel great to me,
it’s something that I just feel natural in because I practice wearing them. I’m not going to say that you got to wear
a sports jacket, maybe it’s going to be a button down, maybe it’s going to be a
hat, maybe it’s going to be a watch. Whatever it may be practice and incorporate
that into your style. Practice, gentlemen, is where it’s at. Step number four to dressing like a man is
to experiment and to measure for yourself. Guys, I can tell you all these information. I can put the studies out there you can go
check out what other people are saying, but you need to experiment and measure for yourself. Because it’s going to have different effects
you’re going to want to make adjustments to what I’m talking about. But, when you can see for yourself that, yes,
I do start to earn more, you can go read the studies, but when you see at the bottom line
of your paycheck that you got that raise that if you’re in sales you are able to sell
more, all of a sudden you’re like this stuff is real and it can have a measurable effect
on my family and all of a sudden you make style yours. Step number five to dressing like a man is
to build your core wardrobe. Your core wardrobe is your inner wardrobe. If you can imagine concentric circles, this
is what everything is built off of. The key here with your core wardrobe is, yes,
it’s just going to make you look good. It’s not about drawing attention to itself,
so that’s why you go with the solid colors. [0:05:01]
For the shirts whites maybe light blues, then you can bring in variations. Now, for your suits you would go with navy
blue, charcoal gray, maybe medium gray, but you’re not going to bring in any patterns,
you’re not going to go with the light gray with a pink stripe. That maybe a great looking suit, but it’s
too memorable. It’s not going to be interchangeable. Now, if you’re building up a blue-collar
wardrobe. Perhaps this is something you’re starting
your own company, well, in that case you want to have a uniform, you want to have enough
that in a week you won’t have to actually wear dirty ones if you’re, you know, sweating
a lot, it would be something that you could get through them all and, yes, you would want
to invest in a uniform. Step number six, buy the best you can afford. So, a lot of guys go out there and they don’t
want to spend more than $100 on a suit, but they’re going to go spend $1,000 on a big
screen television. Come on, guys if you are starting your career
you’ve got to have priorities. That’s suit if you’re going into banking
is going to be a lot more valuable than that big screen television. The degree that you’ve got nobody sees that
in your back pocket or back on your wall back in your home office. What they see is what they’re presented
with. You want to make sure that you’re putting
your best foot forward and that you’re budgeting enough for your wardrobe. And I get it some of you guys start off, your
budgets are tight and those in the know those at the top of the company they can make an
excuse, you know, they understand when you’re just starting off. But, if you’ve worked at the firm for five
years and you’re not reinvesting in your image, they’re not going to put you in front
of the client unless you look the part. Step number seven gentlemen, own less, but
everything you own loved. So, I was at the conference and I’m looking
in the closet everything that I’ve brought which actually wasn’t much and I realized
I loved everything. I love that polo, that button down, that dress
shirt; I thought they all looked great. And then, I had two different jackets, this
jacket actually I took with me and it was – it was all interchangeable, it worked
great in every single item there from the jeans, from the dress boots that I bought,
everything I loved, everything I felt good in. Gentlemen, that’s a good place to be. It may take you years to build a wardrobe,
but as a man you need to realize I need to make this a priority. This is what’s going to help me do what
I wanted to do. You need to present to the world what kind
of man you are. And that’s why gentlemen you should invest
in your wardrobe. And, guys, hopefully you enjoy this video. I had a lot of fun with this one. Let me know in the comments about which watch
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    Video Summary:
    0:52 – Dress With Intention
    1:45 – Have The Courage To Lead
    3:23 – Practice
    4:00 – Experiment For Yourself
    4:40 – Build Your Core Wardrobe
    5:34 – Buy The Best You Can Afford
    6:25 – Own Less, Love More

  2. The watch I prefer is my 1951 Omega Seamaster and nobody seems to have a clue what I am wearing while they try to flaunt their Breitlings.

  3. my style of what i like too wear is different then most people 😀 i am already my own leader and really carefree too. i am 33 and i am me all the way. now i have a different way of seeing myself thgen most people. i am also very down too earth and spiritual. i also love hip hop trendy clothes because i like it not because of other people. i am just very spunky and carefree. i still dress in my teen and 20s but still if anyone has too look down on us and we we dress then people got issues. now i think your logic is sort of contradicting where be yourself and choose your own style but just follow how the leaders dress as in dress with suit and tie it seems a lot like conforming too society and its standards it seems. no one really dresses like me as i love tie dye psychedelic and bright colors and destroyed baggy jeans and hippie shirts. if anyone has too judge me because of this then its your loss because i am a very nice kind person who never really judges anyone unless they look down on me and others in anyway.

  4. Look, some of us are on a daily adventure. These adventures are not always "I am working the office today and later I am going to play golf" . I run a million dollar company I grew from the ground up not long ago. Everyday I wear dirty pants with holes in the knees and a stained shirt. People follow me anyway. Do you know why? Because I am a leader whether I like it or not. I go from the office to the greasy orifice of a machine in a matter of minutes. When the day is over I jump into my "boy cloths", grab a collection of friends and off to more adventures in the lakes, hills, towns, etc. I don't impress anyone with looks, it's all personality, I have no issues finding new friends to add with our group and we have lot's of fun together. You can keep the materialistic friends, all they will do is use you till you're not interesting. Our friendships last for years and our memories are boundless. $500 watch? Hell no! $500 for a spectacular cookout on a lake side with boats, ATV's, laughter, stupid moments, and beyond. When that $500 watch breaks or gets lost, it will only create sadness. When our $500 outdoor adventure ends, we'll remember forever and laugh about it into our old age. Keep your watch, and count the seconds to your death. Hope you smile on day zero.

  5. I think we all forgot why us human beings use clothes. Basic simple protection from the cold and other forms. This kinda proves fashion is an illusion. A concept full of vanity and control. One of the aspects of manhood is CHOICE. Choose for yourself and don't let another dictate what you wear. Relying on the opinion of others is what boys do, not men. Let me say it again, Pick what ypu want to wear and don't let this pathetic society choose for you.

  6. What do I do if I’m not very wealthy and can’t afford nice suits. I have a job, It pays good, but I just started and if I’m paying my whole pay check on a single suit.. I won’t have much fun.

  7. I agree that you should just dress appropriately for the occasion your attending. If you feel like wearing a jeans and T-shirt on regular day to go the store or see a movie ect. I don’t see anything wrong with that, doesn’t make you less than a man

  8. Chrono S Blue/Brown
    Beautiful design, one of the few times I have experienced inverted sticker shock. Looks like a solid value.

  9. summer is here, it’s hot as balls outside, i’m dressing in shorts, tshirt, a baseball cap, and sunglasses 🤪

  10. I’m watching your videos to transform back into a classier man in my off hours in order to honor my wife. As a (late in life) longshoreman who uses to wear a suit to church every Sunday, I wore down to shorts, Hawaiian shirts, and flip flops (I now wear mostly Merrill’s when I’m not in Steel Toes). Cargo shorts and a T help keep me cooled down at work whether under coveralls or more often not while driving heavy machinery. I’ve started wearing a hat and am thinking of picking up a gentleman’s walking cane for self defense purposes, antiquated yet effective. Thank you for the balanced manly inspiration to dress up again.

  11. So don't have fun with your style and always look like a pretentious, boring old guy? Sorry, I love dressing up in cool, tailored suits and nice polo or button up shirts whenever I feel it's best, but when I'm casually out and about with my lady or my crew, I much prefer my band t-shirts, backwards caps, combat boots, distressed jeans, and my awesome battle vest with patches of my favorite bands.
    My take on this is always strive to look your best, but if that comes at the expense of your individuality, self-expression, and youthful spirit, then you might want to reel it back just a bit. Balance is everything. Don't constantly stay in one end of the fashion spectrum.

  12. Unusual shoulders, I have only found that executive cut jackets fit me somewhat well. That said, if I wear something heavy on my shoulders for too long, my blood flow gets pinched to my left arm so it will start to go numb. Should I be tailoring suit jackets, or just doing away with them?

  13. I liked the rosewood watches, but I was surprised that they did not have a pocket watch line. I like the classic look of a good pocket watch, but fancy examples are getting harder to find.

  14. You forgot to mention how you present yourself plays a huge role in what you're wearing. You can dress like a million dollars, but if you slouch, if you avoid eye contact during conversation, have a weak hand shake and laugh at every single joke, even when it's not funny, no one will see the clothing. Clothing plays off your soul. If they don't match, it's all thrown off.

  15. Today's men dress like boys… because that's how the fashionistas and the cultural Marxist feminazi media WANT men to be:  little stupid easily-manipulated boys.

  16. Man you very good job in your videos didn’t even know that the way we look matters a lot thanks for the video 🤝 i got it👍

  17. Thrift stores and Walmart are great places to find good looking clothes for a cheap prices if it looks like you atleast tried people will have more respect for you and don't think we'll its not in right now and im young and nobody my age wheres that because that's just stupid I dress like I'm 90 years old very 30s and I'm 18 but I get more compliments by people who where important then I did when I was trying to fit in so where something with a collar with some nice jeans or chins or dress pants (btw classic fit dress pants are very comfortable

  18. If you live in a rural community t-shirts jeans hats/western hats are okay. Just make sure you got the right kind of shoes/boots that go with the look. I used to work in the legal world. My advice to the men entering the legal world. Shave your face clean. Keep your hair squared away. Have a simple tie bar. Keep the colors dark. Ties must be dark make sure the patterns are not crazy or no patterns at all. Slacks must be dark. Shoes must be black and polished. The more serious you appear the better. And above all else make sure you brush your teeth and have a clean breath. Chewing gum works before you meet clients. Always have a pen in handy. Most importantly above all else make sure to keep your cloths clean and neatly pressed.

  19. What's your respectable tip on how a young barber should be dressing? I, myself like old vintage clothing. Let's say a Pendleton and some nice old time dress wool pants with a pair of Stacy Adams?

  20. good video. I think dressing like a man can be very subjective though and we all follow certain trends and wear "costumes", even you. I think what you are describing more is the very traditional and professional man. Ultimately though your right, you dress for the job you want.

  21. I guess this is what you get when take something complex and try to over simplify it. Most guys would rather wear a t shirt and jeans because you can go anywhere with this style and nobody thinks you are an overdressed nerd without a clue. It's 2018, not 1930. There is a time and a place for every style and the real classic man is someone who knows when and where they apply. Even in your videos you look over primped. I work in a blue collar job, work around my house, work out, work in the house, hang out with buddies, and on and on and most of the guys in your videos would be overdressed for 90% of real life. Which is why you see so few dressed like you, a real man. LMAO.

  22. 95% of so called men dress like kids, people often ask me, why are you dressed like that? They ask me why I wear a three piece suit. We are covered in mediocrity..

  23. If I could, I'd wear a track suit most of the time because it's so comfortable.
    I'm 39. People keep referring to me as "young man" and it makes me want to punch them in the face!

  24. Good luck wearing suits and classy clothing working at a construction site and keeping your body temperature the same while working in the heat.

  25. Original Grain looks great!!!! I’ve started working for Dillards Department Store in San Antonio, Texas…as a watch specialist no less……. PLEASE send me anyone of the watches to show off and learn about.

  26. OH, that's easy! It's the elevation of the jock, who basically never grows up. Today's low class males idolize professional athletes, most of whom are basically still 5 year olds mentally, still playing children's games albeit for millions. So their followers, who really believe that if they really tried, they too could be rich jocks with model girlfriends (who also are usually in suspended maturity as well, stuck in junior high forever completely self obsessed with trying to have the latest 'look').

  27. Take your lead from females, they dress the part. When a suit becomes a second skin you know you're there, just as jeans and t-shirt becomes a second skin at home. If you're thinking about what you're wearing, you ain't thinking about what matters. The prime example is a normal guy who only wears a suit to a job interview or a wedding – he's uncomfortable, his mind isn't focussed where it should be.

  28. American culture is "dont judge me" thats why those fat fucks are everywhere and they eating lots of donuts …..look at British man ,Italian man…..they can judge whoever they want…..so ppl will feel shame when somebody tells them you are fat loser….its cultural things…..I usually judge whoever I want..I dont give a fuck….this is free world…

  29. … I would give this video mixed reviews. Anyway yes dress like the job you want can be a decent idea. Im personally dress with staples. Yes a t shirt and jeans is apart of staples. Also even though i no longer wear jewlery like a chain the most expensive thing i would wear is the jacket. My style of leatger jacket does still work. One of these. Days i may dress buisness casual but that would be mostly summer since i rather have a untucked button down. Also the shoes wont be in bad weather. I did just learn of mens dress boots. Thanks.

  30. As a man in his mid fifties heading into early retirement,. It's easy to schlep into jeans and a t shirt to run errands but I get treated a lot better buy dressing business casual as a minimum.. that's leather shoes, slacks or chinos and a button down shirt or if you want, a decent polo shirt. That's better service at banks and restaurants I found that I began to feel like a different person. I used to dress college casual … hoodies and warm up pants but that's definitely out for me.

  31. To each their own but I generally wear a little bit of each meal and wear or tear holes in my clothes.
    Comes from doing stuff, like, you know, manly man stuff. Lol
    Although the holes worn in the toe of my steel toe work boots shine nicely. A lil bling bling hey?

  32. Because today we live in a feministic society, men don't know how to act like men. They watch to much TV for starters…..

  33. Interesting topic, then you run from it for a stupid shitty watch ad. No more discussion on the boys to men fashion. Same shit you say in every video

  34. That blue suit with light blue shirt looks bad. I agree with some of your points particularly the leader sentiment. I would revist the color choices.

  35. Watch the movie Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. Look at how Arnold is dressed. Cargo shorts, converse high-tops, Izod, and a sport coat. We need to bring that look back.

  36. Nice jeans/Joggers. Form fitting T shirt (hit the gym fatties. It will do more wonders than being the sperg always wearing a suit). Nice sneakers. That's all you need.

  37. All you guys wearing dress shirts and suits assuming that it's what it takes to dress like a man. What if we work retail or manual labor in summer? You're not teaching us how to dress like a man, you're teaching us how to dress like you. Judging us and saying what we're wearing is a trend. You're no different from every YouTuber saying that a suit (boring) is what makes a man. Makes me think… Who's really following the trend? You or us.

  38. I also think bearing plays a big part in how we look in our clothes. I’ve seen young guys dressed nicely look like kids playing dress up simply because they lacked the confident and mature bearing to pull it off; hands in pockets, chewing gum, wearing baseball hats while in a sport coat and slacks, etc.

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