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  1. Thanks so much. Im from england but only understand american terminology. I also use the body shape and different parts of the bunny and modify them into different animals

  2. Love your tutorial! Btw, is it possible to use cotton yarn to make amigurumi dolls?

  3. Wonderful tutorial! It was so fun, making this adorable bunny!!! I've done a couple other of your tutorials, and you always make things so clear! I started out (as a beginner to crochet) making your amigurumi bear, it taught me so much, and I am very grateful to you for it! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. So happy to find this video thank you, do you have a trousers and jacket pattern for a boy rabbit? Can’t wait to start this project?

  5. You are such a wonderful teacher, I have been so afraid to try amigurumi and then I found your channel. You are an excellent crocheter, please keep up the good work!! I finally made my first amigurumi bunny.

  6. I am using a 4mm crochet hook and there are slight gaps between my stitches. At the moment I am on round 11 , should I start again with a smaller hook size? Or should I continue but switch to a 3.5mm hook ? Please reply asap

  7. Can we make this much of larger bunny by this tutorial?? And how to make larger bunny than this? Plz guide me.

  8. Sei bravissima! Complimenti. Hai qualche schema in italiano? È un piacere seguirti
    Grazie Maria Teresa

  9. Just finished the dress, looks really cute, does anyone know where the video is for the shoes please, can't seem to find it anywhere…been looking for days. cheers. Those shoes are my favourite accessory of this bunny. ???????where?

  10. Hi! Thank you for the tutoiral, I'll make a bunny as my cousin's birthday present but can you tell me what will happen if I use smaller hook (2mm) and how much yarn did it take to make a bunny! Thank you again 😊

  11. Making a heap of the bear version of this atm. For charity for Xmas pressies thank you for the free patterns you share hunni.i do a lot of charity work so a free pattern means the more I can make so I thank you and the sick and disadvantaged kids I make for thank you. Very appreciative of your kindness

  12. Hello my name is Renee. I have a Boyle set and it don't have a 4 or a 4.5mm hook. It had a 4.25 needle. Can I use that one? I really want to make this for my granddaughter and I want the dresses to fit. Thank you for your videos. I live them.

  13. As usual another FANTASTIC pattern!!! You are amazing and thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and providing us with very easy to follow instruction. I appreciate how you even talk about what can happen and how to fix that, what to watch for so we can end up with a great little amigurumi ♥ Thank you!

  14. Thanks for this great video! I wasn't sure what size Hook you used? I must have missed where you said the hook size. I used 5mm .

  15. 내가 보려고 만드는
    1:59 머리+몸
    37:38 귀
    51:38 코
    57:23 팔
    1:05:09 다리
    1:18:29 꼬리(폼폼)
    1:20:41 꼬리(뜨개)
    1:25:14 다리 붙이기
    1:28:12 팔 붙이기
    1:30:46 꼬리 붙이기 1
    1:33:11 꼬리 붙이기 2
    1:36:23 귀 붙이기
    1:40:32 코 붙이기

  16. I can't find Red Heart Comfort yarn in my area. I am using Red Heart Super Saver but am not happy with the results. Can you suggest another yarn that would compare to the Comfort yarn?
    Thank you,
    Marilyn Becker

  17. When I go to the pattern, it gives a "printable" version of the pattern, which I find useful so I don' t have to keep referring to the computer. However, when I print the pattern for the bunny, it leaves out the directions for the head and body up to row 40. I had to go back in and copy and paste that section in order to have it in print. Also, one the Spring dress pattern it left off the directions for the shoes and on the carrot basket, it left off the main part of the basket.
    Also, in one place of the instructions you ask that the pattern not be printed so why do you give a printable version? I will only use it for my own use but will refer others who might want it to your you tube tutorials or to amigurumitogo.com so they can find their own patterns.

  18. Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial it's very clear n good. I liked your describing the instruction n your way is easy.

  19. I love your tutorials. I’m a visual person and seeing it done helps so much. Thank you thank you thank you.

  20. I absolutely love this pattern I made the bunny and the dresses for my granddaughter there amazing thank you so much and thank you even more for the free pattern to go with it xxx its very much appreciated 🙂

  21. Im sewing on my eyes for my 4th bunny because it's a safer way for a child under the age of 3 I'm a bit worried about using safety eyes because they can be chewed when is the best time to sew the eyes on when the bunnies stuffed or when the head is half done as i want to make it extra safe for my granddaughter? xxxxx

  22. I love your tutorials and your calm demeanor and voice.Crocheting with you is like meditation. Thankyou so much for all the hard work you do to give us free projects to achieve.

  23. I am wanting to make this bunny but i can't find where you mention the type of yarn or the size of the hook. Please help!

  24. Me encantaron tus conejos. Explicas súper bien. Suscrita! Mil gracias por compartir. Saludos desde Querétaro, México. 🤗

  25. Omg I love this 1 cuz am in my car and my sis has music and I love how you put the row 2 2sc in each st also cuz I can’t really hear one of my ears are blocked so that really helpfull 😃

  26. i just finished my bunny!!! im so proud of myself omg! i mainly used your pattern on your website, and checked the video on parts i was confused about but wow! very easy and you have a nice, soft, clear voice to follow. i want to keep making more of your patterns!

  27. Hola que tal. Me encantan sus trabajos! Son muy lindos. El único problema es que no entiendo su idioma. Me gustaría mucho , que pusiera los subtítulos en Español. Muchas gracias y un saludo desde Valencia. ❤

  28. Hola ,perdona mi ignorancia, como puedo traducirlo en español un saludo gracias ,haces unos amigurumi perfecto 🥰🥰🥰


  30. I made my first crochet soft toy and thanks to you and your wonderful tutorial , you made it easy for me , thanks

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