Dress Sense – JACK AND DEAN

Dress Sense – JACK AND DEAN

*clothes and hangers being thrown across the room* UGH! Are you ready yet? I’ve been waiting ages. I’ve looked everywhere. Either you’ve got my favourite t-shirt, or the clothes monster’s taken it. Or the Laundry Fairy. I hope it’s her….she sounds hot! You’re wearing it under there, aren’t you? *clothes ripping* I don’t have it, Jack. I’ve never stolen anything from you. You’re wearing a dress. It’s a robe. It’s got flowers on it. *scoff* *laugh* Why are you wearing lady clothes? “Lady clothes” is the ideology of a society that segregates human beings for what they find naturally comfortable, Jack. Your sort of attitude even pre-dates–Whatever! You look like a girl… *pat pat* gorgeous. I wear it over clothes as well. Oh, really? *clothes ripping* *fun music* *fun music* This is for when it’s hot. *clothes ripping* *gasps* *wind blowing* *wind blowing* This is for when it’s c-cold. *clothes ripping* *fairy magic* For when I’m doing laundry. *clothes ripping* *gurgles* *water falling on tile* Ah! *yanks away snorkle* Boo! Ah! Hahahaha! I got you. *sheet falling* *gasp* It’s f-for support. Thought I was your support. You are. *creepy music* Huahuuugh. *bra falling* Is that second dress? So? What size are you anyway? I don’t know, ten I think. Hm, I would’ve thought you’re an eight. Oh, stop it! *clothes ripping* Stop it! *clothes ripping* Oh! Aargh! What? This is-This is this is normal. Aargh! You’re acting like you’ve never seen a pair of nipples before. Not that low down! But what’s that you’re wearing? What? Oh. Well, I don’t know. Well, it’s fallen apart, no matter what it is. *monster noises* *creepy music and more monster noises* *creepy music intensifies* Give it back. *reluctant monster noise* *putting on shirt noises* Thank you. *theme music* *laughter*

100 Replies to “Dress Sense – JACK AND DEAN”

  1. When I read a, "Dean looks cute in a dress." comment, I imagined Dean Winchester in a dress… I've been binge watching Supernatural…

  2. When Dean can make anything look better than you… (Also my favorite was the green dress cause it really fit him and it looked adorable)

  3. "youre acting like youve never seen a pair of nipples before"
    "not that low down!"
    i knew there was a reason ive been watching your vids for so long (yet only subscribed like yesterday for some reason xd)

  4. This comment is really late but I still want to say that Dean looks adorable in dresses, he should wear a dress more often. V cute.

  5. “You’re acting like you’ve never seen a pair of nipples before”

    “Not that low down”

    W-was dean talking about his face

  6. me: oh wait who was the laundry monster, wasn't it dan or someone

    is revealed to be alex day

    me: well shit, I see my brain repressed that for a reason

  7. I feel like Jack and Deans house is haunted by a thousand demons and on fifty lay lines but they don't care. Because getting a house in this economy? Hell no. So they just are aware and used the demons.

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