11 Replies to “Dress Smarter: 5 Ways to Wear a Cardigan”

  1. I've got a dark grey Cardigan i tried that casual look i liked it. but how about using the sweater as a top layer?

  2. Hi CombatGent, I'm a big fan and a frequent customer! I love the content you guys produce and I tell all my mates about you guys. My question, could you men do a video about the proper way to wear suspendards? I'm trying to bring back some of these classic gentlemanly assessories and make them useful for the modern man. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hey I'm trying to look up the website. It wont pull up. I want to price and possibly purchase a cardigan.

  4. A cardigan is a must have for every gent's closet. It's versatile enough for casual and formal wear. Eric's going to show you 5 ways to wear a cardigan! #DressSmarter

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