Dress your bump WITHOUT maternity clothes!

Dress your bump WITHOUT maternity clothes!

hey freeze ation Jordan page from punchy for free calm here I am super pregnant and I have decided to do video showing you how I dress this bump without focusing on maternity clothes you heard me right this is baby number six I am eight months pregnant and I have so many tips at this point because I've been pregnant so many times in every possible season I would love to share with you today how I dress me and this little baby boy without having to run out and buy a whole new maternity wardrobe let's just do it let's get down with it shall we alright let's start first with tops now tops can be tricky because if you've ever been pregnant or as you can imagine your bump grows exponentially throughout your pregnancy so you start out looking fairly normal they'll usually on the inside you're feeling a little bit sick and miserable and then by the end of your pregnancy you are popping one option would be sure buy new clothes every month break the bank and have no money for your baby for college by the time the baby's actually born or I've got a few simple tips for you for how to look for tops that will fit you throughout your entire pregnancy my first tip is ruching it's a little bit of a stretchy gather usually on the side of a shirt this is money money money in fact a lot of maternity shirts are perfectly standard shirts with one little line of ruching in them so they change the label to say Maternity and charge you three times more for them there's so this is just a normal teacher it cost me less than $10 from t.j.maxx but the fact that it has this ruching it allows me to grow and grow and grow throughout the entire pregnancy without having to replace the shirt another thing to look for with tops is that they're extra long and extra stretchy but this is just an inexpensive top from H&M that I've used for several pregnancies when you're not pregnant this would look extremely long almost like a dress what you have to remember is this buck makes sure it's a lot shorter than you're used to I personally also love tops with a little bit of a longer sleeve because then as I gain weight during my pregnancy I feel like it just makes me look and feel a little slimmer and a little more tucked in because the baby weight struggle is real another thing to look for with tops are Lois sleeves you will gain weight during your pregnancy because newsflash you're growing a human so the flowy sleeves help because then it can hide some of the insecure areas and it'll fit you no matter what size you are one cut that seems to work really well for me anyway when pregnant especially at the beginning of my pregnancy is more of a peplum cut which is kind of like a little ruffle detail on the lower third of the shirt this again just allows you a little more give a little more breathing room as your belly grows post baby which has anyone told you that once the baby's born you still have a belly for weeks and weeks if no one's told you that you're welcome prepare yourself it's fine but this really does a good job of hiding those unwanted lumps after the baby's born you need another thing to look for with tops is an empire or on Pierre waist which is basically a line that usually cuts you right under the chest this is probably the most ideal shape for that big old bump it really hits you in your tiniest spot which is right where your ribs are and allows for a lot of growing room right here for that cute but big baby belly that is inevitable I actually prefer more of a fitted shirt when I'm pregnant because it really accentuates the belly leaves no question in anyone's mind that I am in fact pregnant but with a fitted shirt comes snug fits around places that you may not want to draw attention to so one of my tips for combating that is to throw a casual vest on something that is fitted this works for every season summer spring fall you take a fitted shirt or even a fitted dress you throw a light loose-fitting vest over it and then suddenly you still have the fit and coverage you want on the front hiding all of the unwanted lumps and things in the back makes you feel a little more done up sometimes what French right you can also do that with these lightweight kimonos and if you are pregnant in the winter this is a great use for those quilted vests or fur vests that you have lying around shows the bump hides the lumps so cute those are tops let's move on to my favorite especially for the summer dresses so for this pregnancy I was mostly pregnant hugely pregnant in the dead of summer in a hundred degrees or more it was hard it was hard it was very hard and it was very hot so I basically lived in dresses I could not fathom putting on pants so a couple of dress tips for you number one the muumuu I'm all about the muumuu it's very simple it's got some pockets loose-fitting hits me just below the knee it feels like pajamas I basically bought it in ten or eleven different colors I got mine nice and big got it in a large so it was kind of like a tent and honestly I wore these pretty much every day sometimes I even slept in them because they were so nice and cool so keep your eyes peeled for loose-fitting lightweight cotton dresses in solid prints patterns and colors that kind of go with everything and if you aren't pregnant in the summer but you're still a fan of the dresses again this is a great way to add some layers with those vests I was talking about that can dress them up for other seasons as well post baby this is a great fit that's flattering on pretty much every body type especially if you don't want things clinging to you after the baby's born these are two maternity dresses that I found at Target like I said I don't often buy a lot of maternity specific things but these are so adorable and they don't look Maternity right these are totally dressed as that I would wear after the baby's born couple of reasons why they're great again that ruffle sleeve that's really flattering even if you aren't super confident with your arms the nice boxy fit that doesn't cling to any part of you nice and long hits me just at or just below the knee the neckline is not too deep if you still are insecure about lumps or bumps in the back pair it and layer it again with a cute little vest or a kimono to add just a little more Flair and flavor a body con dress is basically a sleeved dress typically that hits you at or below the knee that is fitted all the way through it is so flattering on that cute baby bump because it hugs every curve you have these you can wear pregnant or not they hold their shape even after the baby's born and they are in great long dresses are also your best friends especially for someone like me that really suffers with bad bad varicose veins so two things to look for with long dresses are maxi dresses you want to make sure that the seam wherever it is in the dress doesn't hit you in the middle of the belly also this crisscross I don't know what do you call this wrap style is very flattering in the girls area and allows you to nurse easily after the baby's born so this kind of dress is so perfect for pregnant or even after the fact all right now let's talk about skirts for a second with skirts there are really two ways that I like to go number one is a super stretchy pencil skirt that is high-waisted and fits well above the belly while still then ending up at or just above your knee plenty of stretch and room to grow or a long skirt that also can work as a high waisted skirt what you would do is you would find a skirt I will link to these these I just got on Amazon actually and it's technically a high-waisted skirt that cinches up and can go right again at the smallest part of your waist up by your ribs which is very flattering especially when pregnant and the screen itself is long enough that it can then cover your bump and still hit you at a good spot at your ankle it's super flowy nice and cool very flattering and this skirt then once you're not pregnant anymore can be worn at any point on your waist as a non-maturity skirt a post partum skirt whatever kind of skirt another type of dress to look for is a wrap dress a wrap dress is great because basically you wrap it around to fit your body tie it as tight as you want adjust it to fit your size whatever that size is in that moment I recommend having a good under certain or tan t-shirt like this is something I wear every single day 100% of my life under everything I wear I just feel like especially when pregnant it just gives you that extra layer so that whether you're bending over whether you're lifting your arms whether your chest is bigger your belly's bigger or whatever it is you have the coverage that you need and then any t-shirt any dress anything you have you can just slip over that shirt and feel comfortable knowing that you're fully covered and tucked in so I will link to my favorite ones below though I'm not a huge fan of buying maternity specific clothes because I think normal clothes can be adapted I will say every pregnant mama should probably get themselves at least one or two good pair of maternity pants there are ways to take normal pants and make them work especially for the first third or even half of your pregnancy for me I don't invest a ton H&M has some cute styles or even Ross or TJ Maxx but it definitely helps especially after the baby's born and you still have a bit of a belly it allows you to get away with wearing a lot more outfits without worrying about your jeans fitting around now aside from maternity pants there are several things you can look for that will work all the time for me this time being pregnant in the dead of summer I could not fathom putting denim on my body it was just way too hot so one of the things I lived by were these sleek joggers I got these at t.j.maxx they were like twelve dollars I got these in a large extra-large they have a nice thick stretchy waistband I was able to pull up over my belly or below the fact that their joggers and they cinch at the bottom makes it nice because it doesn't matter how long they are I could hike them up more like capris I could leave them down at my ankle it allowed for a lot of flexibility there they have a drawstring instead of a button so the waist is kind of like come-as-you-are I'll fit you no matter what which is amazing and of course pockets you gotta have those pockets all summer long I would wear a loose-fitting graphic t-shirt tuck in the front wearing with these joggers I have and black and pink seriously lived in these bad boys lastly another thing you can look for that works all the time are jumpers rompers order these calls I don't know whatever these are called a stretchy one-piece pant outfit made out of something really nice and soft this I found for $12 at Ross it's strapless so for me I would probably wear it with a black t-shirt under it but there are no buttons there are no zippers there are no snaps or straps you just stretch it over yourself there's nice pockets it's super cute it's kind of like those jogger pants but with the top with it and again with nursing it'd be nice and easy to just pull this down and call it a day these are awesome another option with jumpers are the ones that do have straps but that are nice and open on the sides this is from Brook yard Buffalo it's really loose-fitting super stretchy but this will work especially post baby when you just want something nice and cool and loose-fitting that doesn't show hides at all and if you're pregnant in the winter or the fall or in those colder months one thing I recommend is a cropped denim jacket that can go over any outfit I mentioned today including the jumpers and the dresses cropped is cute because it really accentuates that baby bump you have and it fits pretty much anything every season open blazers that do not have zippers or snaps so that it just hangs loose open over whether it's a fitted tank or a satin shirt and lastly a cardigan of any type and this is one that's almost more of like a jacket but if you notice it's very lightweight which trust me Mama's if you haven't been pregnant before you will learn very quickly your hot all the time sweating constantly so something like this is really nice kids it's a lightweight open kind of it almost like a pea coat looking cardigan that again you can wear over especially something fitted like a body con dress but that hides the lumps and bumps in the back it allows your cute little belly to show take a look and try to find some of those so there you go those are some of the clothes that I wear all the time pregnant or not hopefully you gathered some inspirations so that you can go through your own closet and make whatever you have work for you even after the baby is born I hope you like this video if you did give me a thumbs up be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications because I've got new videos every Thursday and I don't want you to miss up okay probably put all these clothes away and then I'm probably gonna lay on my couch with some bonbons so I'm gonna let you guys go thanks for following nice

36 Replies to “Dress your bump WITHOUT maternity clothes!”

  1. Great tips! I've done many of these myself with my first 2, but since it's been 5 years now since my last pregnancy, this was a great refresher. So thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for the video!!
    This gives me hope โคโคโค
    14 weeks along ! So many great ideas ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Such a great video!!! Thank you! Do you have a video on what you wear when not pregnant? Can you make one if not?! Please ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This brings me back. I was still pregnant 12 weeks ago. Now have a beautiful baby boy. If I ever have another I'll be using these tips ๐Ÿ™‚ quite miss my bump now lol. I was also mostly pregnant in Winter and couldn't bear to buy a maternity coat so I was busting out of it to save money lol!! Xx

  5. If im buying normal clothes for my pregnancy and not maternity clothes , do i need to size up a lot or do i still go for my same size ?

  6. This is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for this video. Iโ€™ve been feeling very self conscious when trying to pick outfits. Iโ€™ve got a bunch of inspiration now!

  7. Currently pregnant with my third, and I just bought regular clothes one size bigger and that helps a ton! I also love dresses since itโ€™s getting warmer now.

  8. my go-tos for pregnancy are baby-bee bands(these are the exclusive to the jeans situation… even though you cannot button. They hold up your jeans for you and they are very expandable they're 14$ at Target and come in black, white, nude colors– they also take out my next to favors: Camis and tanks) and than camisoles…

  9. Omg this is so helpful thank you! For the rest of my pregnancy (5 months to go) itโ€™s gonna be blazing hot where I live and now I feel like I have a lot of different and affordable options to look for. Thank you!!

  10. I'm so glad I came across this video. I'm pregnant with my 5th and for the first time ever I'm going to be pregnant during hot weather the entire pregnancy. I live in Florida and I am due end of October. Most of my maternity clothes are meant for the cold or cooler weather. With this almost certainly being our last I hated the idea of going out and spending money on maternity clothes that I will likely never wear again. So many great tips

  11. Great video! I'm expecting my 4th child but still found this video very helpful! Plus you are so fun to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚ love it!

  12. Ingrid and Isabel Bella bands work to keep your pants/shorts together and up. Definitely worth it to be able to continue to use all bottoms as well as achieve support for the bump ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  13. Now that we have the maternity vid, I need to know how you dress for nursing on a budget without looking frumpy.
    I usually wear tops I can pull up and that I don't have to layer with (because I get soooo hot when I'm nursing – especially in the summer), but that leaves me with….not many cute options. I know you typically have a layering tee when you're not nursing, but do you wear one when you are? Aren't they hard to nurse in?

  14. Pregnant women you are marvelous blessings please donโ€™t be worried about weight and looks youโ€™re absolutely stunning

  15. You are so clever and really do have this clothes things down!!! I love all the pieces you showed and can see how those pieces would work perfectly with the "babay bump!" ๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’•

  16. Probably should have watched this sooner because Iโ€™m only 5 weeks and 2 days from my due date with baby #2 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  17. I purchased my sister short-sleeved casual tunics from amazon!! She loves them cuz they fit over the bump and since she was a size medium before and during her pregnancy, she also wore them post-pregnancy ๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. Hi! Thank you for your videos… I am now pregnant for 2.5 months ๐Ÿ˜Š can you make videos… what you ate while you're pregnant? Like pregnancy healthy meals, snacks etc? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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