It’s being reported
on ringside news that one Drew McIntyre is
really frustrated by the fact that he is not even on the
Summerslam card for this month, with WWE bringing their second
biggest per view of the year. And I read the news
about this, and I got to say that I
understand that the man is deeply frustrated. I would be too
because let’s face it. Drew McIntyre’s career
since he came back to WWE has not lived up to
the promise and hype that it should have been because
WWE Creative doesn’t know what they’re doing with the
guy as well as some of the other younger talent. And it’s just a
reminder of why it is that this company is so
backwards right now when it comes to who
they want to push, what they want to
do with people. We are in some of the worst
times to be a WWE fan. And it’s the case with
also being a WWE superstar. Why push a younger talent
when we can keep bringing back part timers like Brock Lesnar? Drew McIntyre has been
wrestling for quite a while now, and he’s had problems. He’s probably had more
success in other companies than he has with WWE. At this point, with
Summerslam coming up, it still makes you wonder
why this guy is not even wrestling on the card. People are already saying that
he’ll get involved in the Shane McMahon-Kevin Owens match. And the fact is it goes to show
WWE is nothing for this guy other than basically being
the enforcer of Shane McMahon, a guy who’s been
getting a lot more screen time and a lot more in terms of feuds
and pushes than Drew McIntyre has yet to be pushed for. WWE not having this guy on
the pay per view is insulting. There’s no reason why it
is that they couldn’t just take Shane McMahon
out of the match and then have Drew McIntyre
versus Kevin Owens. That alone would have
been a good match. But let’s not do that. Let’s go ahead and just
push Shane McMahon at, what, 49, 50 years old or
however old that guy is? And let him have more screen
time than a Drew McIntyre, who could really be the convincing
heel in a feud with Kevin Owens. He can cut promos. He could really be built
up as a main eventer, but WWE is not going
to waste their time to do that because
why would they? WWE, if they’re not
careful, this guy could also wait
out his contract. He could end up leaving and
maybe go to All Elite Wrestling where I suspect they
would do more with him. You know, he could
work less dates. He wouldn’t have to worry
about not being on the show. And even if the guy is going to
be at Summerslam helping Shane McMahon out in the match
with Kevin Owens possibly, it just goes to show
WWE is thinking more about Shane McMahon. This is what I talked about
several months ago in my WWE Sucks videos, where I talked
about the McMahons still being the same old power hungry
characters that they are now that they were back then
and getting more screen time than a younger
talent like Drew McIntyre. I said from day one that
if you keep giving people the same repetitive thing
over and over again, they’re going to tune away. They’re not going
to watch the shows. They’re not going to waste their
time even watching Summerslam. And I’m sure people will
still watch Summerslam, but they’re not going to have
that intrigue because they know guys like Shane McMahon
are getting more screen time than a Drew McIntyre. This is something that
really has a lot of fans really still frustrated
with WWE because it’s the same rinse and repeat
over and over and over again. And they pretty much know that– they know that they’re out of
touch with a lot of the fans. They know that they can’t
deliver the way they once did. I mean, I’m not disrespecting
on Randy Orton or anything like that, but Randy
Orton has had his day in the sun how many times? Whereas if Drew
McIntyre were facing Kofi Kingston for the WWE
title, that would actually be something I would
pay to see, I mean, if they would build
Drew up the right way. But they’re not going to do it. They’re going to keep him as
an enforcer for Shane McMahon, work with Elias, and something
that just isn’t working and appealing to me whatsoever. The whole point of getting a
younger talent over with fans is they’ve got to do
things by themselves, be built up in a
threatening way as heels, and then basically push
them to the main event level when the time comes. But WWE won’t do
that with this guy. The Summerslam card
is average for me. I am not really interested
in a lot of what goes on. What they’re doing to
Drew McIntyre right now is similar to what they’re doing
to the likes of a Samoa Joe. They build him up
and build them up, and then they take him
away from the main event opportunities or any
kind of a real title run. I feel like we’re just
going to keep seeing this until the end of 2019, and it’s
going to be not good for WWE. With All Elite Wrestling
coming up with their TV show If I’m a Drew McIntyre, I would
wait until my contract is up, and I would get the hell
out of this company. WWE will likely just
think off of their minds that they could throw enough
money at Drew McIntyre, he’ll stay there. You can’t throw money at
somebody that’s not happy on what they’re doing–
or what they’re not doing, I should say. Happiness determines everything. WWE logic is everything can
be determined by a paycheck. You can’t make money if
you are unhappy with where you are in a company like that. In WWE, they are
not really going to be doing a lot with
the likes of a Drew McIntyre in the months ahead,
then it’s pretty safe to say that this guy’s
contract, when it’s up, he is going to be
leaving the company, and he’ll probably go
elsewhere and be happier doing what he does best. And that’s, you know, being
in the wrestling ring. That’s being in a
feud with somebody and pretty much not having his
talent and abilities wasted by managing a Shane McMahon. This is something WWE
needs to learn from, and they need to learn
from this very quickly because if they lose a
talented guy like Drew McIntyre due to keeping him off of
pay per views and being just an enforcer for somebody
that is already pretty much an old man, then he’s
going to leave WWE. And this guy is pretty
much going to be happier doing something else where– I think that it’s
going to come down to that WWE is dropping
the ball with Drew McIntyre by not doing anything
with this guy. It’s going to come back
to haunt them in the end. It’s a real shame. I really think
it’s a real shame. This guy has so much ability. WWE could be building
their vision around him to lead the main event
picture in the years ahead, but they’re not going to do it. So it’s my take on
it that Drew McIntyre is being destroyed by WWE. You may not like the guy. He’s a very good heel. But WWE will not
main event this guy or push him in any
way, shape, or form. And he’s off the Summerslam
card and not wrestling. It’s pretty fucked up. What do you guys think? Drop a comment down below. Subscribe the channel and drop
a like on the video and thanks again for watching.


  1. SOURCE TO STORYhttps://www.ringsidenews.com/2019/08/11/drew-mcintyre-frustrated-hes-not-on-wwe-summerslam-card/

  2. I feel bad 😞 for Drew McIntyre he should face the Undertaker why don’t you Vince McMahon Fucking Retire Now You old cunt >:(

  3. WWE is too lazy to do anything this is why I unsubscribe and I don't even watch the pay per views hell I wouldn't even watch them even if they were free it's just the same stuff over and over and they're not willing to change their not will need to push their talent that they have no one is saying that they have to go back to TV 14 it would be nice if they did but if they would just stop for a moment and talk it out and really find out the issues and let the wrestlers be involved in their gimmicks stuff it could be better but wwe doesn't want to do that

  4. indeed, Drew is being wasted like so many other young WWE talents, I will remain hopeful that Paul Heyman influence can hopefully turn things around for the better and that right performers get the push they need/deserve as far as Raw goes, and as far as SD live goes I m still pretty worried cause the shows have been horrible. :/

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