Dubai markets(souk) | Perfume souk, spice souk, textile souk.

Dubai markets(souk) | Perfume souk, spice souk, textile souk.

Today a new day in dubai So many places still left to explore Especially Markets here And infact my hotel is nearby to all markets Here, there is Perfume market Famous spice market Famous Gold market So now let’s head for shopping Perfumes are must to shop here And might be possible to purchase some gold also… 1st let’s go to perfume market Let’s go to some shop Let’s see the rates And quality of perfumes So the minimum range for perfumes was 20 Dirhams Perfume shop It was near to my hotel All perfume stores in line So here, the starting range for perfume was 20 Dirhams For men & women both. So I decided to look at another shops too So that rates can be compared And I get Perfume at good rates. You cannot trust the prices from 1 shop So you should visit more shops So that you can finalize later About purchasing from best store… Also there were attar In 10 Dirhams, but very small tube. So these are the best rates for perfume till now Ok…So after walking for around 4 minutes I reached near Dubai Creek From here , you can reach bur Dubai in just 1 dirham by ferry (Abra) I already discussed that in my previous video And opposite of this, there is a spice market Let’s see what spicy things we get here The famous Dubai Dates…Amazing in taste Just tasted Some amazing stuff here It’s easy to find this in India But this dates are special Secondly you can see This amazing camel milk chocolate Even these are great in taste The shop seller told 1 kg rates is 60 Dirhams But I managed to bargain for 30 Dirhams 1 kg… Let me show you the shop Hilton novelties – the shop name And the shop is near to deira Creek station In spice market Different types of coffee beans Different types of peppers So much variety of spices Actually here i found in spice market that There are lots of other things we can get here. Not just chocolates, dates For example, look this I dont know its name but, when u burn this on a coal And inhale the smoke. It will relief u from coughing problems Just inhale its smoke once And it is effective, as i had experienced. So here i bought 2 small packs. Each costed me 10 dirhams. It can be used like burning coal like this Just put a pinch of this, and inhale It is the best place for cheap shopping in dubai Shop name is 1 to 10 Every product has prices between 1 to 19 dirhams This compac price is 10 dirhams Even u get cheap perfume here Rather than perfume markets Its near to deira guest house Also near to sabka bus station Nearest metro station is Union Station Must visit place for shopping You can find everything here Must visit definitely Right now I am in meena market Very good textile market in dubai Very good market for women especially Maximum showrooms are women centric Most of the shops have amazing lights Because diwali festival is near Many of them use lights for 365 days Looking fantastic So visit this place in dubai. Meena bazaar(market) Also here there are lot of vegetarian hotels You will enjoy here Really enjoying here

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  2. My hotel was in deira and explored all you have explored Bhai sahi me yaad dila di Dubai ki Bhai great vlog keep vloging😀💓

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