‘Dumbo’ Star Nico Parker: Worst Costume She Had to Wear & More | First, Best, Last, Worst | THR

‘Dumbo’ Star Nico Parker: Worst Costume She Had to Wear & More | First, Best, Last, Worst | THR

– When we were on set, me
and Fin would like (laughs), it’s so mean now that I think of it, but we would go up to
anyone, out of the blue, for no reason, and we
would put our arms out and just go, trust fall! And they’d get ready to
catch us from behind, and we’d fall forward. I’ve never seen grownups get so flustered. (gentle music) The first time that I
wanted to be an actress was my audition for Dumbo, because I never really considered it. I always liked dancing and
singing when I was younger, but I think the audition, I was like, oh, I actually have got a chance at this, ’cause I was really proud
of it when doing it, and I was really confident
in myself when doing it, which I think I’ve sort of lost now. But I was really, really proud
of it, and I think from that, I thought, this may be what
I want to do when I’m older. (gentle music) The best performance by my mom, in my opinion, I’ve only seen two, I’ve seen Norbit and Westworld. So, Westworld, out of the two. (gentle music) Probably, I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse really recently, and Miles in it, and I really liked that character. I really liked the whole film
in general, but he’s, yeah. (gentle music) The worst costume piece I had to wear, I mean, I loved all, like, Colleen is amazing, and all her work is just phenomenal, and I just loved all of it. I thought it was all great. I got to wear a onesie. That’s so cool. I got to wear loads of really cool stuff. And everyone’s costumes,
everyone got to wear really cool stuff, especially Eva. Her dresses were so, I was jealous of those. I think that’s the only thing, but I loved everything that I got to wear. (gentle music)

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  1. What a wonderful refreshing young lady love her personality, good parents, best of luck, will see the movie.

  2. Burton knows what he wants, and will work with whom ever he likes.
    Nepotism doesn’t have a seat at Tim’s table. If so, Lily-Rose Depp would have been given a part by now.

  3. Thandie Newton gets to raise herself, watch her childhood and talk to her past and future self, all at the same time!

  4. She showed no emotion and poor acting skills in Dumbo what so ever , just stared blankly at everything. Does she have a condition in real life or suppose to have one in the movie?. Her performance was not fun to watch in the least.

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