Duplicolor Paint Shop Base Coat Application Tutorial Overview

Duplicolor Paint Shop Base Coat Application Tutorial Overview

Man 1: All right. Well, we’re finally ready
to apply the Paint Shop. There is a lot of little fine details that we need to take care
of before we lay down the paint. Now what I did was I went through and I blew the entire
car off with the air gun. Brian and I went through and wiped the entire car down with
a prep spray. One last final thing to do is we need to go and wipe down the entire car
with a tack cloth and what that is, it’s almost like a sticky rag that wipes all the little
lint and any little last bit of dust that you might have missed. It picks that up. And whenever painting with Paint Shop or any
bulk paint, you’re going to want to use a respirator because it’s very important. We
do have a filter system within the paint booth here but you definitely want to have a respirator. Finally with the spray gun, we have a HVLP
gun here. HVLP stands for high-volume, low-pressure. So with this gun, you’re going to need about
15 to 20 psi to paint and that’s all. A regular conventional spray gun can be used as well
at Paint Shop. With that, you’re going to use maybe about 30 to 40 pounds but it also
depends on the spray gun. So always, you know you’re going to want to spray like a piece
of cardboard or some sort of test panel to make sure. And you’re going to want to do
all your adjustments on the piece of cardboard as well before you start spraying on the body.
What else we got to do? Man 2: Well we are in a nice enclosed paint
booth. We’re keeping all the dust outside. But we are in a warehouse and the ground that
we’re on here is a little bit dirty. So what we’re going to do is we’re going throw some
water down and keep that dust from flowing around because the last thing we want is dust
on our paint job. Man 1: Definitely. Man 2: So I’m going to go ahead and get started
with that. I already started a little bit but I’m going to finish that up so we can
get going. Man 1: And I’m going to go mix the paint up. All right. I’m going to start laying down
some paint. But a quick technique I want to tell you about. When you spray the paint,
when you’re going down, you got to start from the top down. So you’re going to spray some…spray
the fender. Start from here, work your way to the right. Stop at the break of the panel
and work your way back. You’re going want to overlap your color each time, so you don’t
get a lot of stripes. So you’re going to slightly overlap so it’s even coverage from the top
down. You’re also going to want to hit all your
hard to reach areas first. So you’re not bending over the car and rubbing up, you know, your
suit against the paint. So I’m going to hit the backside of the header panel first and
the backside of the fender first. And then I’ll work my way from the top down. Starting to see some black. Man 2: Okay. Well, we do have some tight quarters
in here in our paint booth. And unfortunately when we’re painting the door and we opened
it to get the door jam, our pant leg hit the side of the car here and messed up our paint
job slightly. But the great thing about Paint Shop is we can come in here, sand it down
like I did. I used some 600 grit, feathered it out and then give it a couple of hours
and then we can go ahead and paint it again. So I just finished. Brian’s going to get the
gun ready and pretty soon we’re going to paint this again. You’ll never even know it was

7 Replies to “Duplicolor Paint Shop Base Coat Application Tutorial Overview”

  1. I appreciate you showing your accidents, because that's the kind of thing that happens in the real world. Question about the doors; would it be better to remove them and paint them separately, or do you think it would make for too inconsistent a finish to the fender and quarters?

  2. This product is not worth buying. It’s a great concept but you’ll be really unhappy with the results. I went through a quart just painting a hood. And it looks like a smoother version of truck bed liner. After hours of wet sanding I’m ready to lay down some rustoleum topside gloss black and be done with it. This was for a work truck so just wanted it to look presentable from the curb when I pull up to a customers house. I thought I’d spend a little more and avoid using rustoleum. But after using their topside paint to do my entire boat it’s far superior and half the price per quart. I really wanted this to work but even if it did the cost to do a car with enough coats would cost more than the good stuff.

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