Dyeing Fabric With Avocado Only! Easy Tutorial How-To Demonstration

Dyeing Fabric With Avocado Only! Easy Tutorial How-To Demonstration

If you would like to dye your fabrics a really nice pink than what you need are avocados and that’s because there’s something called tannins in the avocado which creates this long lasting permanent pink if you want other shades, you would use something called a mordant and the safest ones that we use are iron or alum and I’ll be posting a link below as to where you can order them online. Another thing to consider before dyeing your fabrics is that you will need to clean them using a process called scouring. And this dying process is for plant-based fabrics only. We are talking about linen cotton, silk, etc. We’re going to be demo’ing this with an undyed organic cotton fabric that we ordered locally from a farm called SOS And I’ll be posting a link as to where you can order that below. What you will need. A big stainless steel pot big enough to hold whatever you’re dyeing. Distilled water. Three to five fresh clean avocado pits per half pound of fabric. More pits will produce a stronger, deeper color. In our case we used a total of 15 avocados. Plant-based fabric that has been scoured. In our case we used an undyed organic cotton. Stainless steel tongs or stainless steel strainer. Heat resistant gloves. Ph neutral Soap. Optional: iron mordant or alum sulfate mordant for other colors. Please make sure to use gloves and dust masks. This is very dangerous stuff to handle. Optional avocado rinds. Pre soak your previously scoured fabric for at least an hour. Prepare your avocado pits by cutting them out. Make sure you clean up all the avocado on it. We experimented by separating the rinds from the avocado pits, and we will use them separately. Fill your stainless steel pot with enough distilled water to cover the fabric and move it around. Now throw in your avocado pits. We added a total of 15 pits. Bring to a low boil then reduce the heat to a simmer. Simmer until the pot is a deep maroon. This should take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to see the color change as you can see here. Make sure to remove your avocado pits. You can use a stainless steel strainer or stainless steel tongs. Now your fabric can be immersed in the dye pot. We left it in the pot for five hours. Make sure to occasionally stir. The longer the fabric soaks, the more vibrant the pinks will be Rinse it in warm water with a ph neutral soap. Remember the rinds we had earlier? We put those in a separate pot and added a little bit of iron. We followed the same steps, but only left the fabric in the pot for 15 minutes. After everything has been washed, hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

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  1. This is the best, most concise video I have watched on YouTube. Others were overly long, not as informative and reliable. Thank you. I will subscribe.
    I recently attended a wool natural dying our in Cote d'Azure, France. Now that I am home and eat an avocado every day…. Thank you!

  2. what was the color when you just used the rinds and only left in for 15 minutes?
    did you add a mordant when you just used the avocado skins? i add the pits as a mordant, what's the difference when you separate i guess is my main question.

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