Dynemech Experiences in Garment Technology Expo 2017

Dynemech Experiences in Garment Technology Expo 2017

Circular knitting is one of the easiest and fastest methods (20 million stitches per minute) of producing cloth and textile pieces such as garments, socks and gloves. Fabric faults, or defects, are responsible for nearly 50% of the defects found by the garment industry. Substantial amount of defects are attributed to the vibrations generated by the machine. Vibrations are repetitive oscillations of machine against floor. During each oscillation machine presses against the floor and reaction goes back into the machine and is borne by the needles and other machine parts. Dynemech range of Anti Vibration Pads greatly reduces vibration transmission in the floor and reaction back in the machine thereby increasing life of the building and the machine parts. Now it is possible to install machines on the suspended slabs and using 3 dimensional floor spaces in the building and saving major capital investments on building. Please provide us specifications of your machines and give us an opportunity to select technically best product for you at affordable prices.

Dynemech offers wide range of anti vibration pads for various textile machines such as
Needle Punch Looms
Air Jet looms
Embroidery Machines
Circular Knitting Machines
Crochet Machines
Label Making Machines
Lace Making Machines
Industrial Washing Machines
Quilting Machines etc.
Today textile machines are operating at higher and higher speeds to achieve production goals and be competitive in the market. Dynemech designed anti vibration products keeping in mind present industrial requirements and we keep on upgrading our products as per the enhancement in the machine design and its working capacities.

Wedge Mounts series DB and DF is used in various machines. Wedge Mounts has three piece wedge Design. The centre levelling bolt pushes the centre wedge to lift the top wedge for levelling. Precise machines levelling are possible. Vibration reduction is achieved by assembling anti vibration insulation plates of required resonant frequency.

Air Springs series DRAS provide high isolation for low frequency machines. The machine remains floating on the air bearings thereby providing high vibration isolation.

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